Kamboj Law Office

Kamboj Law Office

Kamboj Law Office handles Estate Planning and Personal Injury matters. Kamboj Law strives to provide you with courteous and individualized attention so that our clients never feel like "just another file."

Firm Overview

Kamboj Law Office has two main areas of practice:
Estate Planning and Personal Injury.

The area of Estate Planning encompasses the drafting of either a Will or a Trust as well as other related documents.
We strive to educate our clients of the importance of having a solid estate plan, regardless of the size of your assets.

Some of our clients find that their existing estate plan needs refreshing. Kamboj Law Office can assist you to do this in an affordable manner.

Our firm can help you with Standard Wills, Revocable Living Trusts, Conduit Trusts, Conservatorships and Durable Power of Attorneys for Healthcare of for Property Management.

Our Personal Injury Practice encompasses representation of individuals who were injured in a motor vehicle accident or during a "slip-and-fall" at an establishment.

Motor Vehicle Injuries
Our firm has extensive experience representing individuals injured in a car accident. Our attorney can take the burden of handling your insurance claim so you can focus on your medical recovery.

Slip-and-Fall Injuries
If you've fallen on someone else's property, the owner may be liable for your injuries. Our firm has successfully handled such matters and can assist you in handling the claim and holding the property owner responsible for their negligence while you work on getting the medical relief you deserve for your injuries.
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Estate Planning
Kamboj Law Office can help you plan your estate, whether you chose to draft a Will or a Trust, a Conservatorship, or simply a Durable Power of Attorney.
5 Reasons Why You Need an Estate Plan:

1. Have Control Over Your Belongings:

Your legacy, whether big or small, is valuable to you and only YOU should decide how it is handled after you are gone. Without an estate plan, you are allowing the state you live in to determine what happens to your prized possessions and hard-earned money. With an estate plan, you get the peace of mind that your loved ones, or your favorite charities or organizations are getting what you intended.

2. Plan for the Unexpected:

When things are going well, it is hard to plan for the unexpected loss of life or mental and physical incapacity. However, tragedies happen and an estate plan can help you in the event of one. You can sleep at night knowing that your children will be cared for by people you have chosen, and your assets will be used in the manner you deem best suited for your children's benefit. Estate plans allow you to set up trusts for the wellbeing and education of your young ones. Let's say you aren't married but you have an estate, you should have a plan for what happens to the home you live in, who will be responsible for your pets when you aren't around, who gets the classic muscle car you have in your garage, or who will get your great grandmother's wedding ring or your favorite piece of art.

3. Save Your Family from paying Probate Costs:

When your estate, (the term we use for all your possessions, financial and otherwise), goes through probate, some of your loved ones' inheritance goes into paying costly court fees, administrative fees, attorney's fees, and the like, collectively called probate costs. You can avoid this if your estate is worth LESS than $150,000.00. Most Californians, do not fit this bill. What most people don't know is if your estate is worth more than $150,000, you should have a Trust. A trust does not go through Probate Court, and therefore no probate costs. Bottom line, your money stays in the hands of your loved ones and does not go to paying unnecessary fees.

4. A Plan for When You are Physically or Mentally Incapacitated:

Estate Plans cover much more than the future of your money. It also plans for your future if you become incapacitated. Who will manage your finances for you when you can't? Who will make medical decisions for your, when you aren't able? Where will you spend your last days and how? How will your final arrangements be paid for, and where and how would you like to have your memorial service? You can decide the answers to all these questions and more in your estate plan.

5. A guide for your loved ones after you are gone:

Your family is at its most vulnerable after your passing. Having an estate plan also provides a specific location where everything that you own is itemized and all your wishes are laid out. It takes the decision making, guess work, and hunting for documents out of the equation and allows your family to focus on mourning your loss, in peace. Imagine the peace of mind you can provide your loved ones by having your affairs in order.

Vandana Kamboj

Solo Practitioner, Vandana Kamboj, received her Juris Doctorate from the University of Pacific, McGeorge School of Law, and her license to practice in California, in 2005. Ms. Kamboj graduated from San Jose State University with a B.S. in Systems Physiology and a B.S. in Administration of Justice.
As an attorney, Ms. Kamboj pursued a career as an Insurance Defense Attorney / Civil Litigation Attorney for other larger firms, whereupon in 2008 she opened her own practice focusing on Personal Injury. Her experience as an insurance defense attorney provides her with an important "insider's perspective" pursuing her clients' personal injury claims against insurance companies.
Over the last few years, Ms. Kamboj changed gears to pursue Estate Planning, an area of law she finds enriching and fulfilling. She finds a deep satisfaction in assisting growing families plan their legacy for their children as well as helping older families protecting their hard-earned assets.
Ms. Kamboj is a native of Northern California who enjoys hiking in Yosemite National Park, tending to her home garden as well as the community garden she started at her local elementary school with her two young boys. She is an avid reader of historical fiction novels and loves spending time with her family and extended network of family friends. She is also an active member of the local parent teacher association which strives to build a strong local community.
  • Bar Number: 239680
    California , 2005
  • UOP - McGeorge School of Law
    Juris Doctorate , 2005

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