Hone Law Firm, P.C.

Hone Law Firm, P.C.

The Hone Law Firm, with over 25 years in existence, combines a friendly and available experience for the client, with a thorough and aggressive experience for the wrongdoer.

Firm Overview

Committed to seeking and obtaining maximum compensation for those injured in medical negligence, nursing home abuse and neglect, motor vehicle accidents including no fault, and Defense Base Act. To get you through the tough times and problems, both financial and emotional, past, present and future.

I dedicate a large part of my practice to representing
families of children who suffered serious birth injuries. These are
incredibly tragic cases that can have lifelong implications for a child from the
day he or she is born. I have a solid track record of success in these cases and
pride myself on approaching each case from every angle in an effort to win the
largest possible award for my clients.

In addition, over time, the firm has gained a solid reputation in representing people in nursing home and neglect cases, motor vehicle accidents and no fault, and Defense Base Act cases.

Our no fault practice includes the representation of medical providers, as well as the injured person, against the no fault insurer for unreasonable failure to make payment on their obligations.

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John Hone

John S. Hone, has been fighting for the rights of families and children in the lawsuit process since 1984, 27 years. Over that time period he and his firm have settled and collected millions of dollars for deserving families and children from medical malpractice to car-auto accidents throughout Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, and the greater United States.

For example, in the year 2010, the Hone Law Firm settled two of the largest law suits in the state of Michigan documented that year, 2010 Million-Dollar Verdicts and Settlements, Lawyers Weekly, January 10, 2011. The firm settled a $4,000,000.00 law suit for the failure to diagnose a cerebral aneurysm in a 55 year young man, that burst and caused brain damage. The firm settled a $2, 875,000.00, for a 36 year young man, that became entangled in a ditch digger. In addition the Firm settled other matters for significant six figures involving Birth Injuries, Erb's Palsy injuries, surgical care. By and through litigating large Six and Seven Figure law suits, the firm necessarily got involved in obtaining Social Security and Disability Benefits for the clients, so we offer that service as well. We are well schooled in litigating auto claims, no-fault claims, general liability claims, life insurance claims, nursing home abuse claims. While beginning as primarily a birth injury medical malpractice firm, as our client base grew and the needs became more diverse so did we to serve the community.

John S. Hone has been the primary shareholder and managing partner of the Hone Law Firm for 14 years. He is a graduate of Michigan State University, Economics degree. Following undergraduate studies, he went to the Detroit College of Law, Detroit, Michigan. Attorney Hone graduated from law school in 1984, passed the Bar exam and has been a licensed Michigan attorney since 1984. Immediately he began working for the plaintiff side, representing injured and damaged individuals, children and the family of the person. That is the focus. The injured party and the family. The incident does not only involve one person: it impacts the entire family. Our philosophy and goal is to represent the family, and fight to get every dollar of compensation they have coming to them.

John S. Hone has focused and is experienced in the following types of cases: Cerebral Palsy birth Cases, Erb's Palsy birth Cases, brachial plexus injury cases, brachial plexus avulsion injury cases, permanent brachial plexus injury cases, bacterial meningitis cases, premature delivery cases involving placental abruption and premature delivery, injury to the brain from lack of oxygen and blood, hypoxia ischemic brain injury or encephalopathy, injury to the watershed area of the brain in birth, seizures at birth, the use of an MRI at birth, medical malpractice cases, injuries to the mother in birth, hemorrhage, uterine inversion from malpractice in delivering the placenta, Wrongful Death cases, brain injury cases, spinal injury cases, developmental delay cases, paralysis cases, failure to diagnose cases, catastrophic injury cases, nursing home abuse cases. Given his length of time litigating he has become experienced and familiar with handling car-auto accident cases, truck-commercial carrier accidents, social security disability denial, no-fault disputes, insurance coverage disputes, etc....

Contact the Hone Law Firm immediately if your child has been injured in birth and the child had:

* Seizures close to birth

* An MRI while in the nursery or NICU

* Emergency Cesarian Section

* The child had to be resuscitated

* The Apgars were low, if you know

* The Cord Blood ph was low, if you know

* the child stayed in the NICU while you went home

* The child has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, brain damage, developmental delay, spastic quadriplegia or quadraparesis

* The child's legs and arms are involved.

John Hones' emphasis has always been his clients, and enhancing his network and reputation through the service to his clients. He does belong to the Michigan Association for Justice, which used to be called the Michigan Trial Association; he belongs to the American Association for Justice, The Birth Trauma Group of the AAJ, the United Brachial Plexus Foundation, the Amicus Curiae Committee of the MAJ, and other professional organizations.

We have built a solid law firm settling large six and seven figure cases because we promptly contact, meet with or call the client and family. Attorney Hone returns the call from the client inside of the first 24 hours. Then a prompt investigation and gathering of evidence gets underway. Cases cannot wait. Evidence does not wait. From the moment you contact our offices and hire us to represent you your case is in process and motion. This is important. We leave no stone unturned to find the truth of the matter. We then contact the client and explain the results of our investigation openly and honestly. We only prosecute genuine cases. We are

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