Law Offices of Jeffrey R. Scholnick, P.A.

Firm Overview

I handle criminal cases of all types as well as serious traffic offenses. I help people who are trying to get Social Security Disability and Workers' Compensation. I settle and try personal injury cases and serious injury accidents. I also help clients through financial crisis by representing them in bankruptcies. I represent clients all over the State of Maryland, especially in Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Harford County and Carroll County. The office is directly across from the District Court in Towson, Maryland.

I began practicing law in 1983. I opened my own office in 1996. In 2001, I merged my practice with Thomas Hood, a classmate from law school. This year, I decided to start a practice with my daughter, and I have reopened my successful office.

Example cases

Criminal Law

I recently finished a case in which the Defendant was charged with possession of a handgun. A vehicle was pulled over by the Baltimore City Police. The passenger ran from the vehicle, dropping a hand gun as he fled. The Police charged my client based on paperwork in the back of the car which had my client's name. My client denied the charges and actually had an alibi witness. The State's Attorney wanted him to serve time under a plea deal. My client refused and we demanded a jury trial. A Circuit Court Judge told me to try to convince my client to plead guilty in exchange for a suspended sentence. She said "Take it to him; it's a really good deal." I did not want him to take the plea because he is only 23 years old and this would make him a convicted felon and this would ruin his chances of ever getting certain jobs and prevent him from receiving college scholarships.

I was suspicious of the story told by the Police in the Charging Document, so I started researching the background of the Detective. It turns out that the Detective had previously mishandled and fabricated evidence. I therefore filed a Motion with the Court to obtain the Personnel Records of the Detective. After five Court appearances, and after I filed this Motion, the Detective suddenly refused to come to Court and I was able to obtain a Not Guilty verdict for my client.

Social Security Disability

I represented a woman who had Multiple Sclerosis and was filing for disability. Her claim was denied and I kept appealing until I was able to obtain a reversal in Federal District Court. The case was returned to the Administrative Law Judge who denied the case. He sent her file out to a doctor who said she was not disabled based on his review of her medical records (and without giving her a physical exam.) The Judge sent me this damaging report for my comments. After doing substantial research on the internet, I found a medical article from this very same doctor in which he wrote that a doctor must perform a physical examination to determine the severity of a patient's Multiple Sclerosis. Since this doctor failed to perform the exam of my client, I objected to the report and argued that he contradicted his own medical research. After I found these statements from the doctor that contradicted his own report, he Judge finally approved my client's benefits. She received a check for back benefits of approximately $75,000 shortly after her approval!

Main Office
101 East Chesapeake Avenue
Suite 100
Towson  MD  21286
  • (410) 494-9944
  • (443) 275-0085


Free Initial Consultation?
I offer free initial consultations for 30 minutes.
Services Offered For Fixed Fees?
Law Offices of Jeffrey R. Scholnick, P.A has agreed to reduce the fee in select cases by 10% up to a maximum reduction of $5,000.00. The client must provide proof of employment in the Armed Services or as a nurse, or proof of Honorable Discharge from the Armed Service and Veteran status.

The Fee Reduction Program does not apply to Social Security Disability or Social Security matters. Regarding Personal injury, automobile accidents or other acts of negligence or Workers' Compensation cases, the reduction of the fee is limited to 10% of the fee, not 10% of the settlement or award. Fee Reduction applies only to Personal Injury, Traffic, Criminal, Workers' Compensation and Bankruptcy matters and not to hourly legal services provided by the Law Offices of Jeffrey R. Scholnick, P.A.

At the initiation of representation by the Law Offices of Jeffrey R. Scholnick, P.A, the client will advise Law Offices of Jeffrey R. Scholnick, P.A, whether he/she wishes to receive the reduction of the fee or whether the client wishes to have the 10% reduction donated to a Veteran's charity of client's choice. Law Offices of Jeffrey R. Scholnick, P.A makes no representation that the donation of the reduction will provide a deduction or reduction of client's taxes. The Law Offices of Jeffrey R. Scholnick, P.A will attempt to donate the reduction in client's name. However, the client understands that he/she must consult with a tax adviser as to whether the reduction will have any tax benefit, if any.

Client understands that the maximum donation or refund made by the Law Offices of Jeffrey R. Scholnick, P.A is $5,000 and, if the total fee, in the case exceeds $50,000.00, the Law Offices of Jeffrey R. Scholnick, P.A, will only donate or refund $5,000.00 and the Law Offices of Jeffrey R. Scholnick, P.A will receive the balance of the fee in full.
The terms of any reduction/donation of fee will not apply if other discounts in fee apply to client's case.

For Personal Injury cases, the standard fee is a third.

In Social Security Claims, the fee is controlled by the Social Security Administration. However, the fee is usually 25% of retroactive benefits obtained for the client, up to the present maximum of $6,000.

All Workers' Compensation fees are controlled by the Maryland Workers' Compensation Commission.

All three areas of law are contingency fees - in other words, there is no fee unless we obtain a recovery for you.

In Personal Injury and Workers' Compensation cases, I also request reimbursement of expenses for medical records, litigation costs, etc.

For Criminal and Bankruptcy cases, I do not have a fixed fee because fees are determined by the work necessary to accomplish the client's goals. However, many clients tell me that my fees are very reasonable.
Hourly Rates
My standard hourly rate is $250. However, this is flexible.

Office Information

Office Hours
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. In addition, I am available to meet after these hours as necessary to assist clients.
Office Manager
Lucy Cuellar - Secretary; Christina Pumphrey - Paralegal
Emergency After Hours
Languages Spoken
Social Security Disability
In Baltimore, I am the only Spanish speaking attorney who practices Social Security Disability law.
Si usted necesita un abogado, yo se que tiene mucha posibilidades. Sin embargo, si usted quiere tiene un abogado quien habla espanol, su posibilidades son menos. En Baltimore, solamente unos cuantos abogados hablan espanol.
Es importante tener un abogado quien le comprende. Cuando usted esta preocupado sobre su libertad, salud, o seguridad, es muy difici­le hablar en ingles.
Por tanto, yo he estudiando espanol y quiero ayudarle. Yo entiendo que puedo contratar una secretaria quien habla espanol. (Yo tengo una asistante quien habla espanol.) Pero, a veces, usted quiere solamente hablar con su abogado. Por esta razon, llamarme.
Esta muy importante hacer la decision correcto.
Por mucho anos, yo he representado clientes en casos de seguro social, bancarrota,
compensacion de trabajo, accidentes, casos criminales, violaciones de trafico o manejando embriagado. Yo creo que en casos de seguro social, soy el unico abogado en Baltimore que habla espanol. En caso de bancarrota, hay solamente dos abogados que hablan espanol. Yo soy uno de estos abogados.
Yo tengo la experiencia para su caso. Tambien, yo le dare el tiempo necesario y explicare su caso en su idioma.
Cuando tiene un caso, usted tiene el derecho saber y entender.
Entonces, yo espero que usted , me llame. (410) 494-9944

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

I like helping people and helping them solve their problems.

What is your firm's point of view regarding clients educating themselves on legal issues?

I am a strong believer that an educated and informed client is a happy client. A client who is informed understands the results of their case and will be helpful in achieving a favorable outcome. I believe that it is my job to make sure that you understand the way your case is preceding and that you feel as if you are a participant and not a bystander in your case. I also believe that it is my responsibility to explain the facts and law of your case to you. If you do not understand a question or development in your case, it is my responsibility to answer your questions, so that you feel as you are empowered in your case.

Is your firm willing to review documents prepared by clients?

I am willing to review documents that clients prepare and charge for my time.

Is your firm willing to coach clients who want to represent themselves?

I do not believe it is appropriate to "coach" clients who wish to represent themselves.

Jeffrey R. Scholnick

Prior employment includes Managing Branch Office for Law Office of Peter G. Angelos. In that position, I reported directly to Angelos on personnel issues involved in managing the branch office. I was in charge of all workers' compensation cases and Social Security claims in his various Maryland offices.

Working every day with clients, evaluating their circumstances, and trying to obtain the best possible result for them makes me a better lawyer.

My clients tell me that I have a lot of patience, make them feel comfortable that I give them the time and help to get the best possible result in their case.

Personal interests:

I love to work out and read. I am very involved in Bar Associations, especially the Baltimore County Bar Association. I am a history buff and I am working on a history project with the leaders for the Baltimore County Bar Association, including Judges. I am the Historian of the synagogue where I am a member - Har Sinai Reform Congregation in Owings Mills, Maryland. I have been a member of the Board of Trustees at Har Sinai and I taught Sunday School there for a number of years.

  • Bar Number:
    Maryland , 1983
  • University of Maryland
    Juris Doctorate , 1983
    Baltimore, MD
  • UMBC
    Bachelor of Arts , 1980
    Catonsville, MD
    • Chief Judge, Student Supreme Court
    • Pre-Law, Accounting, Economics

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