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Attorneys Christopher Johnston and Christopher Martineau devote their energies to keeping in close contact with clients.

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Having the assurance that the attorney you choose will address your particular legal need, maintain a high level of availability, and even come to you when you are unable to travel can go a long way in giving you peace of mind. You can relax in the knowledge that your legal matter is being handled efficiently and your priorities and goals properly represented. But how do you find this level of legal aid?
Take the guesswork out of choosing a lawyer. Contact Johnston | Martineau, P.L.L.P. in the Twin Cities today. We are a full service law firm serving clients any time, anywhere.

Any Time:
At our firm, we want you to know that your case matters and is not simply put on the backburner. We are always available via e-mail or phone and promptly return all phone and e-mail messages.

We are also available for evening and weekend appointments.

Sometimes an injury is such that it is impossible to leave your home or hospital bed to speak with an attorney. No matter; at Johnston | Martineau, P.L.L.P., we are happy to travel to you.
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If you have been diagnosed with Mesothelioma and are looking for a lawyer who can help, look no further.
Searching for a Mesothelioma lawyer on the web can be frustrating; so many of the results on Google are nationwide companies who gather as many cases as possible and sell them to their "referral network". We can give you the personal attention you need in this difficult time and ensure that the parties responsible arrange for your security in the future. Do not hesitate to contact us directly to talk about your case. We offer a free initial consultation and are willing to make home or hospital visits as necessary.

What is Mesothelioma?
Mesothelioma is a type of cancer predominantly caused by prolonged and repeated exposure to asbestos. The mesothelium, a protective lining around most of the body's organs, is where the malignant cells are found. The outer lining of the lungs and internal chest wall (the pleura) is the most commonly effected area, but Mesothelioma may also occur in the abdominal lining (peritoneum), or the sac that surrounds your heart (pericardium). These different types of Mesothelioma are basically names to specify where the cancer is located.

How can a Lawyer help me?
Mesothelioma is caused by asbestos exposure; therefore your employer or other party responsible for your asbestos exposure can be held responsible. Medical bills, lost wages and unexpected changes to your life as a result of the illness are likely causing great financial strain. We can work to get the best recovery possible and make things a little easier.

Asbestos litigation is the longest and most expensive mass tort in U.S. history, involving over 8,000 defendants and almost a quarter of a million claimants through 2002. However, litigation can be difficult due to the multiplicity of factors playing a role in your case. That is why hiring an experienced and dedicated Mesothelioma lawyer is so crucial. We will do everything in our power to find the responsible parties, and make sure you get the best possible settlement.

Symptoms and Diagnosis of your Mesothelioma / Asbestos Case:
Mesothelioma can often take 30 to 50 years to start showing symptoms. Some of the most common symptoms include but are not limited to: shortness of breath, coughing, pain in the chest, weight loss, abdominal swelling and blood clotting. Mesothelioma diagnosis can be difficult because the symptoms are similar to several other conditions. Diagnosis should include a review of medical history in combination with a review of possible or likely asbestos exposure history.

Who is at Risk for Mesothelioma?
In short, anyone who has been exposed to asbestos. While there are a few very rare cases of Mesothelioma that have not been tied to asbestos exposure, the great majority are. Asbestos was widely used as far back as the 1800s and became very common through the World War II era. The inhalation of asbestos fibers causes mesothelioma or asbestos lung cancer. Even extremely low exposure levels to asbestos fibers or dust can be very dangerous.

Patients exposed to asbestos fibers on the job or in the workplace are victims of what is referred to as occupational exposure. Paraoccupational exposure refers to Mesothelioma contracted by a family member or someone close to the person who was exposed. In a sense, it is 'second-hand mesothelioma'. This form of asbestos exposure can be harder to determine but it is typically contracted by a family member of someone who has been exposed in the workplace.
In the same way, those that have homes or work near facilities that have asbestos may also be at risk even though there is not obvious direct contact. The fine asbestos dust can easily be carried by the wind over long distances.

Industries that potentially could have been a source of asbestos are: factories, shipyards, power plants, oil refineries, steel manufacturing plants, and any company or job site involved with the removal of old building materials. The demolition of buildings that contain asbestos can release the dust into the environment, and trucks hauling the materials can further spread the fine asbestos fibers. Consider that in the 1940s asbestos was as commonly used as fiberglass is today. Anyone who would come in contact with building materials from previous eras is likely been exposed to asbestos.

Likewise, people who live near these types of sites likely to have asbestos around the facility are also at risk: refineries, power plants, factories, shipyards, steel mills and building demolition are types of work sites that can release asbestos fibers into the environment and contaminate nearby residential neighborhoods.

-Manufacturing of asbestos products
(insulation, roofing, building, materials)
-Oil refinery workers Construction workers and contractors
-Maritime workers
-Sand or abrasive manufacturers
-Shipyards / ships / ship builders
-Miners and drillmen
-Offshore rust removals
-Power Plants
-Railway workers
-Steel mills
-Tile cutters
Auto Accident
We pride ourselves on taking the guesswork out of choosing a lawyer by being a respected and ethical firm whose foundation is built on providing responsive client service and a history of success.
The bottom line is this: if you have been injured in a car accident in the Twin Cities or anywhere in Minnesota or western Wisconsin, then you should take advantage of our free consultation to protect your right to maximum financial recovery.

At Johnston | Martineau, P.L.L.P., in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we have one goal - to get you the full compensation you are owed and deserve. Whether you have suffered a soft tissue injury resulting in a lost week of work or you lost a loved one in a catastrophic accident, we put the full resources and knowledge of our experienced law firm behind your case.

Before You Talk to Your Insurance Company, Talk to Us:
Insurance companies are for-profit businesses whose first responsibility is to their shareholders. They have well paid professionals already on their side whose job is to make sure that they minimize their payouts and financial risks. They have a direct interest in keeping your compensation low.

As your lawyer, our first interest is helping you pursue the maximum recovery justified under the circumstances.
Let us take on the burden of pursuing your claim and negotiating with stubborn insurers so that you can focus on healing and recovery. Contact us for help in cases involving:
-Auto and car accidents
-Truck accidents
-Motorcycle accidents
-Boating accidents
-ATV and snowmobile accidents
-Whiplash and other soft tissue injuries
-Rear end collisions
-Hit and run accidents
-Bicycle accidents
-Pedestrian accident
-Uninsured motorist claims

Before you talk to your insurance company, make sure you are protected. You do not have to choose to lose hours or days fighting alone for compensation for damages, medical expenses, lost wages and the pain you suffered. Our law firm has a proven record of success handling a wide range of motor vehicle claims, and we can put that experience on your side.
Whether you are dealing with an uncontested divorce or a divorce that may be rife with complicated issues, the lawyers at Johnston | Martineau, PLLP, stand at the ready to stand by your side.
The divorce process in Minnesota can be relatively straight-forward or extremely complex, depending on the parties involved. What often drives the process is the existing relationship of the spouses. Are they able to work together to resolve major disputes or will a third-party be needed to make these decisions?

Regardless of your situation, the lawyers at Johnston | Martineau, PLLP, will tirelessly represent your interests whether you are dealing with:
-Contested divorce
-Uncontested divorce
-Legal separation

We protect your interests regarding property division, spousal support/alimony, child custody, child support and parenting time. As our client, you are our top priority and we are ready, willing, and able to represent your interests; we are not influenced by outside factors or emotions.

For many couples, the divorce process can be relatively straightforward. Naturally, some cases are more complex, for example, when the parties have significant assets or debts. In such cases, we work to ensure our clients receive accurate appraisals, business valuations and fair settlements.
Wrongful Death
The attorneys of Johnston | Martineau, P.L.L.P. understand the pain of loss and work respectfully with clients through the transitions occasioned by a death.
Injuries caused by the negligence of others happen every day. Most of the injuries are minor, many are serious and some are fatal. When a family member is lost in a senseless accident, for those who remain, picking up the pieces and trying to find meaning seems impossible.

Meeting With Families Following a Fatal Accident:
When a family has lost a spouse, parent, sibling or child in a fatal accident and is seeking a wrongful death suit, the first step we take is to bring together the next of kin to discuss making a claim. Next, we make important decisions together, establishing a trustee for the family, sending out notices, crafting court-approved disbursements and exploring avenues of compensation.

Because each situation is different, just as each family is different, at Johnston | Martineau, P.L.L.P., we take the time necessary to get to know the families we serve as well as the circumstances that led to the death. The types of accidents that can lead to untimely death are varied and may include:
-Dram shop cases
-Auto accidents
-Motorcycle accidents
-Truck accidents
-Sports and recreational accidents
-Toxic exposure

Obtaining a Measure of Closure Through Compensation:
Nothing can replace the loss of life; following an accidental death, life changes for surviving family members. Yet compensation can help ease some of the financial burden associated with the death of a loved one and can even provide a level of peace in the midst of distress. Compensation in a wrongful death claim can include medical costs, lost wages, future wages, funeral costs and loss of companionship.
Consumer Protection
At the Minneapolis, Minnesota, law office of Johnston | Martineau, P.L.L.P., we help clients nationwide get justice, relief and compensation for debt collection abuse.
Take Back Control After You Are Abused by Debt Collectors:
Before you can end debt collector abuse and hold companies responsible for their abusive and illegal actions, you need to take the right steps. Without guidance, support and an understanding of what is and is not admissible as evidence, you could actually damage your case.

Our attorneys provide the knowledge and resources you need to expose debt collection abuse and seek legal protection.

The Actions You Can Take to Fight Back:
Debt collections agencies are governed by the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA), a clear and unambiguous statement of rules designed to protect consumers from harassment and abuse. Despite these provisions, debt collectors are thriving in a tough economy and often rely on intimidation and humiliation to keep people from fighting back.

However, there are things you can do to rise up against abuse and illegal actions. These may include any of the following tactics:
-Get names and identification
-Record times and dates of calls
-Save voice mails and letters
-Get statements from people contacted by the collector
-Acquire phone records

If you can prove debt collector harassment, then you may be able to collect compensation for expenses, emotional distress, lost wages and other damages. Our law office is not a credit repair organization. Our goal is to stop the abuse and recover financial compensation for you, and the first step is for you to call our office and set up your free case review.

When You Decide Enough Is Enough:
It costs you nothing to learn about your rights and the law and put a lawyer on your side. We only collect a fee if we have recovered compensation for debt collection abuse and violations.

Christopher A. Johnston

Christopher A. Johnston is a founding partner of Johnston|Martineau, P.L.L.P. He completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Minnesota and earned his law degree from William Mitchell College of Law. An experienced litigator, Chris's case experience includes, among others,: dog bites, motor vehicle crashes, premises liability, snowmobile accidents, boat accidents, dram shop cases, death cases, pharmaceutical cases, no-fault claims, hotel liability claims, cases involving semi-trailers, and police brutality.

Chris settled a claim for one million dollars thereby making him eligible for inclusion in the million dollar advocates forum which is an association for trial lawyers with settlements or verdicts of one million dollars or more. Further, based on his many published articles, work in the community, and involvement with the Minnesota Trial Lawyers Association, he was named Up and Coming Attorney of The Year for 2007.

Chris is currently working on becoming a certified civil trial speciailist through the Mineesota Bar Association.
Chris and his wife currently live in Roseville, Minnesota. He is the proud father of four children and stepfather of three more. He enjoys spending whatever free time he has playing with his kids, golfing, and rooting for the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers.

Areas of Practice:
-Litigator (Litigation & Appeals)
-Dog Bites
-Motor Vehicle Crashes
-Premises Liability
-Snowmobile Accidents
-Boat Accidents
-Dram Shop Cases
-Police Brutality Cases
-Death Cases (Wrongful Death)
-Hotel Liability
-Pharmaceutical Cases
-No-Fault Claims
-Construction Accidents
-Slip & Fall Injuries

Bar Admissions:
U.S. Court of Appeals 8th Circuit
Federal Court - District of Minnesota

William Mitchell College of Law, St Paul, Minnesota
University of Minnesota
Des Moines Area Community College

Honors and Awards:
Rising Star 2011
Minnesota's Outstanding Young Lawyers 2011
Million Dollar Advocates Forum (eligible)
Up and Coming Attorney of The Year, 2007

Professional Associations and Memberships:
Minnesota Association for Justice
American Association for Justice
  • William Mitchell College of Law
    Juris Doctorate

Christopher P. Martineau

Chris is one of the founding partners of Johnston | Martineau, PLLP. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and went to work for a Property & Casualty Insurance Company adjusting claims.

Knowing that he wanted to help injured people through difficult times, Chris moved to the Twin Cites where he attended Hamline University School of Law. While attending Hamline, he joined a well-known Twin Cities law firm where he began that venture. In 2007, Johnston | Martineau, PLLP was formed.

Over his career, Chris has handled numerous and complicated death cases, injuries caused by drunk drivers, injuries caused by collisions with semi-trucks, injuries caused by negligent skiers, complicated and serious slip and fall cases, trip and fall cases, negligent property maintenance, as well as injuries caused by everyday automobile accidents.
In addition to personal injury cases, Chris also brings cases against debt collectors and his/her employer(s) for abusive, deceptive, and just plain unfair debt collection practices. He takes great pride in knowing that over the years, he has been able to help families and loved ones achieve a level of normalcy after suffering traumatic, painful, embarrassing, and often times burdensome losses and treatment caused by others.

Chris and his family call the Como Park neighborhood home. He enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids, other family, and friends, especially in the summer during grilling season. He also enjoys exercising, painting oils, boating with the family, and trying to maintain the yard.

Type of Injury Cases Chris Handles:
-Automobile Accidents
-Boating Accidents
-Collisions with Semi-Trucks
-Construction Accidents
-Death Cases (Wrongful Death)
-Cases Involving Drunk Drivers
-Negligent Skiers
-Property Liability
--Slip and Fall Injuries
--Injuries from Improper Maintenance of Someone's Property
--Injuries from Dangerous Conditions of Someone's Property

Type of Debt Collector Harassment Chris Handles:
-Calls from a Debt Collector for Consumer Debt
--Examples Include, but is not limited to, the following:
---Credit Card Debt
---Medical Treatment/Bills Debt
---Student Loan Debt
---Other Loans for Consumer Goods
---Debt Incurred for You or Your Household Personally and Not for any Sort of Business Purposes
-Any other type of Communication for a Debt Collector

Bar Admissions:
U.S. District Court - District of Minnesota

Hamline University School of Law, St. Paul, Minnesota
University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

Professional Associations and Memberships:
Minnesota State Bar Association, Member
Minnesota Association for Justice, Member
  • Hamline University School of Law
    Juris Doctorate