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Firm Overview

If you contact my firm, you will only speak to one attorney - me. I work alone and personally respond to my clients. In court, only one attorney will ever appear in your case - me.

I am a former New York City prosecutor who has opened my own practice. I have experience with nearly every type of criminal case. Let my experience work for you.

The focus of my practice is representing those accused of criminal activity primarily in Orange County (though I do represent some in Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino). I try to keep my rates reasonable and am very interested in pursuing the matter to the fullest. It is in MY interest to fight your case. I want to go to trial.

Nevertheless, it is always best for me to determine what you desire and or need in a particular case. This may not be simply avoiding jail. You may need to avoid a particular conviction to maintain a license or your citizenship.

Example cases

I represented an individual falsely accused of robbery. Throughout the case, this person was afraid of his/her employer learning about the arrest and charges. Ultimately, when I resolved the matter, I was able to insure that their employer never learned about the charges.

Additionally, I represented someone who needed to maintain his/her license to possess a firearm. Normally, when one is on probation, they must surrender their firearms to the state. I was able to successfully negotiate a deal where my client was not only able to keep his/her weapons but also able to maintain his/her license to possess that weapon at his/her job.

I represented another individual accused of his/her third shoplifting offense. Despite facing potential felony charges, I was able to obtain a brief home detention for my client.

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Free Initial Consultation?
All initial consultations should be free to insure that the client and attorney are comfortable with one another.
Services Offered For Fixed Fees?
If possible, I prefer to work for a fixed price - this price depends upon the needs of the particular client. If a client mentions this advertisement, I will give them a discount.

In most cases, I would require a retainer of at least $2,500. If I was able to resolve the matter quickly, some of this retainer would be refunded.
Hourly Rates
Fixed fees are usually less expensive, but I will work for an hourly fee of $250. This would also require a retainer.

Office Information

Office Hours
I am available whenever my clients need me.

Currently, I use an answering service for my advertisements; once there is a retainer, I provide my clients with my cell phone number so that they can reach me whenever they need me.
Emergency After Hours
Languages Spoken
My wife speaks Portuguese and I know many Spanish interpreters (Yo hablo muy poquito Espanol).
Criminal Defense
I work alone and want to fight for you. It is in my best interest to take all cases to trial but, I should determine what you need/desire and attempt to obtain that goal. With me, you will control your case and only deal with one attorney - me.
To often, those accused of crimes turn to large law firms to represent them. These firms do not provide the personal relationship that I have with my clients. It is incredibly important for those accused to have an attorney that is available to them and responsive to their needs. My firm provide these services.

I strongly believe that it is the state's duty to prove that a person actually committed the charged crime. 'Due Process' are not merely words found in the Constitution. They are the requirements that the state must follow if they wish to turn someone from an accused to a criminal. No one is guilty just because of an arrest; only a jury decides guilt.

I work alone. If you retain my firm, I will be the only attorney that you will speak to or see in court.


My retainer is surprisingly affordable - ranging from as low as $2,500. Additionally, unlike nearly all of my competitors, if I am able to resolve the matter quickly, I will return some of the retainer.
Traffic Tickets
I work alone and want to fight for you. It is in my best interest to take all cases to trial but, I should determine what you need/desire and attempt to obtain that goal. With me, you will control your case and only deal with one attorney - me.
As a former New York City prosecutor, I am very interested in developing my practice in California. I want to represent you and win your case.

Contact me for free consultation regarding your ticket. Remember, you will only deal with one attorney - me.

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

My father is a retired police officer, so I grew up surrounded by criminal justice professionals. When I decided to go to law school, I only wanted to work in criminal law. My time spent representing physicians only confirmed what I knew before I went to law school - criminal law is my passion.

What is your firm's point of view regarding clients educating themselves on legal issues?

Anyone who faces a legal challenge should educate themselves. This is particularly true in criminal law, where a person faces serious potential future issues (problems obtaining employment, problems with various licensing agencies, etc.). A client's education helps to alert an attorney to any potential issues.

Is your firm willing to review documents prepared by clients?

Since moving to California, I have obtained a job as a criminal justice instructor. I enjoy reviewing documents for others to assist them.

Is your firm willing to coach clients who want to represent themselves?

I have done this throughout my career and enjoy it. I would be more than happy to assist someone with their own representation. Though, for nearly all criminal matters, I would strongly urge that person to seek a lawyer.

James Gandy

When I graduated law school in 1998, I began working for the Kings County District Attorney's Office in Brooklyn. I worked there for six years on a wide range of cases that included petty crime to large scale narcotics investigations involving extensive violence and gang activity.

When I left the District Attorney's Office, I represented physicians throughout New York City, Long Island and Westchester County. These were medical malpractice cases where the doctors were being sued.

Though it paid much more, I did not enjoy my four years in civil litigation. All that I did was for the 'money' — my client was an insurance company, my boss wanted a set number of billable hours each month, and the plaintiffs' attorneys only wanted a large settlement. I missed criminal law. I missed working for an individual's interests. I want to do that again. When I moved to California, I decided to focus on criminal law.

My experience at the District Attorney's Office helped me understand how to build a criminal case. I have taught potential law enforcement officers at a career college since moving to California. Additionally, my teaching experience has introduced me to many criminal justice professionals who could be expert witnesses if needed in a particular case. And, finally, my father was a police officer in Orange County. Throughout my childhood, I developed a strong understanding of how law enforcement works and thinks.

Though I did not understand the difference until I returned in 2008, I am a New York attorney. We emphasize substance over style; I do not wear cufflinks, use a Windsor knot, or always wear a suit or tie when meeting my clients. Additionally, I will meet clients wherever is convenient for them and always try to find what my client wants out of a particular case (it may not simply be staying out of jail; in some instances, clients need more than that to maintain a professional, or other, license).

I was very surprised by the attorneys in California who seem to place more emphasis on style over substance. They always dress fancy and drive really nice cars. They often do not listen to their clients or try to determine what their client wants in a particular case.

Personal interests:

My wife and I met in a swing dancing class in New York City; we used to dance nearly every night. I play the guitar (rather poorly in my opinion).

If there is anything else you want to know, feel free to ask.

  • Bar Number: 257355
    California , 2008
  • Bar Number: 2998938
    New York , 1999
  • Fordham University School of Law
    Juris Doctorate , 1998
    New York, NY
  • California State University at Fullerton
    Bachelor of the Arts , 1994
    Fullerton, CA

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