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Bank of America Launches Program to Forgive Mortgage Principal

Category: bank of america, loan modification, Foreclosure Law, Loan Modification

In May of 2012, Bank of America launched a pilot program designed to lower the principal of mortgages for homeowners whose mortgages are underwater. The purpose of the program is to keep homeowners in their homes while permanently modifying their loans.


Lower Incomes Make Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Harder to File

Category: chapter 7 bankruptcy rules, chapter 7 means test, Bankruptcy Information, Chapter 7

A key test to qualify for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is the “means test.”  Basically, a person or couple who want a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy needs to pass the means test or have income below a certain leve


Suspension of Large Debt Settlement Company Shows Flaw in the Plan

Category: debt settlement, Your Debts in Bankruptcy, Debt Relief

Ever heard of Allegro Law debt settlement company? You won’t anymore because an Alabama Court shut it down. Allegro Who? Allegro Law LLC offered debt settlement...


Preparing for the 341 Meeting of Creditors

Category: Procedures in the Bankruptcy Case: Start to Finish, Filing for Bankruptcy, California

Learn how to prepare for your 341 meeting of creditors.


Can I Buy a Car or Refinance During Bankruptcy?

Category: bankruptcy 2nd mortgages, bankruptcy and foreclosure, buy a car during bankruptcy, refinancing during bankruptcy, Your Car in Bankruptcy, Bankruptcy Planning

You need court permission to buy a car or refinance during bankruptcy.


The CitiMortgage Foreclosure Alternatives Program

Category: bankruptcy and foreclosure, foreclosure defense, Alternatives to Foreclosure, Foreclosure Defense

What if, as an alternative to foreclosure, you could continue living in your house for another six months and get $1,000 to move? Think this sounds too good to be true? Not so for certain homeowners living in Florida, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio, and Texas.