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Firm Overview

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Unique to our family law practice are the financial skills our attorneys bring to the table. Our know-how makes our firm exceptionally qualified in dealing with the financial complexities of divorce.
Located in Oak Brook near Chicago, Illinois, McPherson Harry & Associates, P.C. has been in practice since 1995. As a family law firm, we offer legal services in the following practice areas:

Divorce, Child Custody and Legal Separation
Child Support
Maintenance (formerly known as alimony)
Division of Assets and Preservation of Assets
PreNuptial Agreements
Related Adoption
Qualified Domestic Relations Orders
Orders of Protection
and more family law issues

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

Kathryn is the managing partner of the firm. She is responsible for advising clients, appearing in court, as well as guiding her team of attorneys and paralegals in every aspect of every case. She was honored as a 2015 Super Lawyer for her work in Family Law.

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others?

At McPherson Harry & Associates, P.C., we work together as a team. Every client is provided a Senior Attorney, an Associate Attorney and a Paralegal, who are knowledgeable about your case. At most firms, you are assigned one attorney. That attorney is usually the one that happens to be in the office at the time you make the initial call or email the firm. We are different. We use our collective knowledge to educate you, and develop a strategy just for you. We brain-storm ideas and use our individual skills and talents to create a better approach to your divorce.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

Each of our attorneys has significant experience in family law and actively supplements his/her knowledge through Continuing Legal Education. The State of Illinois requires all attorneys to participate in Continuing Legal Education. However, our attorneys consistently earn more credits each year than are required by the State of Illinois. Our attorneys are trained to use the latest software available for legal research and for analyzing how divorce may impact your financial future.

Kathryn Harry

Kathryn L. Harry brings over 23 years of legal experience in the areas of divorce, child custody, and family law. She founded Kathryn L. Harry & Associates, P.C. in 2007 after practicing as a solo attorney for many years. In doing so, Kathryn created a different kind of law firm that is focused on serving clients in teams. Recently, the firm partnered with Mia McPherson to form McPherson Harry & Associates, P.C.