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John P. Casey, P.C.

John P. Casey P.C. is a practice dedicated to the art of the trial. We believe that the successful resolution of any matter begins with the ability to successfully litigate and win your case, no matter the outcome you desire.

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Free Initial Consultation?
We offer a free initial concentration for any matter--by telephone or in person.
Services Offered For Fixed Fees?
We offer flexible fee arrangements, and will accommodate your preferences. Generally, all criminal matters are handled on a fixed fee basis--the amount determined by the severity of the charges--of course payment plans are available.

Divorce matters are handle on an hourly basis. A modest retainer is required
Criminal Defense
John P. Casey has been litigating and winning criminal case since 1997. With over a hundred cases tried by jury, and countless others by the judge--Our success rate is unrivaled.
We handle criminal matters from the police knocking on your door in the middle of the night--to the not guilty verdict. Additionally we have argued and won appeals before the appellate court, as well as the Illinois Supreme Court.
Contact a John Casey today for more about the divorce process: 630-480-4280
Divorce is one of the most stressful and emotionally challenging times you can experience. For this reason, it is not the time to overwhelm yourself with learning the ins and outs of the entire legal system and the nuances of Illinois law. In the end, this approach will not save you money and it will not save you time; it will simply make it more likely that mistakes are made mistakes that ultimately prevent you from achieving your goals: custody, equitable division of assets, visitation, etc.

In times like these, it is so important to turn to an experienced attorney who listens and gives you an honest assessment of your case. During this time of transition, you need an attorney who will fight vigorously, if needed, but who will also provide wise counsel designed to save you the expense and inconvenience of needless litigation. But, should litigation be necessary, your attorneys should understand how to try a case. Not every lawyer is a trial lawyer.

Obtaining a divorce in Illinois

Illinois law allows married people to obtain a divorce without fault or blame on the grounds of "irreconcilable differences."

If you and your spouse agree (or are close to agreement) on matters of the division of property, custody of minor children, and support, we can prepare the appropriate documents, mediate any outstanding issues, and handle the final court appearance, called the "prove-up". These types of matters can be handled with reduced fees and less inconvenience for the parties.

Complex Divorce

Because divorce is a legal issue that will likely have a long lasting impact on you, your family group, your financial well-being, and every other facet of your life including your health we work to provide you the most comprehensive, detailed, and thorough legal services possible.

The Divorce Process

In order to file for divorce (called the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage) in Illinois, it must be determined that the Circuit Court has jurisdiction over your case. The most common way spouses are eligible to use a specific court system is by meeting the residency requirements. Meeting the Illinois residency requirements is typically only a concern for a spouse who has recently moved or is planning to move in the near future. The filing requirements are as follows:

The court shall enter a judgment of dissolution of marriage as long as one of the spouses was a resident of this State or was stationed in this State while a member of the armed services, and the residence or military presence had been maintained for 90 days prior to filing. The proceedings shall be had in the county where the plaintiff or defendant resides. (750 Illinois Compiled Statutes Chapter 5 Sections: 104 and 401)
Proving DUI is not easy for the state. For this reason, it is always in your best interest to consult an attorney who is willing to take the case to trial to secure the best possible outcome for you.
Driving Under the Influence or DUI

Illinois Law says a person commits the crime of DUI (driving under the influence) when:

A person commits the offense of driving under the influence of alcohol when he [(drives)/ (is in actual physical control of)] a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.

IPI Jury Instruction 23.13: Definition Of Driving Under The Influence Of Alcohol

There are two basic components that the state must show in order to convict of DUI:

1. The operation of a vehicle (which means driving OR having actual physical control)


2. Doing so while under the influence (of alcohol or drugs).

The government must prove these things beyond a reasonable doubt. If they do not prove both, there cannot be a conviction for DUI.

John Casey

Attorney John P. Casey was born and raised in Naperville, Illinois. He graduated from Chicago Kent Law School with Distinction, then spent nearly a decade defending persons charged with crimes in the Public Defender's office in Kane and DuPage Counties. Due to his exceptional trial skill he quickly rose in the ranks, handling his own trials and supervising other attorneys. Mr. Casey then gained invaluable experience by moving to civil defense work at Norton, Mancini -- a firm specializing in the defense of insured doctors and hospitals in Medical Malpractice claims, as well as Municipal and Legal Malpractice Defense matters. There, Mr. Casey learned from some of the best in the field.

He has gone on to share his experience by providing exceptional service to his many clients and amassing an impressive record of providing effective representation in over 100 jury trials and by giving back to the community by teaching the art of the trial to younger attorneys and students Mr. Casey first and foremost -- a Trial Lawyer. That is his passion and his life's work. There is nothing I love more than arguing to a jury. I have spent the last ten years doing just thattrying as many cases as I could, and both my clients and I have been lucky enough to have enjoyed significant positive results.

Attorney Casey is often asked to lecture on subjects such as Jury Selection and Trial Skills. Additionally, he has spent the last three years coaching the Glenbard South High School Mock Trial Team, which took second place in the State in 2006.


Drug Crimes
White Collar Crimes
Domestic violence
Child support
Allocation of assets/debt
Qualified domestic relations order
Modification of support/maintenance
Orders of protection domestic violence
DCFS Abuse/neglect
Contract Disputes
  • Chicago-Kent College of Law
    J.D. , 1996
  • Bradley University
    B.A., Political Science , 1992

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