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The law firm of Bittle Law LLC serves individuals and families in Minneapolis-St. Paul and throughout Minnesota in personal injury and family law matters.

At Bittle Law LLC, we believe the law should work for all Minnesotans, not just large corporations, and have established an individually focused injury and family law litigation practice centered on the individual needs of the client. Each client we take on has direct access to his or her attorney. We build every case upon the best information available, and are always prepared to go trial, positioning us to negotiate a favorable settlement if that is the solution that best meets our client's needs.

In their work on behalf of individuals and businesses alike, attorneys Greg Bittle and Kathryn Murphy draw on extensive personal and professional experience in both the insurance industry, civil and family courts of Minnesota.
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Family law deals with family-related and domestic-related issues.

It is important to consult with a qualified family law attorney about any major life event or change.

We are a Family Law and Personal Injury litigation based law firm. Our firm prides itself on Personal Representation.

Spousal Maintenance
Child Support
Child Support Modifications
Child Visitation
Parenting Time
Third Party Custody
Child Custody
Child Abuse
Domestic Violence
Paternity Actions
Complex Paternity Matters
Personal Injury
Insurance Disputes

Dealing with any kind of personal trauma can leave you shaken and confused. You need someone who knows the system and will stand up for your rights.

Whether you are involved in a personal injury case, a divorce, or a custody dispute, we make certain you get the justice you deserve, fairly, and professionally.


Greg Bittle is a private practice attorney, with over 13 years in-house insurance industry experience managing personal injury, semi-trucking and other personal injury claims and litigations nationally. Bittle Law was founded to bring this extensive inside experience to the benefit of private clients. Kathryn Murphy has been doing family law her entire career. Visit Kathryn's website Together we bring a wealth of experience, knowledge, and hope to our client's cases.

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

Both Kathryn Murphy and Greg Bittle started their practices with a desire to bring their skills and services to the benefit of individual clients. Greg came from over 13 years of corporate insurance and risk management work with a burning desire to serve individual clients rather than corporate interests, while Kathryn came immediately into family law due to her commitment to serving the needs of children and families. Greg & Kathryn joined together in 2012 after developing a mutual respect for each others strong and passionate advocacy on behalf of their family law clients.

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others?

Kathryn has been 100% committed to family law matters since commencing practice in 2003, and has earned the respect and praise of clients, colleagues, and judges. Kathryn worked for several other firms before deciding to go into a smaller practice which would allow her more freedom to bring her skills and passion to clients in a cost effective and efficient manner. Greg brings years of corporate experience, and civil litigation management to the benefit of his clients. After almost 9 years managing national personal injury, premises liability and semi trucking litigation for a fortune 100 corporation, Greg decided he wanted to bring his experience to the benefit of individuals rather than corporate interests. In 2008 he took his experience as a pro bono family law volunteer and launched Bittle Law LLC specializing in personal injury and family law matters with a primary goal of brining cost effective justice to individuals and their families.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

We are a small firm and remain small by choice. Our primary objective is to be flexible and capable of serving a wide variety of clients and families in need in the most cost effective and efficient way possible. Greg's ultimate frustration in corporate claims management was the surreal nature of money, and the unfair justice an unequal economic position can create for both individuals against insurance companies, and in the smaller , more personal area of inter-family disputes. We promise fair, unbiased advise to our clients, but always remaining willing to bring inequity and unfairness to the court with zealousness and passion when needed.

Greg Bittle

Greg's career spans over 15 years of personal injury claims and litigation experience, with over 13 years in the insurance and risk management industry. His experience includes positions with Allstate Insurance, General Casualty Insurance, and Northland Insurance. He also spent more than 8 years managing the self-insured risks of SuperValu
  • Bar Number: 389099
    Minnesota , 5
  • William Mitchell College of Law
    Juris Doctor , 5
    St Paul, MN
    Greg is a Minnesota personal injury and family law attorney. He is a cum laude graduate of William Mitchell College of Law, where he spent two years on the William Mitchell Law Review, was the recipient of the Chief Justice Peter S. Popovich Scholarship, and earned honors for Contract Law, Insurance Law and Labor law.