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Hartwell Failey & McCarthy PLC is a firm dedicated to excellence. We are proud to provide quality representation and bring expertise to every aspect of our practice.

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Being passionately committed to building a respected and successful practice, we provide our clients the best possible representation. Because we are talented and hard-working, our clients are consistently satisfied and pleased with the outcome of that representation.

We believe that providing high quality legal services in a way that reflects our value and integrity is the best way to build a solid, reliable law firm. This dedication has served us well
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Intellectual Property
We offer a wide variety of intellectual property services, from drafting nondisclosure agreements to filing copyright and trademark applications to assisting in complex litigation.
Protecting the rights of those who create original content is the business of intellectual property law. The purpose of this area of law is to encourage creativity, innovation and artistic expression-everything from company logos to literature-while promoting economic growth and protecting those who create original works

At Hartwell Failey & McCarthy PLC, we strongly support creative endeavors of all kinds. We are here to help you and your business protect your creative work, your brands, as well as the ideas that brought you the success you have, or will bring you in the future. Newly formed startups looking for guidance in trademark registration as well as established companies in need of assistance protecting trade secrets can look to us for reliable, knowledgeable help.

As a two-time entrepreneur, Will Hartwell is passionate about protecting the rights of innovators and other entrepreneurs. He plans to continue developing his intellectual property clientele to help companies position themselves to succeed in this difficult economy.

The first step in the legal process is scheduling your free consultation with one of our skilled attorneys. Contact us today by calling 616-965-1088.
Hartwell Failey & McCarthy PLC confidently provides comprehensive range of business services for our corporate clients.
Because our aim is to cultivate long-term relationships with our business clients, we serve in the role of corporate counsel for companies of all sizes and origin, always striving for excellence and integrity with each client. Consulting with management on various areas of operation allows us to troubleshoot on a range of issues, in a cost effective way.

As a result of our knowledge of business, we understand that avoiding the necessity of litigation is nearly always the most cost efficient way forward. Often, when management is occupied with the daily operation of a business, overlooking small issues is easy. We are skilled at helping companies attend to those small details that, if left unaddressed, could become expensive problems to solve, in terms of both time and money. Our dedicated attorneys can assist companies manage the wider picture in order to avoid one small detail ballooning into a big problem. We are here to help you identify potential issues and resolve them promptly and professionally.

We are also fully prepared to proceed to litigation when necessary to protect the interests of our clients. Determining that business litigation is the best course of action will be the first step toward an exceptional result for our client in court.

The first step in the legal process is scheduling your free consultation with one of our skilled attorneys. Contact us today by calling 616-965-1088.
Personal Injury
Have you been injured? Hartwell Failey & McCarthy is here to help.
Injuries suffered in accidents are often compounded by a second victimization. Injured people are sometimes taken advantage of at the hands of the person who caused the accident that hurt them. Laws governing personal injury are complex and many people do not understand what they need to do to protect their rights after an accident. Insurance coverage can be confusing and it's easy to misunderstand the coverage in place.

If you have complete coverage or are unsure about your protection, an aggressive and skilled personal injury lawyer can fight for your rights. Our firm has experience working with experts who'”together with our dedicated attorneys'”can help individuals secure the compensation they are entitled to after accidents.

Often, the pain and suffering that comes with an injury is intensified by the realization that the person responsible for the accident has inadequate insurance. If that is the case, you should not give up on your claim'”you may have the insurance necessary to protect yourself. Even if you are underinsured, the policy you have may be enough to cover the expenses incurred as a result of another person's mistake. No matter the circumstances, we are here to help you understand all that can be done to secure compensation.

The first step in the legal process is scheduling your free consultation with one of our skilled attorneys. Contact us today by calling 616-965-1088.

William H. Hartwell

  • Bar Number: P74751
    Michigan , 2011
  • Bar Number: P73847
    Michigan , 2010

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