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Law Office of Kimberly Cole


Firm Overview

Kimberly Cole provides services in family law which are designed to keep people out of court and help you reach an agreement to resolve your case. As everyone's situation and needs are different, the process is tailored to fit the circumstances.

We stay with joint communication until the case is resolved.

Full Mediation is also used when both parties are represented by other attorneys, and in this situation, my services are utilized solely for reaching the terms of the settlement agreement. If this is your situation, you and your spouse will need to have each attorney fax me a letter providing permission for me to mediate with you.

In both of these mediation options, the process is the same: We work together by going through a specific systematic process to gather all relevant information, facts, and documents, then analyze the issues, discuss options and alternatives for a resolution of all issues, and work through the details to come to the terms for a settlement of all issues. The end result is a written settlement agreement, which you are both free to take to other attorneys to review, if you like. The agreement that is reached through this process is the end result, and eventually becomes your court order. The only difference between the two options is my ability to communicate with you, and limitations on that ability.

If you both WANT to resolve your case by agreement, then there is almost always a way to achieve that. The INTENT to reach that goal is the key, not the nature of your assets, nor your ability to resolve issues on your own, nor even your ability to communicate with each other. The desire to reach an agreement is the key. The costs you incur for mediation are usually a very small fraction of the costs you would have in a contested situation.

If you are scheduling a mediation appointment, you both will need to come in 10 minutes early to read several documents before we start, and please make sure that you both have read this Explanation of Services and Fee Schedule before you come in.

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Kimberly Cole

Kimberly Cole has been a resident of Placer County, California, since
1974.Kimberly Cole has been a resident of Placer County,
California, since 1974. She graduated from Lincoln Law of Sacramento in
1986 and opened the Law Office of Kimberly Cole, which was located in
Auburn, California, from 1986 until 2001, at which time the office
relocated to Loomis, California.