Kim Steven LaValley

Kim Steven LaValley

My office focuses on Social Security Disability and SSI. We also are experts in the area of California Worker's Compensation law representing only the injured and disabled.

Firm Overview

Kim Steven LaValley has been involved in the legal profession and business since he was very young, and over the years has developed a good understanding of how things work. He prefers to work as a solo practitioner.

Having relocated to the Lake Tahoe/Gold Country area in 1995, he now stands ready to advise and represent you in a wide variety of California and Federal legal matters, and can conveniently appear in the administrative courts of Sacramento, Reno, and other Gold Country area venues.

Main Office
Offices in Incline Village, NV and Nevada City, CA
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Free Initial Consultation?
We happily give you a free initial consultation
Services Offered For Fixed Fees?
Social Security/SSI and Worker's Compensation cases are all handled on a contingent fee basis...We don't get paid until we win the case and the judge approves our requested fee. Fees consist of only a small percentage of your benefits.
Hourly Rates
We charge a negotiable hourly rate for other types of cases, or will make a referral to a specialist as appropriate.

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We're always open for business...Give us a call!
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English and some Spanish--We provide translators.

Other Offices

Nevada City, California
547 Uren Street
(All mail should go to the main office in Incline Village, NV)
Nevada City,  CA 
The offices of Kim Steven LaValley focus on representing injured or disabled people before the Social Security Administration, or if it is a work-related issue, before the California Workers' Compensation Appeals Board.
Kim LaValley prefers to work as a solo practitioner. This inisures that the attorney who will make the appearances and persent the case is the one who was in charge of the case from the time the file is opened.

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

Kim decided to focus on Disability and Worker Compensation law because he saw so many attorneys going into business to represent other businesses. While he has had extensive business experience, too, he saw that advising people with serious medical problems or injuries was an area too widely overlooked by others. And he found a great deal of personal satisfaction on making a difference to people in need. He is clear that neither corporations, insurance companies, nor governmental bureaucracies are people.

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others

Uniquely, Kim has been involved with lawyers and judges his entire life. While he worked for other firms when he was younger, he has developed techniques and systems that allow him to provide a level of service that large law firms cannot provide.

Kim is also certified as a Professional in Human Resource Management by the Society of Human Resource Managers. He understands the employer's perspective, and knows how to effectively handle the vocational experts the SSA uses to defeat legitimate disability claims.

In the Worker’s Compensation context, this extra training and experience helps him deal with many "return-to-work" issues and the shady or illegal practices that a few employers engage in to deny injured people their rights.

* Kim has been practicing law since 1977. Kim's win record is excellent!
* Kim has focused most of his years in practice on Social Security Disability/SSI law and Worker's Compensation claims, representing only the disabled and injured.
* He worked for private attorneys and for the L.A. County Courts, performing clerical work during high school.
* He opened and operated a legal services business (a jury investigation company) to put himself through college at the University of the Pacific.
* He clerked for top law firms while in law school at Hastings College of the Law (the autonomous University of California law school in San Francisco.)
* He has been married since 1980, raising 4 children and for many years, participated in community service organizations, locally and nationally
* He worked as a Deputy Public Defender in Humboldt County representing clients in a wide range of cases, from Juvenile Law and Involuntary Confinement cases, though serious felony trial work.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

Personal contact with the client is crucial. Most firms work to minimize the personal contact time attorneys have with clients. Kim doesn't. You will find that he frequently answers his own phone calls! His committment to personal service provides him with more detailed information about every cleint's situation and this produces better results.

Is your firm willing to coach clients who want to represent themselves?

Yes, on a limited basis, I do it several times a week.

Kim Steven LaValley

* Kim has been practicing law since 1977. His win record is excellent!
  • Hastings College of the Law (University of California)
    Juris Doctorate , 1976
    Kim attended the University of the Pacific before law school, and has actively pursued continuing education in communication and management, as well as the law. He is a member of the California Applicants Attorney Association and is a Professional Human Resource Manager, certified by the Society of Human Resource Managers/HR Certification Institute.

Kim LaValley

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