Law Offices of Jeffrey L. Tade

Law Offices of Jeffrey L. Tade

Personal Injury Attorney-Salinas, CA-25 Yrs Experience,Workers' Comp/Employment Law-Salinas, CA-25 Yrs Exp

Firm Overview

The Law Offices of Jeffrey L. Tade is a civil litigation firm specializing in personal injury, workers' compensation, employment and civil rights law. Mr. Tade has more than 27 years of experience as a civil litigator, 27 years,I have honed my skills as a civil litigator, having successfully handled thousands of cases ranging from wrongful death claims, serious personal injury claims, workers' compensation, insurance bad faith, labor and employments disputes, civil rights and discrimination disputes, contracts and business disputes, intellectual property, construction defect, property and real estate disputes.

The depth and breadth of Mr. Tade's knowledge and experience in the civil litigation arena, coupled with his philosophy of providing quality, effective and aggressive legal representation for his clients, remains the driving force behind his continued passion for the practice of law. The firm has a well-established track record of successfully litigating cases in various forums at the trial and appellate levels.

Personal injury, workers' compensation, employment and civil rights litigation require a certain level of tenacity and the ability to overcome many challenges and obstacles unique to these areas of law. Mr. Tade is committed to representing only injury victims and their families who often find themselves particularly vulnerable against the nearly limitless resources of insurance companies.

The firm employs a pragmatic philosophy of trial advocacy by seeking prompt resolution of disputes through informal settlement, arbitration or mediation. To accomplish this goal, each case is meticulously and judiciously prepared as if it were to go to trial. While it is true that more than 90% of civil cases settle before trial, Mr. believes that being prepared and willing to go the distance is the most effective way to achieve prompt resolution and to maximize settlement results.

The Law Offices of Jeffrey L. Tade is centrally located in Salinas, California and provides services to all California Central Coast communities, including Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Benito Counties.Example casesDoe vs. Roe Packing Company. An auto/big rig accident resulting in severe upper extremnity injury. The workers' compensation case was denied and the matter went to trial, appealed twice and eventually settled for $1,087,500.

Doe vs. Roe Concrete Contractors. Another auto/big rig accident resulting in traumatic brain injury in which the employer denied liability in the workers' compensation claim and the defendants denied liability in the civil claim. Both went to trial in the two forums. The civil case settled for $3,058,000 and the workers' compensation claim settled for $4,400,000 with structured payments over the client's lifetime.

Doe vs. Roe Construction Company. Another auto/big rig accident in which liability and compensability was denied by the workers' compensation carrier. After trial and after exhausting appeals to the 6th District, the matter resolved for $1,250,000 with structured benefits over the client's lifetime.
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Free Initial Consultation?
Yes, all consultations are free.
Services Offered For Fixed Fees?
Based on the nature of the firm's practice (contingency), the client pays absolutely nothing up-front. Attorney fees are paid only after a successful recovery.
Hourly Rates
Not applicable.

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Personal Injury
Our personal injury practice includes and extensive history of handling automobile/truck/big rig/motorcycle/bicycle and pedestrian accidents, construction-related accidents, Premises liability, and product liability.
Personal injury is a complex area of law dealing with victims who suffer injury or death as a result of the negligence or intentional act of another person, business entity or governmental entity such as a City, County or the State. Our firm will treat you with compassion and guide you through the claim process, work with your doctors and medical facilities and deal with the insurance companies who want to minimize the extent of your injuries and the amount of damages to which you are entitled. If a lawsuit is filed, we will guide and educate you through the "litigation" process from beginning to end.

Victims of accidents and intentional acts have a right to be made "whole" and to recover their damages from responsible parties and/or their insurance companies. These damages include the following:
-Past and future medical expenses
-Past and future lost wages
-Out of pocket expenses
-Past and future physical pain, suffering, diminished quality of life, disfigurement, physical impairment, anxiety, humiliation, and emotional distress.

For serious and catastrophic injuries such as traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, amputation and paralysis, victims and their families will face life-altering decisions as they face permanent disability, long-term treatment and care, disfigurement, depression and financial challenges. We have the knowledge and experience to assists you in coordinating long-term care and treatment, and will treat you with compassion and respect so that you are not left alone to face the emotional and financial strain caused by a catastrophic injury.
Workers Compensation
We are passionate about the law and take pride in representing only injured workers. We have the experience, dedication, and knowledge to assist you in your claim from the early stages and to trial when necessary.
The California workers' compensation system is designed to provide benefits in the form of (1) medical care, (2) temporary disability payments, (3) permanent disability payments (if you do not fully recover), (4) supplemental job displacement benefits (if you are unable to return to your usual occupation), and (5) death benefits for your spouse and children is you die from a work-related injury or illness.

California has a "no-fault" system in that benefits are payable regardless of fault. However, there are few exceptions. For example, if your injuries are a result of horseplay, fighting, violating company policy, breaking the law, or if they occurred outside the scope of your employment, you may not be entitled to benefits depending on the facts of your particular case. Although most injured employees will recover and eventually return to work without any medical restrictions, some will continue to have ongoing problems and never fully recover. If your doctor determines that you will never completely recover, or will always be limited in what you can do at work, or your activities of daily living are permanently impaired, you may be entitled to permanent disability payments. If your permanent disability is partial, you are eligible to receive benefits over a fixed number of weeks, depending on the extent of your disability. If your permanent disability is "total," you are eligible to receive payments for the rest of your life. If you have been injured on the job, we will treat you with compassion and guide you through the claims process, work with your doctors and medical providers, deal with the insurance companies who want to minimize the extent of your injuries and/or disability, and educate you through this complex system, which continues to undergo major changes which will impact the rights of injured workers.

As new legislation,rules, regulations and case law develop, we continue and strive to keep current by attending continuing legal education. We have litigated cases up to the Courts of Appeal level, and take great pride in pushing the boundaries of the law in the interest of justice.

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

I am committed to representing injury victims who find themselves extremely vulnerable against the vast resources of insurance companies who seek to deny and limit the amount of compensation to which the clients are entitled. The notion of fighting the good fight and seeking justice for those who cannot afford to pay attorneys fees up front gives me great satisfaction, and it is well appreciated by my clients.

What is your firm's point of view regarding clients educating themselves on legal issues?

I believe the attorney should educate the clients on the legal issues particularly where there are complex and disputed issues on liability, causation and damages. The client should educate themselves generally but ought to defer to the attorney for case-specific issues.

How frequently does your firm use mediation, arbitration, or collaborative law to resolve cases?

We encourage, indeed the courts encourage, that the parties utilize alternative dispute resolution including mediation and arbitration. This facilitates and earlier resolution of the case and is less costly than going to trial. Having said that, we prepare each case as if it will go to trial and we will go the distance if and when necessary.

Jeffrey L. Tade

Having started my career as an insurance defense attorney, I am fully aware of the tactics and practices employed by insurance carriers and employers to deny legitimate claims or minimize the nature and extent of those claims.

My experience as a defense attorney representing insurance companies has provided me with a unique inside look at how insurance companies evaluate and handle claims. With such a background, I am a better civil litigator representing injured plaintiffs and their families.

My strength is my substantive knowledge and experience and the meticulous preparation I put into all of my cases. My style is aggressive in both subtle and not so subtle ways.

Personal interests:

Golf and spending time with my family. I try to balance my time and appreciate the life I have outside of the office.

  • Bar Number: 133949
    California , 1988
  • UCLA
    Juris Doctor , 1986
    Los Angeles, CA
  • UCLA
    Bachelor of Arts , 1982
    Los Angeles, CA
  • UCLA
    Bachelor of Arts , 1982

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