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For almost 19 years, Karren Kenney has been practicing law in Orange County where her local knowledge of the courts and procedures has proven priceless to her clients. She is dedicated to defending the personal freedom of all her clients.

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Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney Karren Kenney aggressively represents individuals under investigation or charged with crimes in state and federal courts throughout Southern California

Attorney Kenney was a Deputy Public Defender for almost 12 years where she became one of the best Orange County criminal defense trial attorneys . She has defended every type of criminal case, including driving under the influence (DUI), vehicular manslaughter, theft, three strikes, domestic violence, gang cases, aggravated white collar crime and murder. She works closely with her clients and aggressively litigates in court. Attorney Kenney is not afraid to battle it out in the courtroom in order to obtain the best possible result for her clients.
Over her career, she has had hundreds of favorable results, the following are a few:

-Client was charged with felony DUI with 2 prior felony DUI convictions. After the preliminary hearing, Ms. Kenney filed a motion to dismiss (995 motion) due to insufficient evidence presented during the prelim. The 995 motion was granted and the case was dismissed.
-The client was charged with misdemeanor DUI with 2 prior DUI convictions. This case was tried in front of a jury, which resulted in a conviction. However, due to the prosecutors misconduct
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DUI and criminal matters are always priced at a fixed fee that is determined after a consultation, and depends on the circumstances of the case.
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When you hire Karren Kenney to help you with your DUI case, you can be assured that you are obtaining one of the most knowledgeable and trustworthy criminal defense lawyers in Southern California. Call (855) 505-5588 schedule your free consultation.
DUI is a serious crime, and it should not be taken lightly. If a person is arrested for DUI, it will create a criminal arrest record. If convicted, the record of conviction may be viewed negatively by present and future employers and can also impact a person's educational opportunities. A person who is convicted of DUI is also subject to harsh legal consequences, such as jail time, fines, license suspension, DUI School, and probation. Sentences can be enhanced if the driver refused to take the BAC test, had a BAC result of 0.15% or higher, had a minor under age 14 in the vehicle, or had prior DUI convictions.

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