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The Law Office of Dan E. Liebman, PLLC, has taken those cases, that at first glance, seem impossible to win, and win.
Whether you are facing drunk driving charges or marijuana (DUI) charges, you have questions regarding breath tests, refusals, license suspensions, are seeking a reduction in charges, or are in need to go to trial, The Law Office of Dan E. Liebman, PLLC, can help.

Sentencing hearings are often taken for granted, and not bifurcated, spilt into two separate hearings. One to enter your plea. One to pass sentence. In criminal law, most practices will combine the two. Sometimes it makes tactical sense. Sometimes it does not.

All who know your charges, friends, family, the prosecutors, the judges, they all want to lock you up for years and throw away the key. And some lawyers will take that first deal, or go to trial. Sometimes when neither are good choices, you need a lawyer to find another way.

In some matters, hiring an attorney who takes the time to read the law, the statutory construction, and understands all the possible steps one can take, can mean the difference between going to jail or going home. A law practice that takes the time to prepare your case, schedule hearings, edit irrelevant matters, and keep the focus on important circumstances is successful. A lawyer who prepares to show the court facts specific to your case, that's a law practice that wins. When it seems impossible to convince the prosecutors, and the court to understand your mitigating circumstances, sometimes compelling expert testimony can help. We focus on the center of your issues and presented your facts in a way that gives the court the statutory opportunity to rule in your favor. This can make all the difference in your sentence.

If you are a regular medical marijuana smoker and you are on probation for alcohol DUI, don't tell the court you can quit both. Your setting yourself up for failure and will be back doing time. My office treats medical marijuana, the as the law treats it, as a medicine. You need your medication when on probation. You need that box on your restrictions while on probation, unchecked. Call my office, we have been successful convincing courts to allow marijuana use while on probation for DUIs for alcohol. We have unchecked that box.

You want a lawyer who takes the time to make that argument, not one who does not know it was there to make.
Family law encompasses a breadth of issues relating to marriage and raising children.
There are two kinds of divorce lawyers: those who work on solving the specific problems of a case, and those who are process-oriented, and treat every case exactly the same.

The second kind will fight vigorously for a sofa, for example, when the client has said he or she doesn't really care about furniture. Such lawyers feel they are "just doing their job" but it's the wrong job.

Dan Liebman strives to be in the first group. Dan Liebmanlistens and crafts a customized plan for every client. His No. 1 goal is to get the divorce process behind you, so you can start to create the kind of life you want.

Compassionate And Professional Olympia Divorce Attorney

Divorce: Whether you are dealing with a contested divorce or uncontested divorce, Dan Liebmancan provide you with the guidance you need in moving forward with the divorce and your life.
Child custody: As part of the divorce process, it is important to keep the children's best interests in mind when attempting to create comprehensive and attentive custody, visitation and parenting plans.
Child support: The amount of child support that is to be paid is set by a state statute and calculated by entering certain numbers, such as income of each parent and number of children, into a standard formula.
Spousal support/maintenance: Not all cases dictate a need for spousal support. However, your lawyer can advise you whether or not spousal support may be available to you or needs to be fought against.
Property division: In Washington, property is divided equally and fairly, but not necessarily 50-50, as our state abides by the law of equitable division and is a community property state.
Business valuations: If an individual has some interest or stake in a closely held or family business and is divorcing, it is essential that the business be properly valued to ensure that it is appropriately divided between the spouses during the divorce.
High net worth divorce: When a divorce involves high-dollar assets and property, you want a lawyer on your side who can handle the most complex and intricate matters. Dan Liebman is this type of attorney.

Solving Divorce Problems As Efficiently And Effectively As Possible

Dan Liebman's experience behind the bench, along with his knowledge of the law, and of local courts make him a logical candidate for your divorce lawyer. The fact that he listens to what you say, and keeps you apprised of the status of your case, makes him the ideal choice.

Other Family Law Issues

In addition to representing clients in divorces, as well as all of the related matters, Dan Liebmanhandles a number of other family law issues for clients, such as adoptions, establishing paternity, and guardianships.

Contact A Child Custody Attorney In Olympia

If you are filing for divorce in Washington, we urge you to consider us as your lawyer. Aggressive when you need him to be, and considerate of your troubles the rest of the time. Call Olympia family law attorney and Dan Liebman at 360-489-0432.


A marriage is not ended until the Court signs final orders, including a decree of dissolution, together with findings of fact and conclusions of law. The Court will enter final orders after
expiration of the 90 waiting period upon motion of the petitioner if the respondent was properly served, but failed to respond
the parties agree on all issues, including property division, parenting arraignments, and financial support
the Court conducts a trial to resolve disputed issues.
Parenting Plans

If children are involved parenting plans are needed. Parenting plans can be a very difficult task when parents disagree on who takes care of the children. A plan can be about power plays, jealousy, and emotional issues between parties instead of what the law says it is; What is in the "best interest of the children". My law office explains how and why the focus needs to be on the law not what may be bad emotional baggage.

Paternity literally means fatherhood. Establishing paternity creates a legal relationship between a father and a child. Establishing parentage for a child provides that child many potential benefits. Some of those benefits include:
A sense of belonging because the child knows both parents.
If your child becomes sick, the family doctor will appreciate a full family medical history.
Your child may be eligible for government benefits such as social security or veteran's dependent benefits.
Your child may qualify for medical insurance coverage through the other parent's health plan and could become the beneficiary of a life insurance policy. Your child may also have the right to future inheritance benefits.
Your child will become eligible for financial support from both parents.

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

Dan Liebman has true passion for the U.S. Constitution. He went to law school to learn the intricacies of constitutional law. He realizes that at the core of the US Constitution is due process. Whether the area of law is family, criminal, personal injury, estate, probate, or government administration, The Law Office of Dan E. Liebman, PLLC harnesses passion and uses it to give his client the best representation.

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others?

At the Law Office of Dan E. Liebman, PLLC, the law and how it affects your life is the most important issue. My office will sit down and talk to you straight about what the realities are, and what legal obstacles your facing. We make certain that we compose and deploy the legal strategy that will give you what the law affords.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

Mr. Liebman combines his legal knowledge with contemporary street smarts, and a no non sense approach to your legal battles. My office uses strong litigation tactics with logical negotiation. In my practice, I'll give it to you straight. I don't sugar coat the truth. You'll know where your going, and what our legal strategy is, to get you there. My office will not only take the burden of the complexities of law off your shoulders, and put it onto ours, but you will be assured you that the best legal analysis and strategy will be swiftly placed in position. Then you can feel confident your rights are being represented, and you can focus on moving forward with your life.

Dan E. Liebman

Dan Liebman started his legal practice in Tacoma, Washington, in 2009. The Law Office of Dan E. Liebman, PLLC, handles family, criminal, personal injury, estate, probate, and government administration legal issues. Based in Olympia, Washington, The Law Office of Dan E. Liebman PLLC, works with individuals throughout Lacey, Tumwater, Shelton, Tenino, Yelm, Rainier, McCleary, Rochester, Centralia, Chehalis, Tacoma, Lakewood, Fort Lewis, Roy, Parkland, Spanaway, West Olympia, DuPont, Thurston County, Mason County and Lewis County. In my practice, I'll give it to you straight. I don't sugar coat the truth. You'll know where your going, and what my legal strategy is to get you there. The Law Office of Dan E. Liebman PLLC works hard; to ensure your issues get top legal analysis, that we utilize the most effective specific legal tactics, and we deploy the best legal strategy.

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