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TOP DUI Defense Attorney
Don't risk losing your license! We have the knowledge to help you understand your rights, and aggressively represent you during a hearing or criminal proceedings. After your arrested for a DUI you have 10 days to request a hearing with the Department of Motor Vehicles or you will automatically lose your license for a DUI. A DUI can lead to jail or prison time, heavy fines, loss of your driver's license and loss of your job. Don't risk it all, get an experienced lawyer who will fight.

Potential defenses include Fourth Amendment Violations to Rising Blood Alcohol, contaminated blood serum, involuntary intoxication, illegal stop, lying officer, outrageous governmental conduct, Title 17 violations list goes on and on.

Not only will you face criminal prosecution the Department of Motor Vehicles will suspend your license. There is a hearing process that can be demanded and if you fail to request one, your license will be suspended. We represent you for one flat rate which includes the criminal and Administrative hearing process. Call us now for a free consultation! 530-872-2375
Estate Planning
Our estate planning areas include; living trust; irrevocable trusts, wills, trust litigation. We are prepared to help with all of your estate planning needs.
Our firm is fully prepared to make trust amendments, perform trust administration, trust litigation, trust contest. We also draft wills, advance care directives, durable powers of attorney for health care and financial matters and revocable trusts or living trusts. Our office is staffed with a notary so most of the time we can execute documents on the same day if there is an emergency.


10. I don't need a will if I have a small estate. Only people with lots of money need estate planning to protect their assets.

In California, anyone with more than $50,000.00 in real property or more than $150,000.00 in total assets can achieve multiple benefits financially and otherwise for themselves and their family through one form or another of professional estate planning. What matters is what you do with what you have, regardless of how big or small that may be.

9. Tax savings and probate avoidance are the only reasons to do estate planning.

Wrong. Actually, when true estate planning is understood, the financial benefits it produces are the least important.

8. Estate planning is a morbid and depressing process. Just like buying life insurance, if I plan for death it must be imminent.

Nothing in life is certain. Except that at some point in time we will all pass away and
the majority of us may lose capacity in our own lifetimes. Having planned in advance we can
only help our loved ones help us best in our time of need. Without a good plan in place they will
be forced to go through the court system at an already difficult time.

7. Estate planning is just for the elderly or people diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Not so. Did you read the paper this morning? Every day people die who are young, healthy, or both. Most of them probably had this same misconception. As a result, they have left their loved ones with emotional and financial chaos that could have been avoided or at least tempered had their estate planning been in order.

6. All aspects of estate planning can be covered with a simple will.

This is a Big mistake. When the truth is known, a will may actually be the least beneficial instrument of all estate planning documents. For wills to become effective, they have to be probated in court which can take years and tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees and costs.

5. The use of a living trust gives me less control of my assets.

Just the opposite is true. If you don't have a trust and then die or become incapacitated, your assets and affairs will be placed under the public control of a judge for the conservatorship or probating of your estate. With a properly structured and funded trust, you have the right to do anything and everything you want to do with your assets while you're living.

4. I don't need an estate plan because I hold all my assets jointly with another.

In fact, this is one of the worst ways to plan your estate. The asset may be exposed to estate and gift taxes; it does not avoid probate, but delays it until the last owner's death; it may cause estate, gift and capital gains taxes; it is subject to the creditors of all owners; and it will result in the transfer of the property to the joint owner when one owner dies, even if that was not intended.

3. Any attorney can draft an estate plan or trust, so I just need to find one who will do it for the cheapest price.

The difference between a custom estate plan from an attorney who specializes in that field and one who does not is tremendous. It's similar to the difference between using a specialist or a general practitioner for brain surgery.

2. I can do my own estate plan.

Estate planning is more than just creating documents. It is understanding the big picture and how the legal documents will work in concert with the assets at the time they are needed.

And, the number 1 reason to avoid / delay proper estate planning ...

1. After I'm dead and gone, what happens to my estate is no longer my responsibility.

If you go out for the evening, away for a weekend, or on a two week vacation, you generally leave instructions and guidance for the people you love. It's simply part of responsible living. Such a need is even greater when you take a trip from which you are never going to return. Your family needs your love and direction even more than ever.

credits: Jen Thaete

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

Over the past several years we've primarily focused on three areas of law: estate planning, personal injury and DUI Defense. We've purposefully limited our practice to these areas so that we can stay updated and maintain a professional working knowledge and remain effective as lawyers.

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others?

Our firm is constantly updated on the law for the practice areas we are involved with. Our goal is to help the client achieve the results desired. We provide personalized service at no extra charge.... its our job.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

When you contact our firm you reach a live attorney, not some legal assistant or paralegal. This means that you get to the point immediately without having to wait. Our lawyers provide a free initial consultation therefore there is no upfront risk, only benefit.

Joel Massae

Accident/Injury Claims

Mr. Massae has been in the legal field since 2002. He has a proven record to navigate though complicated legal issues and has had great success in settling injury claims against big insurance companies for the maximum dollar amount available from insurance policies. He has handled over 100 injury claims in northern California including first party & third party injury claims property damage claims and premises liability claims. He has attended numerous seminars on insurance litigation and in 2010 completed a course with Pepperdine University regarding Mediation of the Litigated Case.

Estate Planning

He has also helped local residents in his community help plan their estates. He has built a successful living trust practice. It is important to know that planning now can save costly probate proceedings later. See our Firm Specialties on this website for more information.

DUI Defense

An experienced DUI lawyers versus a general practitioner can mean the difference between jail time & the loss of your driver's license and freedom with continued driving. DUI is a highly specialized practice and with over 150 case under our belt we've learned what it means to be DUI defense lawyer. We constant keep up on current DUI law and attend seminars given by the California DUI Lawyers Association. Some of our recent case results include

BAC .15 Dismissed Plumas County
BAC .21 Dismissed Butte County
Hit and RUN DUI Dismissed Siskiyou County
CVC 100MPH (Speeding) Dismissed Butte County

Dedication something you can rely on when you retain
Mr. Massae.

He is a current or former member of the following organizations:

California State Bar
American Bar Association
Los Angeles County Bar Association
Butte County Bar Association
Consumer Advocates of California
California DUI Lawyers Association
Golden Key National Honor Society
Member of Pi Sigma Alpha

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