Law Offices of Jacob Emrani

Law Offices of Jacob Emrani

At the Law Offices of Jacob Emrani our mission is to provide the highest quality legal representation to individuals who have suffered some type of injury may it be physical, emotional, or financial. Aggressive representation, maximum results.

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There is nothing more devastating than suffering a debilitating injury, unexpectedly losing someone you love in a wrongful death accident and/or a financial hardship which could cause you to be displaced. My associates and I understand how difficult an injury or a financial hardship can be for the victim and his or her family. We want all of our clients to know, that as a seasoned Law Firm, we will always protect their best interest, advocate on their behalf, and negotiate for a settlement that provides them with the financial resources they need to move forward after their accident or injury or financial hardship.

At The Law Offices of Jacob Emrani we are proud to say that our law firm has established its reputation by providing an unparalleled level of knowledge and dedication to our clients. We are committed to helping our clients reach their goals and resolve their cases as quickly and efficiently as possible. In addition to providing each client with exceptional legal representation, we also pride ourselves on the level of personalized attention and professional guidance we bestow to each and every client. If you're looking for a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer contact the offices of Jacob Emrani.

The Law Offices of Jacob Emrani are dedicated to going above and beyond for our clients, and ensuring they recover the highest amount of compensation possible for their injuries and to assist you on all loss mitigation services. To schedule a free consultation with an experienced, knowledgeable, and compassionate legal team, please do not hesitate to contact us today!
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Auto Accident
Over 50 years of combined legal experience.
Recent settlement of $6,000,000 for car accident victim.
Recent settlement of $800,000 for car accident victim.
Recent settlement of $1,390,000 for personal injury victim.
If you have been seriously injured in a car accident, you will need to prove that either a person negligently operated a vehicle, which caused the accident or some defect involving the vehicle or the roadway caused the accident. The defendant's vehicle, that caused the wreck may have been defective and could have caused you an amputation or dismemberment of a limb or brain injury.
A vehicle accident can be a surprisingly complex event, often requiring the analysis of an accident reconstruction expert to determine such things as the dynamics of vehicle speed, visibility, force and angle of impact compared to the injury, timing of traffic signals, condition of the road surface and even highway design, which might require suing a local or state government or a construction company. We often need to enlist the client as a partner in the case, to help identify witnesses to the accident, to search out certain of your records, or to recruit family members or acquaintances to help testify to the harm that has resulted.
In certain instances, a defect in a defectively designed roadway could be the actual cause of the roadway accident. As with all accident claims, determining who is liable can be a lot of work. The mishap may have been caused by a tire blow out from a defective tire for example, or another defective part of a vehicle. Our vehicular injury attorneys have vast legal experience in finding all possible defendants, so as to increase the damages in your vehicular injury case. Our local lawyers will work their hardest to get you the highest level of compensation available in your car, truck, or motorcycle accident suit.
We also deal with a great deal of truck and motorcycle wreck cases in the greater Los Angeles area and all across California. Our collision attorneys are familiar with all the different rules and regulations as it pertains to the California law. Retaining our highly experienced Los Angeles collision attorneys and auto accidents lawyers will give you a significant edge over the negligent defendant who caused your passenger vehicle, motorcycle or truck crash.
As with other types of accidents, figuring out who or what for instance, in the case of defective tires is at fault. Our Los Angeles car accident attorneys understand the dynamics of car accidents, and we make sure our clients' claims for injuries result in the highest level of compensation possible.

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

Life experiences have proven to Mr. Emrani that big corporations and insurance companies often willingly trick people into giving up their rights. Mr. Emrani believes the right thing to do is to be on the side of individuals rather than big corporations whose main objective is monetary gain. Time after time, Mr. Emrani has seen everyday people's lives derailed by corporations and insurance companies, including a close friend was injured and hustled into forfeiting rights to health and compensation. After seeing the same heartbreaking story over and over again, Mr. Emrani knew this was the direction he wanted to take his practice.

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others

Background is what distinguishes an attorney. Having graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in business and marketing, Mr. Emrani knows it is vital to have counsel who is an expert in both the law and how big business operates. There is much more to a personal injury case than the law and negotiation, strategy and understanding big business including insurance companies can be the difference between inadequate and maximum results. His main concern is marketing your case to the these companies that would have you blindly forgo your right to health, compensation and the pursuit of happiness.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

At the Law offices of Jacob Emrani our attorneys are a union of motivated and experienced litigators whose careers began in the insurance industry. They've seen what these companies are capable of and have and now shifted their focus to protect the rights of people injured in accidents. We've taken an inside look into how insurance companies will strategically and systematically attack the rights of everyday Americans. We know who they are and we know how they have worked in the past. The advantage of working with Jacob Emrani and his associates is that their combined experience includes the secrets those corporations and insurance companies don't want you to know.

Jacob Emrani

We are trial lawyers that go to court to not let insurance companies take advantage of our clients.

We are BBB rated.

You can speak directly to attorneys.

Mr. Emrani believes in educating the public to avoid accidents and getting injured. He has educational programs on TV and radio, and uses his 18 years of experience to give the knowledge to people that insurance companies don't want you to know.

Has appeared on channel 5, channel 9, channel 13 and various radio stations.
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