Law Office Of Stacy Albelais

Law Office Of Stacy Albelais

Attorney Stacy Albelais provides representation in all Family Law matters with a focus on quality of service. You need not only an aggressive attorney, but an attorney focused on your needs. No-charge initial consultation available, (951) 686-8662.

Firm Overview

Our firm focuses solely on family law matters. We strive to bring a no-nonsense approach to your family law issue at this sensitive time in your life. While we empathize with your feelings during this heavily disputed life moment, we strongly believe in direct and precise legal representation.

Some people experience divorce or custody dispute need to ask the same question over and over again, always hoping our advice will change according to what they want to hear. No matter how many times an unpopular question is asked, however, you will receive our direct and honest answer based on the law and the facts of your case.

We also do not participate in fee gouging. We refuse to litigate the division of pots and pans, for example. We will not take your money (say $500) to litigate the value of the dishes left behind with your spouse at the family residence (say $20 based on the court's projected 'garage-sale value' system). It's ridiculous the issues some attorneys will litigate into the ground, usually solely to pad their own pockets.

When an issue is ripe and important, however, we will go the extra litigation mile to protect you and/or your children's best interests.

Call our office at (951) 686-8662 to schedule your in-office consultation, at no charge.
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Main Office
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Child Custody
Having an attorney to consult with at the beginning stages of your custody disagreement can make all the difference - even years down the road. Our firm focuses solely on family law matters and helping families to protect children.
Attorney Stacy Albelais, along with her dedicated staff, is committed to providing quality service to our clients. Your call will never fall into the "secretarial abyss" as Attorney Albelais makes herself available to her clients via not only E-Mail but also by cell phone.

Our firm focuses on families in need, whether the client is simply struggling for gender equality in parenting, or safety issues. We provide hands-on legal representation, and truly understand the tole this process can take on a parent - especially if that parent feels alone in the process.

Sometimes the hard part of our job is laying out the "black-and-white" letter of the law to the client. Attorney Albelais strives to provide a no-nonsense approach to the practice of law. No matter the number of times a question is asked, her advice will not change simply to tell a client what they want to hear. Doing otherwise would not provide a parent with any short or long-term value, and can actually serve to harm the interests of that parent, and consequently those of their child(ren).

We will discuss your case and outline a legal strategy during your initial consultation at no charge. Call our office at (951) 686-8662 to schedule your free consultation.

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

Attorney Stacy Albelais has always been interested in the law. As a single mother, she earned her Associates Degree in Paralegal Studies. After years working as a full-time Family Law Paralegal for a prestigious firm in San Diego, she enrolled back in school towards her Bachelor's degree. Only months after earning her Bachelor's degree in Legal Studies, she made good on her lifelong dream and entered law school. By that time, she had several years of family law paralegal experience under her belt. Attorney Albelais' law practice has focused solely on family law matters since she was sworn as a member of the California State Bar in June 2008.

Stacy Albelais

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