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Firm Overview

Our Mission Statement: Being your Voice in adversity through the pursuit of Justice, Mercy, and Restoration. Our firm is dedicated not only to a vigorous and professional defense of your case, and being your champion in the courtroom, but trying to be helpful in placing you back on a path that will lead to a full and healthy life. As an Austin attorney, I have tried numerous felony and misdemeanor trials, as well as having tried cases in Immigration Courts in San Antonio, Harlingen, Dallas, and Houston. I have represented Immigration clients in every type of case, and I am one of only a couple of attorneys in Central Texas who has extensive experience in both Criminal Defense and Immigration law. I have spoken at conferences, given Continuous Legal Education talks on the interplay of Criminal and Immigration law and am regularly sought out by his peers for my experience in both.

Steve Toland also has over 10 years of Criminal Defense experience, and is also a well respected member of the Federal Bar. He has tried numerous Felony and misdemeanor trials and also has tried cases in Federal Court. As a former clerk for the Court of Appeals, and a former litigator in the Attorney General's office, Mr. Toland has tried numerous types of cases and is an accomplished trial attorney.

Both attorneys have practiced in the courtrooms in Travis County, Williamson County, Hays County, Bastrop County, Burnet County, Caldwell County, Gillespie County, Bexar County, Kerr County, Comal County, Bell County and Guadalupe County.

In 2002, I opened up The Law Office of Jeff Peek where I practiced Criminal Defense, Family Law and Immigration, and Small Estate Planning. In 2003 I formed the firm Evans & Peek, and became known as 'El Abogado Guero que habla Espanol' (slang for "the white attorney who speaks Spanish") as I worked and lived among the Hispanic immigrant community in Austin. I went on to found Peek & Toland in 2010, and has continued running a firm that is completely bilingual.

During those early years, I started a radio show in Spanish called "El Show Con Los Abogados Gueros" dedicated to informing the local Spanish speaking community of their legal rights and educating them on a wide variety of issues, focusing on Immigration law and Criminal Defense. "Conozca sus derechos" ("Know your rights") was the battle cry of the Radio Show. The show ran for more than 3 years on Saturday mornings and at its height was the highest rated show in its spot in both English and Spanish. I have since been a guest on numerous local Radio shows for my expertise in Criminal Defense and Immigration.

I began to focus solely on Immigration and Criminal Defense in 2005 and have been honing my skills in criminal trials and deportation hearings and in consulates and immigration offices ever since. I was one of the first attorneys in Austin, Texas to focus my practice in both Criminal Defense and Immigration. I have been a leader in the defense of Immigrants in Texas courtrooms and a constant advocate for their rights and advancing their interests in front of Judges, Prosecutors, and local law enforcement. I have been on the vanguard of all the development of Immigration detainers and the intersection of Immigration law and criminal law in Travis County in the last few years. I have advanced the due process rights of Immigrants in meetings with Judges, the Sheriff, the County Commissioners and other local advocacy groups and am a passionate advocate and voice for those who historically have lacked adequate representation.

Example cases

I represented a client in Immigration Court who was in Removal Proceedings due to a prior marijuana conviction and also being illegally present in the country. Was able to appeal the marijuana conviction in State court and have the case dismissed, and then went on in Immigration Court and convinced the Immigration Judge to cancel Removal Proceedings and won Permanent Residency for my client.

I represented another client (a U.S. Citizen) and his wife who was in the U.S. illegally. Since she had entered the U.S. illegally (without inspection) and been in the U.S. with over one year unlawful presence, she needed a waiver in order to be able to win her Green Card (lawful Permanent Resident card) at the Consulate. The waiver is not automatic and is based upon a showing that the U.S. Citizen spouse would suffer Extreme Hardship (which must be documented with evidence). We were able to prove substantially the Hardship claim and our client was allowed to enter the U.S. as a lawful permanent resident.

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Free Initial Consultation?
For Immigration cases where the person is in jail with an ICE detainer, they are also free. Immigration consultation fees vary.
Services Offered For Fixed Fees?
I do charge flat fees, and they are fixed, but I don't have a menu of prices. The reason being, clients often times want different things in a case, even though they are the same type of case. One demands a much better result. Therefore I analyze and charge on a case by case basis.
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Not applicable

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Fluent in Spanish

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

The combination of my fluency in Spanish, and this being such a great area of need, along with my personal beliefs made this the perfect practice area for me.

What is your firm's point of view regarding clients educating themselves on legal issues?

I have always been a big believer in that an informed and educated client is more likely to achieve success. What I mean is that I always make sure to educate my client on what the process they are facing entails, and what are the risks and possibilities of any direction we might take the case. Most people don't fully understand what the legal process involves, and are not able to make informed decisions about what is truly in their best interest, unless they have an Austin attorney who is willing to spend time with them to explain how the entire process goes, and what are the probabilities of success for the path the client wants to pursue. That is why I always spend as much time necessary in our consultations educating the client and letting them ask as many questions as they need until they feel comfortable and informed. I feel so strongly about educating people on their rights, that I started a radio show in Spanish called "El Show Con Los Abogados Gueros" dedicated to informing the local Spanish speaking community of their legal rights and educating them on a wide variety of issues, focusing on Immigration law and Criminal Defense. "Conozca sus derechos" ("Know your rights") was the battle cry of the Radio Show. The show ran for more than three years on Saturday mornings and at its height was the highest rated show in its spot in both English and Spanish. Since then I have been invited to be a guest on numerous local radio shows for my expertise in Criminal Defense and Immigration.

Is your firm willing to review documents prepared by clients?

In immigration, sometimes people ask us to review their paperwork. However, if a client hires our firm, we handle all document preparation to ensure its accuracy and professionalism and also because many times we have forms and documents that are more current or more fitting for a client's case. However, if a client wants to pay me to review his forms, I am happy to do so.

Is your firm willing to coach clients who want to represent themselves?

There is an old saying or maxim: The person who wants to represent themselves in court has a fool for a client. I agree with that. I myself have been involved in lawsuits and been to court on several occasions, and even I, a trained, experienced litigator, hired my own attorney to represent me. Hiring your own attorney insures a professional with decades of experience and training will give you the best shot at winning, and also provides objectivity in viewing the case that you can't have being a party to the case. So, I would not advise nor coach one to represent themselves as I believe that is malpractice, although one does have that right.

Jeffrey A. Peek

Before starting his own firm of top Austin lawyers, I worked for one year at the Dunham Law Firm in Austin, Texas, where I focused on Criminal Defense.

I lived in Mexico for seven months becoming bilingual and ever since then have been involved in the Spanish Christian church. So I don't just help my clients from a high and lofty perch, I go to church with them. My wife is from Mexico so we have many friends who have passed through tough Immigration obstacles in their life. Also my faith also calls on me not to a judge a person for what he has done, but see the value in who they are and what they can be. I am a competitor and a fighter for justice. When I see a client who has been unjustly treated or arrested or a person falsely accused or being treated harshly in terms of the punishment, I will fight with everything I have to win a just and fair result.

I am a persistent advocate and a tireless worker. Nobody will outwork me for a better result. I am committed to providing my clients with an excellent service and access to excellent attorneys for affordable prices. I believe that every client has a story, and I am their voice for that story. I am ready to litigate if need be, but honestly most of our clients win dismissals and other great results due to our relational approach to dealing with prosecutors and judges, and due to years of working with prosecutors and judges who know we are professional, experienced, fair, honest and realistic.

Personal interests:

I enjoy the outdoors, spending time with family, traveling, sports, and University of Texas Athletics.

  • Bar Number: 24027727
    Texas , 2000
  • St. Mary's University School of Law
    Juris Doctorate , 2000
    San Antonio, TX
  • University of Texas
    Bachelor of Arts , 1997
    Austin, TX
    Double Majored in History and Sociology

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