Law Office of Grant L. Stratton

Law Office of Grant L. Stratton

Patient, Compassionate, and Affordable Attorney Specializing in Families, Children, and Criminal Defense.

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Grant L. Stratton is a patient, compassionate, and affordable attorney specializing in families, children, and criminal defense. Whether that means working through a difficult divorce or separation, establishing paternity rights, or defending your rights in a criminal or juvenile dependency case, Mr. Stratton can help you.

The law firm is centrally located in Tucson and Mr. Stratton can make appearances in surrounding counties.

Mr. Stratton offers initial consultations at a reduced fee and simple matters may be eligible for flat fee representation. Grant's hourly rate is $200.00.

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Divorce--A common divorce has many parts--typically the parties must divide their assets and debts, assign responsibilities and duties in co-parenting any children, and decide if child support or spousal maintenance (alimony) should be paid by one spouse to the other.

Legal Separation--A legal separation is like a divorce, except that when final orders are issued, your are still legally married. Spouses use legal separation over divorce when they want to preserve some of the rights and privileges of marriage--for example, the ability of one spouse to cover the other on their insurance plan and file joint tax returns. Often parties who go legally separate hope for reconciliation to take place at some point in the future or do not plan to remarry.

Conciliation--Family courts allow the parties to put the divorce on "hold" for several months to attend marriage counseling in order to try to save a marriage. In most counties, parties must pay for their own counselor. If successful, the parties may dismiss the proceedings. If unsuccessful, the divorce may resume from where it left off.
Child Custody
Paternity--If you are the father of a child born outside of marriage, your rights as a father are not guaranteed until paternity is established in court. Mothers may also wish to file for paternity in order to establish child support. Because Arizona only currently allows parties to "look back" up to three years, a substantial delay in establishing support may forfeit those payments.

Parenting time/Legal decision-making modification--You can get the court to change parenting time or decision-making orders under the right circumstances. Common reasons for modification include one of the parties moving, or where one of the parents poses some danger to the children.

Relocations-- A move by either parent often necessitates creating new parenting and child support orders to account for long-distance parenting. A moving parent is also often required to provide formal notice or face sanctions. If you or the other parent is planning a move, an attorney can help you make these transitions smoother.

Parent/Child reconciliation--When a parent and child become estranged, they often need the help of both counselors and the courts to successfully reconcile. Specifically, you may need the help of court services if the other parent or the child will not cooperate with counseling. Legal representation is highly recommended in these sensitive and complicated matters.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

Regardless of what kind of case you have, any step we take as part of your case ought to include a discussion about how effective that step is likely to be versus the time, money, and energy required to take it. When attorneys and clients have these discussions, it often results in better focus on what's important, tighter, more convincing arguments, better outcomes, and lower attorneys fees for you. The Law Office of Grant L. Stratton is dedicated to the principle of value.

Grant Stratton

Grant L. Stratton earned his Juris Doctorate at the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law in 2012, and was admitted to the Arizona bar later that same year. During his years as a law student, Grant served as an intern to Judge Espinoza on the Arizona Court of Appeals, divison 2.

After graduation, Mr. Stratton served as an adult and juvenile prosecutor with the Greenlee County Attorney's office for approximately two years before moving to private practice covering the areas of Family Law and Criminal Defense.

As a fairly new practitioner to Family Law, Mr. Stratton was inducted as a mentee in the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, the organization that inducts, regulates, and trains certified specialists in Family Law. Mr. Stratton was invited by one of the current Superior Court judges, and was the youngest member to be invited to participate that enrolled in the program.

Mr. Stratton also is involved in community service organizations in the legal field that help inform his service as an attorney:

Southern Arizona Legal Aid volunteer attorney
Pima County Bar Association's QUILT (Qualified Low Income) program

Outside the legal field, Grant is the father of four children, is enrolled in PS-MAPP (foster parent training), is looking forward to becoming a foster parent, and is a volunteer with the Boy Scouts of America. He is an Eagle Scout, served two years as a missionary in Nicaraugua, where he learned to speak Spanish, and has helped to mediate a 12-step program.
  • University of Arizona
    Juris Doctor , 2012

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