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Joshua Spirn and Associates

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People who file for bankruptcy sometimes get stereotyped as irresponsible or selfish. The truth is that anyone can find themselves in a dire financial situation. All it takes is an unforeseen disaster, the loss of a job, or a long illness, and good hardworking people can find themselves deeply in debt.

At the offices of Boston bankruptcy lawyer Joshua Spirn & Associates, we believe in second chances. We believe that anyone can reorganize their finances, get rid of their debt, restore their credit rating, and begin working towards financial stability. If you are struggling to cover your basic needs, or facing more debt than you can cope with, there is a way out of your current situation.

Let us show you why filing for commercial or consumer bankruptcy may be the best financial option for you or your business, and how a fresh start may help you better manage your funds and restore your livelihood.

Boston Bankruptcy Practice Areas
Boston bankruptcy attorneys Joshua Spirn & Associates primarily focus on the following forms of consumer and commercial bankruptcy:

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
We are dedicated to helping individuals and businesses out of a bad place. In addition to helping you file bankruptcy, we can also help you through the process of debt negotiation. Whatever your financial situation, we will be happy to help you with your fiscal problems.

Why File for Bankruptcy?
If your family or business is suffering financially, filing bankruptcy may be a wise decision. The immediate benefit of filing for bankruptcy is gaining some breathing room. An automatic stay will be imposed on your creditors so they will not be able take action

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Joshua Spirn


  • Clark University, Worcester, MA
    BA 1994 - Concentration in Government

  • Boston University School of Law
    JD 1997 - Concentration in Litigation and
    Dispute Resolution with Honors

Bar Admissions

  • Massachusetts Bar: Admitted 1997

  • United States District Court, District of Massachusetts, Admitted 2006


  • Boston Bar Association

  • Clark University Alumni Association

  • National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys