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My firm specializes in offering comprehensive and aggressive legal guidance to our clients who are currently facing criminal charges of any kind. By stayed focused, we are often able to help them on their way to their desired result.

My firm was established in 1999 when my partner and I saw a need to offer dynamic legal support to Houston residents.

Example cases

• DWI - Defendant charged with fourth DWI. Went to court, case was reduced to a first time offender.
• DWI - Defendant involved in multiple vehicle accident. Dismissed.

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Yes, I offer a free initial consultation.
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I believe that not all legal needs are convenient. If you need assistance after hours, please attempt to contact us.
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Criminal Defense
When you come to The Martinez Law Firm, you can have confidence in the representation you can receive from a criminal defense lawyer in Houston. Criminal charges are serious and should be dealt with immediately. Contact the office without delay!
If you have been accused of committing a crime, the first thing you should do is to seek out the help and support of a lawyer you can count on-an attorney you can trust. Come to The Martinez Law Firm and secure the help of a Houston criminal defense attorney. Accusations of criminal activity are always extremely serious and should not be treated lightly. At the same time, you do not need to be unduly alarmed by them, because with the right attorney on your side, you could be facing a bright and optimistic future in no time. Have you been accused of murder/manslaughter? It is absolutely imperative that you do not waste any time in procuring the help you need. Attorney Martinez is up to the task! He has assisted clients who have been accused of all kinds of drug crimes, as well, and is well equipped to take on your case and fight for your rights and privileges. Drug charges can be extremely serious, resulting in all kinds of complications and hardships that you never intended to bear. It is at just such a time that you need to take the proactive approach and obtain aggressive representation as soon as possible. Attorney Martinez has handled probation violations and indictments of theft crimes. He has dealt with violations of protective orders and charges of white collar crimes. Moreover, if you are dealing with charges of arson or domestic violence, it is critical that you do not waste any time in procuring the help and support your case requires. Attorney Martinez understands the gravity of the situation, but he also knows how to effectively and efficiently fight for you and the resolution that is in your best interests. He is dedicated to fighting for each one of his clients, and you can have confidence that your situation can receive the same attention and care when you come to this firm. With so much at stake for your future, why are you still waiting? Pick up the phone immediately and contact Attorney Martinez to begin moving your case in the right direction.

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

I chose criminal defense because I believe that justice is an ideal that should be continually pursued. I wanted to help protect the rights of my clients from getting violated by overzealous law enforcement and prosecutors.

What is your firm's point of view regarding clients educating themselves on legal issues?

I believe all clients should maintain their education so that they can stay involved in the process, and therefore I will always encourage them to educate themselves.

Is your firm willing to review documents prepared by clients?

I am willing to review any documents that I feel are useful.

Is your firm willing to coach clients who want to represent themselves?

I will discuss the individual situation with my client in an initial case consultation so that we can, together, decide how I can be of assistance.

Herman Martinez

Have you been accused of criminal activity of any kind? Criminal charges are always serious and should never be treated lightly. They can incur extremely severe and life-altering consequences that you don
  • Bar Number: 00797012
    Texas , 1996
  • South Texas College of Law
    Juris Doctorate , 1996
    Houston, TX
  • Florida State University
    Bachelor of Arts
    Tallahassee, FL

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