Hector C. Perez & Associates

Hector C. Perez & Associates

Representing clients facing federal investigation or prosecution

Firm Overview

The federal court system is governed by strict rules and firm procedural requirements. Challenging an investigation in the U.S. justice system requires precise knowledge and extensive federal court experience. If you have been charged with a crime - or even if you suspect you are under investigation - Hector C. Perez can put his almost four decades of legal practice experience to work for you. He possesses experience, skill, and insight to assist you in cases involving:
-Federal crimes
-Federal tax crimes
-White collar crimes
-Drug crimes
-Tax fraud investigations
-Tax court litigation after successful defense
-Tax evasion
-Tax conspiracies
-Grand jury investigations
-Mortgage fraud
-IRS investigations
-Money laundering

Experience counts when your liberty is at stake:
Being charged with a crime carries potentially devastating consequences, including immediate loss of liberty, potentially long prison sentences, and large fines. Only after substantial experience can an attorney understand the true nature of the charges brought against you, recognize the penalties to which you are exposed and strategize the most advantageous plan of action for you. Hector's positions as a former federal prosecutor and former IRS attorney have given him with an insider's insight into the inner workings of the federal criminal justice system. Maintaining direct communication with prosecutors throughout the process and his credibility, skill, and experience with the sentencing process gives Hector an edge when negotiating with the government.

Dedication that achieves results:
Hector Perez is dedicated and compassionate and listens to the facts of your case and directly responds to your needs. You get honest, clear explanations about your case, what to expect and the next steps involved. He seeks to ease your anxiety and concerns throughout your ordeal. He is accessible to his clients. His clients have his cell phone number to contact him directly.

An established federal defense law firm:
Hector C. Perez's office is located in Seal Beach, California. The firm does not handle state criminal cases like rape, robbery, burglary, or murder. It services clients in the Southern California area and can represent select clients nationwide.
Main Office
Main Office
3020 Old Ranch Parkway, Suite 300
Seal Beach  CA  90740
  • (562) 799-5524
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Challenging prosecution of drug-related offenses
For much of his almost 40 years, Hector has represented clients who have been charged with all types of state and federal drug-related crimes, including:
-Drug trafficking
-Drug possession
-Possession with intent to sell
-Driving under the influence of drugs
-Prescription drug fraud
-Manufacturing of illegal substances
-Conspiracy to sell drugs
-Operation of a methamphetamine laboratory
-Sale of illegal substances in a school zone
-Possession of drug paraphernalia
Criminal Defense
Defending your rights in a court of law
Hector C. Perez has almost 40 years of experience in white collar criminal defense and can help you with cases involving:
-Internet fraud
-Credit card fraud
-Bankruptcy fraud
-Healthcare fraud
-Mortgage fraud
-Insurance fraud
-Financial fraud
-Tax-related fraud
-Insider trading
-Bank fraud
-Wire fraud
-Computer hacking
-Money laundering
-Public corruption
-Trade secret theft

Hector C. Perez

Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer
Mr. Perez is an experienced former federal prosecutor and former IRS attorney. He has an office in Los Angeles County (3020 Old Ranch Parkway, Ste 300, Seal Beach, Ca 90740; 562-799-5524). A seasoned federal criminal lawyer, he defends people who are accused of federal crimes or who are under Grand Jury or IRS tax investigation. Though he can represent clients anywhere in the country, he practices primarily in the Central District of California, which includes Los Angeles, Santa Ana and Riverside federal courts.

Mr. Perez is a former federal prosecutor.
Mr. Perez was appointed an Assistant United States Attorney (AUSA) in the criminal division in the Central District of California in 1977. When he went into private practice in 1981, he concentrated his practice on the defense of federal crimes and of individuals and businesses under IRS criminal tax investigations. That continues. He is a skilled negotiator and trial lawyer who consistently gets good results for his clients. He concurs that the defense of a federal criminal case is a serious undertaking requiring skill and experience because the client's liberty is at stake. This undertaking is never an opportunity for a lawyer to get experience at the client's expense.

Mr. Perez is also a former IRS attorney.
Fresh out of law school in 1972, Mr. Perez joined the IRS Office of Chief Counsel in Los Angeles as a criminal tax attorney. By the time he left in 1977, he had acquired training and experience in all areas of tax controversy work. On matters before the United States Tax Court, his trial experience permits him to be an effective negotiator, an asset that conserves the client's time and money.

Mr. Perez is an accomplished attorney.
Mr. Perez has vast experience as a lawyer whose practice concentrates on white collar federal crimes and criminal and civil tax controversies. His referrals come from other attorneys and accountants. He has earned the respect of his peers and judges in the legal profession. He is listed in Martindale-Hubbell's Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers and has received an AV-rating, the highest, from his peers. His main office is out of Seal Beach, California.