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Hale Law Group

Hale Law Group is dedicated to fighting for those people who have been injured in non-work accidents. The clients interests always come first.

Firm Overview

For DUI info, please see end of article.

Attorney Joshua Hale started working on personal injury cases and DUI out of law school because of a poor experience he had with his own attorney that handled an auto accident claim for him during law school.

The attorney got a settlement of just under 15,000$, and proceeded to send Attorney Hale a settlement of $236.79. NOT FAIR.

Attorney Hale swore that would never happen to one of his clients, and has treated each client like family for the past decade, earning his office and staff wonderful reviews from past clients, and warranting many clients returning for all legal matters.

Don't be fooled by an attorney forcing you to come into his office for a "consultation", when you talk to Attorney Hale directly, and determine your rights now.

For DUI representation, Attorney Hale has represented several hundred DUI clients in his decade of practice. He has a stellar reputation throughout southern California as being a premier attorney in this field. He promises to never " sell" you his representations, he will shoot you straight, as he prefers to be talked to, straight. If he can help, he will tell you how he thinks he can help, no hiding the ball.
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Main Office
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DUI representation is a fixed fee service.
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Hale Law Group is a boutique firm dedicated to those people who have been charged with DUI or injured in non-work accidents. We fight for the rights of these injured people, and their family.
Joshua D. Hale of HLG has been practicing law for almost a decade, and has a 100% win rate prior to trial, and a high win rate through jury trial. This includes non work accidents, and DUI.

He is dedicated to the rights of people injured in accidents for one reason. While in law school Attorney Hale was severely injured in an auto accident. His attorney won a judgment of over 10,000$; his attorney wrote Attorney Hale a check for under 300$. How in the world was that fair? It was not.

Attorney Hale believes the injured party should be a part of their own case, and decision making process. Moreover, the client should always come first.

Whether you have been injured in an auto accident, dog bite, motorcycle accident, a slip and fall where you have had a bone fracture, or many other non-work injuries, Hale Law Group is here to make you whole again. Our goal is to make you as healthy and happy as before your accident.

Attorney Hale can make no promise as to results, but he can make promises as to how he and his staff work.

1. The phone number you call, will be direct to Attorney Hale, never a secretary.
2. Attorney Hale holds office hours 24/7, he only asks that you be respectful of nighttime hours, if the call is not an emergency.
3. His goal is always aimed towards the client first.
4. He will never ask you to come in to the office for a "free consultation," so that he can pressure you into signing a contract. Your case can be discussed on the phone.
5. You will be taken care of, as if you were part of his family. Can you really settle for less?
6. DUI representation will be back by a decade of experience and several hundred previously pleased clients.

Serving greater Southern California in Personal Injury, and the entire state in airline related accidents.

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

Through the misfortune of being represented by someone who had his interests before the client's Attorney Hale decided to never let that happen to any of his clients.

Client comes first.

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others?

Attorney Hale has distinguished himself throughout the world working for Fortune 50, and 500 companies, and being very successful in doing so.

His experience taught him one very important lesson. He was good at his job, but wanted more to help people directly. He has dedicated his life to doing so, and keeps the philosophy alive with his staff.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

A direct like of contact between the attorney and the client, never a secretary in the middle.

Joshua Daniel Hale

Attorney Hale, a guy from a small town in Ohio, making a difference in the life of accident victims in California.

  • Bar Number: 243082
    California , 2006
  • Golden Gate University School of Law
    Juris Doctorate , 2005
    Attorney Hale graduated law school in two and one half years, something very rare, most law students take a minimum of three years.
  • Ohio University
    Bachelor of Sciences , 2001
    A proud Ohio University Bobcat graduate. O-H-I-O

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