Law Office of Michael P. Sullivan

Law Office of Michael P. Sullivan

This law firm is dedicated to handling disability claims. We advocate primarily Social Security Disability claims as well as some Long Term and Short Term disability claims.

Firm Overview

This is a law firm dedicated to the practice of disability law. Michael P. Sullivan is a second generation disability lawyer licensed in Kentucky. His father, Martin F. Sullivan Jr., founded a small law office in the 1970's and was one of the first to practice Social Security disability law in the Louisville area. Michael earned two Electrical Engineering degrees from U of L Speed Scientific School, worked as an engineer for the Air Force and held security clearances. After a few years he returned to Louisville to go to Law School. He graduated in 2.5 years, passed the state Bar Exam and joined his father. Michael grew the firm over the next two decades, always focusing on disability law.

The major focus of this law practice is now, and has always been, Social Security disability cases. The firm also handles Long Term Disability claims, Short Term disability claims, and ERISA disability litigation. These cases often seem to share considerable common ground and handling these claims at one law firm makes legal and financial sense. Further, many private disability insurance policies mandate that a claimant file for Social Security disability. We simplify the coordination and development of these claims in our representation of our clients.

The firm also handles some Veterans Service Connected Disability claims, and some Workers Compensation permanent impairment (disability)claims.

We handle SSA cases at all administrative levels. We initiate new SSDI and SSI claims, we file various appeals, we represent people in front of ALJ's, and, and we also litigate Social Security cases in Federal Court. We are not one of those non-attorney "advocate" businesses. This firm hires licensed attorneys who can litigate if the circumstances require such action. We also file administrative ERISA appeals, we litigate ERISA cases in court, we file the formal Worker's Compensation claims, and we even handle Veterans appeals for Service Connected Disabilities.

Michael has won several awards for the practice of disability law. He has been a presenter and Educator at local disability seminars, has been a past chair of the Louisville Bar Association's Social Security Section, and is a member of the Kentucky Bar, the Louisville Bar, NOSSCR, AJA, PILMMA, and NOVA.

The main office is located at:
Michael P. Sullivan
1500 Story Ave,
Louisville Kentucky, 40206.
(502) 587-0228 (voice)
(502) 587-1433 (fax)

standard business hours Monday - Friday, Eastern time.

NOTE: Kentucky Does not Certify Legal Specialties.
Main Office
Main Office
1500 Story Ave
Louisville  KY  40206
  • (502) 587-0228
  • (502) 587-1433


Free Initial Consultation?
Always a FREE consultation
Services Offered For Fixed Fees?
Social Security Disability: for typical SSA disability claims, there is no fixed fee work- we use contingent fee contracts, with any attorney fee being contingent upon winning the case.

The contingent fee percentage in SSA cases is 25%, based upon winning the case, and the fee is controlled by federal law. The SSA will approve all fees charged.

There are some rare SSA cases where we quote a flat fee or retainer. These are quite rare, and this would be clearly explained in great detail before going forward with representation. Again, this is rare and not a typical claim wherein someone is seeking to obtain disability or SSI benefits.

All employments contracts are in writing. Sample fee contacts for SSA cases and ERISA cases are available upon request.
Hourly Rates
none- we work primarily on contingent fees in SSA cases

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Office Hours
08:00 a.m. - 05:00 p.m. Mon.- Fri. (some "by appmt" too)
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Michael Sullivan, Nathan Haney
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Social Security Disability
My law firm practices primarily disability law. We limit our practice area primarily to Social Security Disability claims. However, we also handle Long Term Disability claims, Short Term Disability claims, and ERISA disability litigation.
I have been in practice for 22 years, handling Social Security claims at all levels. we initiate claims, and take them all the way into Federal Court.

I have 2-3 full time attorneys who have worked with me for years. I have a trained paralegal staff to handle routine paperwork, plus lawyers are always available to answer questions and licensed lawyers will go with you to court. We are not an "advocate" business- this is a true law firm with licensed attorneys.

We prepare our clients for Social Security hearings by meeting with them in person, preparing the paperwork for he ALJ, and we provide special video training as well so that the hearing, as a pivotal event in the process, goes smooth.

I own the office building, which is located a few minutes outside of downtown Louisville. There is plenty of free, off-street parking in our lot.

We also handle Long Term Disability claims & appeals, as well as Short Term disability claims. I personally handle those claims and am active in any resulting ERISA litigation.

The staff and attorneys are highly trained in disability law. We only handle disability related claims, VA service connected disability claims, and Workers' Compensation permanent injury/disability claims. Therefore, we can afford to be extremely well educated in this limited field of law. We do not handle other types of claims.

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

My law office began handling disability claims because I joined my father, who already had a disability practice. I quickly learned that he dealt with people from all walks of life, and he helped them when they could not do it themselves. These clients were usually sick, or injured (or both) and in a bad place. Helping them was very fulfilling.

As an Engineer, you are disciplined and deal with computers, circuit cards, devices, etc. It was interesting but rather dry. Practicing disability law was very real from day one, with honest people coming in with tragic stories. Helping them obtain a more secure future was infinitely more rewarding.

When I began to practice, I really did not start out intending to handle only disability claims. However, as time progressed, I developed an affinity for disability law, and I enjoyed helping people. I out my nose to the grindstone and never looked back.

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others?

By way of education, I have two Engineering Degrees and a law degree. I have over twenty years practicing disability law. I have a large practice and I take on harder disability cases that others will pass over. I simply work very hard. I firmly believe that someone with good intelligence, who actually works very hard, will become successful. My father was military- growing up we always knew the rules and what was expected. We also knew the results if we came up short. So, I personally feel it is my work ethic that has made the difference over the decades.

Since all I will handle are disability related claims, I can focus my time, education, and experience in just this one type of law. One tends to get fairly competent in a single field if that is all they do.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

This law firm is dedicated to disability law. That is what we do and that is all we do. If someone comes with a great medical malpractice claim, we won't take the case. If someone comes in after being crushed by a truck, we will not take that injury case. If a millionaire needs a Will, we won't do it. We can refer those matters out, but we will not handle those types of claims. Again, we simply practice disability law, and we handle a large number of Social Security Disability and SSI claims. Our support staff is trained to handle only disability matters.

Also there are many "advocate" or non-attorney" firms out there doing this type of work. This is a true law office, and only licensed Lawyers will go to court with you. As lawyers, we have special legal training, passed a Bar Exam, have a governing body with teeth, and attend yearly training to maintain our licensure. Every lawyer here goes yearly to special disability training seminars. We take education here seriously.

Michael Sullivan

  • Bar Number: 83863
    Kentucky , 1991
  • University of Louisville
    Bachelors of Science- Electrical Engineering , 1985
  • Univeristy of Louisville
    Masters of Electrical Engineering , 1986
  • Univeristy of Louisville
    Juris Doctorate , 1990

Michael Sullivan

Michael P. Sullivan, JD, MSEE
Lawyer, licensed in Kentucky


Bachelors in Electrical Engineering Univ. of Louisville
Masters in Electrical Engineering Univ. of Louisville
Juris Doctorate Univ. of Louisville

1991-pres. Owner Sullivan Law Office

Memberships: KY Bar, Louisville Bar, Sustaining Member NOSSCR, KJA, NOVA,

Michael Sullivan

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