John Garner, Attorney At Law

John Garner, Attorney At Law

Having served as a Middle Tennessee Social Security Disability Judge for over 17 years, Attorney Garner is well prepared to assist Middle Tennessee claimants win Social Security Disability income benefits. Offices in Franklin.

Firm Overview

Having a qualified Social Security attorney here in Middle Tennessee helps you efficiently and correctly manage your application during this potential appeals process. This can be extremely beneficial. Having effective representation will help you know and understand your options if you are considering filing a claim or in the case of a claims denial. In addition, an experienced lawyer or advocate can help to organize paperwork and medical records, prepare you or your witnesses for a successful hearing.
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How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

I have practiced law for over 40 years; the last 25 years or so, exclusively in the area of Social Security disability law. In 1990 I was hired by Social Security as an administrative law judge, and, after extensive training in disability law, I was assigned to the Nashville, TN hearing office to begin hearing and deciding disability claims. I continued to serve as a Social Security administrative law judge for the next 17+ years. In January 2008, I left Social Security and began representing claimants in their efforts to obtain Social Security benefits. Over the past 25 years I have reviewed, analyzed and participated in tens of thousand of disability cases. Lawyers are often told to practice what they know and I know Social Security.

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others

My 17 years of practice as a Social Security judge required that I review dozens of Social Security disability cases per week, applying the facts in each case to the Social Security law and the rules and regulations of the Social Security Administration, which are many and complicated. It is the broad knowledge of those laws and regulations that I bring to the table in every disability case I handle. My experience with disability has taught me what works and what doesn't in disability claims, and especially, what works with the judge who will hear your case. When you hire John Garner Law to help with your case, you will have the knowledge of 25 years of experience, study and rigorous investigation of the law by your side throughout the process.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

Knowledge, experience, courtesy and respect for clients, commitment to service and the convenience of being local.

We are a local firm, engaged in practice almost exclusively in middle Tennessee. We do not advertise in a multitude of states, signing up everybody who calls and then sending someone the client has never met or even heard of to sit with them at their disability hearing. When you sign on with Judge Garner's firm, you are going to get Judge Garner helping you from day one.

Do you know that Social Security rules allow non-attorneys to represent disability claimants? It's true, they do. You will see their slick ads on late night television promising thousands of dollars in disability benefits if you will just call one of their "advocates." Call them and be assigned to someone you have never heard of, have no inkling about their qualification to represent you, and, have no assurance that on the eve of your hearing, that you've been waiting for two years to get, they won't get cold feet and drop your case because they think your evidence is weak, or there's not enough money in your case to make it worthwhile or it's just too darn far to come to Nashville or Franklin or Chattanooga from New York,Utah, Philadelphia or where ever. If I had to choose between turning my disability case over to an "advocate" or buying a lottery ticket, I think the better bet is the lottery.

Want an exercise in total frustration? Try contacting your disability "advocate" by phone for information or status on your case or ask for a callback. Sign up with John Garner Law and talk with someone who is familiar with your case and who actually wants to help you.

John Garner

A former Social Security Disability judge for 17 years, Attorney John Garner thoroughly understands the Social Security Disability approval process.

His years of experience navigating the Social Security Disability appeals process can prove beneficial for the reconsideration of your claim.

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