Brian M. Collins, Esq.

I, along with my firm, deliver high quality defense against criminal charges. We also represent individuals in law suits against cities, police, state governments and other authorities in high profile civil rights matters.

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Firm Overview

Speaking to and hiring a lawyer can be difficult. It means something unpleasant has happened. I always try my best to make sure my clients understand what's happening to remove some of the confusion, fear, and stress. I know talk is cheap, especially in online profiles, and many people can sound impressive, so I would encourage you to give me a call or schedule an appointment so that you can assess whether my firm and I would be the right firm for you to work with.

When you are arrested and facing criminal charges, you are against the most daunting legal challenge of your life. Your freedom is at stake. It is essential that you have someone who understands the system intimately and is not afraid to try your case if necessary. I am a trial lawyer. The other lawyers in my firm are trial lawyers. Our firm is built for clients who want to go to trial and challenge the authorities to prove them guilty. We also know, however, that working out a deal that minimizes your risk is sometimes the best option, particularly when it involves getting charges reduced, dropped or avoiding jail time.

Besides criminal defense, we also represent individuals in civil rights lawsuits where the authorities have violated their rights by using excessive force, stolen from them, conducted an illegal arrest or illegal search, or otherwise abused their power.

I believe very strongly in individual rights. I believe in free speech. Our firm is involved in several high profile cases where we have defended protesters arrested for exercising their rights, including the Occupy Philadelphia defendants. We also often represent protesters in civil rights cases when they have been illegally arrested.

I started in private practice from law school at a large law firm representing fortune-500 companies in major, complex cases. I decided I wanted more courtroom exposure and I wanted to represent the little guy rather than corporate America. I left private practice and spent several years honing my craft as a trial lawyer at the public defender's office in Philadelphia. When I left the public defender's office, I went into private practice to represent individuals in both criminal and civil court.
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Criminal Defense
Our goal is to make sure our clients leave their criminal matters in the past with as little impact on their future as possible.
We focus our criminal defense practice on Philadelphia and surrounding counties, including Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery. We do, however, have cases across the state, including cases in Monroe County, Lancaster County, Northampton County, and Carbon County, among others. We also have an extensive federal court practice.
Civil Rights
We know that sometimes true vindication means not only clearing your name but also holding those who wronged you accountable.
We have handled many high profile civil rights cases in Philadelphia and surrounding counties including police brutality in the Askia Sabur trial and representing free speakers in the Occupy Philadelphia cases.

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

Having a right to a trial, and a right to defend yourself in court is one of the most important rights we have as a country. We believe very strongly in defending that right. As a result, we were all drawn to criminal defense and civil rights.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

We do not fear a fight. I know it is easy to say, but all four of our trial lawyers have extensive courtroom experience. We try cases where many others choose to settle or plead. The other side respects us because they know we will try our case and this knowledge can be helpful when negotiating a settlement or plea.

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