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The Law Office of John C. Prezas PLLC provides intelligent defense to adults and juveniles accused of crimes in Williamson or Travis counties and those seeking release on parole or accused of violating their parole.
Mr. Prezas focuses his entire practice on criminal defense with a significant portion of that practice devoted solely to the defense of intoxication related offenses such as Driving While Intoxicated and Intoxication Assault.

Having attended Harvard Law School and served for six years as a prosecutor in Williamson County prior to starting his law practice, Mr. Prezas has the experience, both in trial and in negotiation, necessary to provide an intelligent, strategic defense to all his clients.

Mr. Prezas purposely limits the number of cases he takes to ensure he has time to thoroughly evaluate the evidence and all legal issues applicable to each case. When your license, your career, your future is at stake, you need that kind of experience and dedication to ensure you receive the best possible defense.
Criminal Defense
Mr. Prezas' knowledge and experience allow him to defend those accused of a wide variety of criminal offenses in Williamson and Travis counties.
In addition to his knowledge of intoxication related offenses, Mr. Prezas provides intelligent defense for all manner of criminal offenses. His experience as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney gives him familiarity with a wide array of crimes of which potential clients may be accused.

Specifically, Mr. Prezas' knowledge of the law regarding search and seizure, helps him provide strong defense to those accused of possession of controlled substances, dangerous drugs, or other contraband.

His knowledge of the Texas parole system helps him represent those seeking to obtain release on parole and those accused of violating their parole.

Mr. Prezas' knowledge of the law regarding the admissibility of evidence before a jury, confrontation of witnesses in trial, medical evidence, and common police investigation techniques, helps him steadfastly defend those accused of assault related offenses.

These matters are some, though not all, of the various accusations against which Mr. Prezas can provide a well-reasoned defense.

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

After years serving as a prosecutor, Mr. Prezas naturally chose to focus on criminal defense when he started his own practice. The knowledge and experience he gained has served his clients well. Seeking to continually strengthen his knowledge, Mr. Prezas has chosen to focus solely on defense and does not handle any other kind of legal work.

Within the arena of criminal defense, Mr. Prezas handles numerous DWI and intoxication related cases due to the number of trials he has handled in this area and his significant understanding of the science relating to the manner in which alcohol affects the body, specifically as it is applied in the courtroom.

His knowledge of search and seizure law as well as the practices, procedures, and pitfalls of drug testing in state laboratories, made the choice to take on defense of drug possession cases an obvious one as well.

Mr. Prezas began representing those seeking parole, and those accused of violating it, after former clients began referring friends previously represented by other lawyers who felt they needed new representation at this important stage of their case. Since then, Mr. Prezas has developed a strong understanding of the Texas parole system, that he puts to use assisting his clients.

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others?

Mr. Prezas graduated from Harvard Law School with a superior legal education. Having served as law clerk for a federal trial judge, worked as a litigation associate at Baker Botts LLP, a very large civil law firm, and having handled cases both as a prosecutor and a defense attorney, Mr. Prezas has a wide breadth of experience he can use when representing his clients.

Mr. Prezas also takes a strong interest and has a strong grasp on the science used by the State and applied in the courtroom. His understanding of these topics provides a particular advantage in both negotiations and trial.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

Mr. Prezas' education and experience certainly play a role, but perhaps a larger difference from other law firms is Mr. Prezas' focus on critical analysis and the strategic, intelligent defense of a criminal case. Mr. Prezas limits the number of cases he accepts to encourage a thorough review of the facts and the law, as well as a strong understanding of the person he is defending. Rather than focus on volume, Mr. Prezas focuses his practice on the quality of his defense. To that end, Mr. Prezas constantly reviews and analyzes the latest case law, attends multiple legal seminars every year, and strives to stay current with the use of science in the courtroom.

John Prezas

Having worked in some capacity or other from an early age, John's first professional employment was teaching special needs students in Corpus Christi.

Upon graduating from Harvard, John began his legal career handling corporate transactions and litigation with Baker Botts LLP, a very large civil law firm.

In 2005, John chose to leave the civil world behind and pursue his desire to spend more time in the court room trying cases. To do so, he served as a prosecutor in Williamson County for the next six years. During that time he prosecuted misdemeanor and felony offenses where both adults and juveniles stood accused serving in both the County Attorney's Office and the District Attorney's Office.

In 2009, John left the DA's office to start his criminal defense practice, where he devotes himself to providing adults and juveniles accused of crimes with an intelligent defense involve critical analysis of the law and facts to ensure strategic use of both to his clients' advantage in both negotiation and trial.

You can learn more about John here:
  • Bar Number: 24041722
    Texas , 2003
  • Harvard law School
    Juris Doctor , 2003
    John received a scholarship to attend Harvard Law School where he served as an editor for the Journal of Law and Technology. During law school, John served as a law clerk for federal district judge Mark Wolf of the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts.

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