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The Parrish Law Firm has a clear mission - to provide the highest quality legal services to our clients in a cost effective and conscientious manner. The firm handles motorcycle, bicycle, car, truck, boat and other types of injury accident cases, as well as claims for wrongful death and dog bite/attack cases throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia, including Prince William, Fairfax and Fauquier Counties. As Principal Attorney, I use the "Inside Information" I obtained while defending insurance companies to the advantage of my clients, and have recovered millions of dollars in judgments and settlements for them.

For the first several years of my career (which now spans more than decade), I was regularly retained by the big insurance companies to defend personal injury claims and protect the insurance companies' money. After a while, it became clear to me that the results I was achieving (and yes, I was very good at protecting the insurance money from those injured folks) were not fair or just. I began to see that many good people were being taken advantage of by the insurance industry. So, I decided to take cases on behalf of people opposing the insurance companies and use my "inside information" and knowledge of the insurance industry to the benefit of my clients.

The Parrish Law Firm was officially founded in 2004.

Example cases

I represent victims of personal injury and automobile accident cases in Fairfax, Prince William, and Fauquier Counties in Virginia.

During the course of my representation of a young, professional lady who was injured in a slip and fall incident in a commercial building in Fairfax, Virginia, I discovered that the insurance company defending the building owner had submitted falsified and blatantly untrue photographs as part of its denial of my client's claim.

In this case, the client was returning to her office building after eating lunch off the premises. The weather outside was very messy and included snow, ice and rain. As the client entered the building, which had marble floors, she slipped on a pool of water that had collected in the middle of the foyer. She then fell forward, twisted her back and fell into the wall.

During this fall, she ruptured a disc in her lower back and ultimately required neurosurgery to treat her injury. As would be expected, she missed a great deal of time from work and faced the unpleasant prospect of tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills. When she submitted her claim to the insurance company for the building owner, it was denied and the insurance company told her that it was her fault that she fell.

After receiving this denial, she turned to me to prosecute her case. As the lawsuit against the property owner and management company progressed, the insurance company defending these entities produced pictures of what it claimed to represent the condition of the lobby at the time my client fell. These pictures included "warning" signs and long rugs for folks entering the building. My client and an independent witness denied that any such signs or rugs were present that day. Obviously, this discrepancy in the version of the state of the lobby was troublesome for my client. The photographs, if believed by a jury, demonstrated that the building owner and manager had taken the steps necessary to alert people entering the lobby that the floors were wet and possibly slippery. This could have been deadly to the case.

However, after a great deal of investigation, including review of the records of the National Weather Service, I discovered that the time stamps on the photographs had to be false! The National Weather records clearly demonstrated that there was full cloud cover with precipitation falling at the time the pictures were taken (which supported my client's version of events); however, the photographs showed sunlight beaming through the lobby windows and reflecting off the marble floors! I presented proof of the falsity of the photographs to the mediator in the case, and the insurance company promptly settled the case for a sum of money well into the six-figure range.

This is just another example of the lengths to which the insurance industry will go to deny and avoid payment of valid personal injury claims. In light of the prospect of facing these kinds of antics, injured people need the skill and experience, that I bring to the table. Don't be another victim - retain the Parrish Law Firm for your case.

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How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

I view helping people fight against the insurance companies as "the bright side". I grew up in an insurance family. My father was an insurance executive, my brother is an insurance executive, on down the line. So I'm somewhat of the black sheep of the family. The reason why I switched out of insurance was because I saw too many people being taken advantage of. Too many were being shortchanged. So I decided I was going to help these people, and help them get what they're entitled to. I make sure I get to the heart of things, and achieve fair results.

What is your firm's point of view regarding clients educating themselves on legal issues?

I believe it is very important. That's why I've written books like The Virginia Car Accident Guide. Such resources are going to walk people through the various steps of the claim phase and what they can expect down the line. It will give them a great deal of education about the legal process. And they'll understand why they need quality legal representation.

Is your firm willing to review documents prepared by clients?

I am willing to review documents prepared by clients. I recommend giving me a call to discuss these materials. I will advise you as to the best course of action to be taken to achieve maximum compensation for your ordeal.

Is your firm willing to coach clients who want to represent themselves?

I always believe that clients need to completely understand the legal process. Very few clients do, and that's why I provide them with the necessary resources and step-by-step advice in dealing with their claims. Ultimately, they'll understand that they still need quality legal representation. That's why I'm here to help.

James Parrish

I used to work for the insurance companies. I defended automobile accidents, slips and falls, dog bites and medical malpractice claims, just to name a few.

I used to work for the insurance companies, but now I represent people fighting the insurance companies. For over a decade, I was regularly engaged by insurance companies to defend personal injury claims. I saw from the inside how the insurance adjusters and executives evaluate claims and how they try and scheme, trick, and scam people out of the money they are entitled to. So what I do is put that "inside information" to work on behalf of my clients so they avoid being taken advantage of. I know their playbook and I know how to best counter what it is they are trying to do.

My clients understand that when they talk to me that I'm a "straight shooter". If there are weak points in their case, I let them know upfront. I take that insurance evaluation mentality and tell them what's bad about their case. But I also show them how we can maximize those points. So my clients appreciate that, because I'm not "blowing smoke". I'm getting the best results for them.

Personal interests:

I enjoy spending time with my family, exercising and watching boxing matches.

  • Bar Number: 43090
    Virginia , 1998
  • Juris Doctorate
    University of Virginia , 1998
    Charlottesville, VA

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