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"The Divorce Month": Exploring the Reasons Behind January Divorce Rates

Category: Divorce, Divorce

January is known as the "the most deadly month for marriages"


3 Examples of How Facebook Can Ruin A Marriage

Category: Marriage, Marriage

When you get married the saying goes, "It's neither yours, nor mine, but ours."  You and your spouse share everything; a home, a bank account, the family car, and even your children.  However, ther


Staying in Business Together After Divorce

Category: After Divorce, Divorce

Many married couples run businesses together - should they continue to do so after a divorce?


Alimony in Georgia: What You Need to Know

Category: Georgia Divorce and Family Law, Divorce

If you're getting divorced in Georgia, alimony may be an important element of your case. Here are the basics.


Joint Child Custody: Do the Advantages Outweigh the Disadvantages?

Category: Child Custody Basics, Child Custody

Is it always better for both parents to have custody of the children after a divorce?


Tips for Finding the Right Divorce Attorney

Category: Getting Divorced, Divorce

Having the right lawyer can make a big difference in the process and outcome of your divorce.