The Law Office of Glenn Magnell

Firm Overview

Our firm was established in 2005.

We focus our criminal law practice in both local and county courts throughout the lower Hudson Valley. In particular, a substantial portion of the practice involves DWI defense, criminal possession of controlled substance defense, transportation law violation defense and traffic law violation defense. We additionally focus on providing affordable estate planning services to elderly clients.

Example cases

Case 1: Client charged with felony driving while intoxicated by drugs, basis of case was an unconstitutional search of defendant's car. Significant motion and hearing practice eventually resulted in a resolution of the case with a plea to two minor non-moving traffic violations.

Case 2: Client charged with two counts of felony grand larceny. Case involved purchase of a vehicle with money from a third party who had stolen the money from a business. Substantial motion and hearing practice resulted in the charge being dismissed.

Main Office
162 Main Street
Goshen  NY  10924
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  • (845) 926-4091


Free Initial Consultation?
For criminal defense clients, I offer free consultations, regardless of the amount of time involved. For all other clients I will offer a free consultation up to one hour.
Services Offered For Fixed Fees?
For criminal defense representation, I have a fixed fee schedule depending upon the charge and the extent to which it will be litigated. For clients with limited income, but who do not qualify for Legal Aid/Public Defender, I also offer a sliding scale of fees based upon their ability to pay. For elder law/estate planning clients, I also have a fixed fee schedule for the preparation of estate documents. For probate clients, I charge a percentage of the value of the estate. For corporate clients, I charge by the hour.
Hourly Rates
$175 to $250.

Office Information

Office Hours
Monday through Friday
9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Office Manager
Catherine Benson.
Emergency After Hours
Languages Spoken
Yes, Spanish.

Other Offices

Cornwall, NY
151 Continental Road
Cornwall,  NY  12518

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

Attending law school and engaging in some heavy clinical work interested me more and more in criminal law. In particular, I witnessed first hand how people with limited means struggle to deal with criminal charges. When I became an attorney I decided to focus much of my time on criminal defense and, hopefully provide defendants with limited means quality criminal defense representation.

What is your firm's point of view regarding clients educating themselves on legal issues?

I try very hard to make sure my clients understand the law as it is relevant to their legal issues. In particular, I try to educate my criminal defense clients about the charges they face, what the elements of those charges are and what burden of proof the prosecution or defense may bear. The more my clients understand about the charges they face, the better they are able to understand why I recommend certain actions or strategies. The more they know, the better they will understand what is going on and knowledge enables my clients to ask intelligent questions of me. However, there is always a fine line involved. Some clients believe that because they have read about certain areas of law they know as much as an attorney that regularly practices in that area of law.

Is your firm willing to review documents prepared by clients?

I am always willing, as part of a consultation, to review documents that clients have prepared and give them general guidance on the issues of law involved. However, I will not provide specific edits or changes unless I am able to assure myself that the final product is something I can approve.

Is your firm willing to coach clients who want to represent themselves?

Since most of my practice involves criminal defense I will not coach people facing criminal charges on representing themselves pro se. I believe that everyone facing a criminal charge should have a qualified criminal defense attorney defend them.

Glenn Warren Magnell

I came to the practice of law as a second career having spent the previous 25 years in a variety of executive positions in the office automation and software industries.

The law is a second career for me and I believe that I have been able to bring maturity and perspective to my practice based on my experiences as a business executive. In particular, my business experience honed my negotiating skills to a great degree. This has been very important in my criminal practice where plea negotiations are so common.

I think that the biggest strength I bring to my practice is my abiding commitment to deliver quality legal representation to every client, regardless of how serious the matter or how much I am being paid. Also, I am not cynical about practicing law. Many attorneys, particularly criminal defense attorneys, become worn down by a largely one-sided system that favors the prosecution. To date, I have not been afflicted with that malady. I bring a calm energy to dealing with my clients and try to be as realistic as possible, without creating any unnecessary fear and while providing some level of reassurance.

Personal interests:

I enjoy reading (law, history, politics), photography, tennis, hiking, and traveling.

  • Bar Number: 4300505
    New York , 2005
  • Rutgers School of Law-Newark
    Juris Doctor , 2004
    Newark, NJ
    Criminal and constitutional law with heavy clinical participation
  • University of Pennsylvania
    Master of Arts , 1977
    Philadelphia, PA
    International Relations/International Business
  • New York University
    Bachelor of Arts , 1972
    New York, NY
    History and Chemistry

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