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Main Office
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Intellectual Property
Gleam Law is a Seattle-based law firm located in Capitol Hill. We are a progressive law practice designed to change the way You interact with The Law. We believe in providing personal and trustworthy legal services combined with flat rate billing.
Why do we do things differently? When Gleam Law was founded, we decided it's our turn to decide what practicing law means to us. We aim to provide excellence in legal service without the pretentiousness and 'œstuffy-suit' syndrome we've seen in other firms at which we have worked. Give us a call, and learn why people are calling us a 'œDifferent Kind of Law Firm.'

Wondering why our firm is "Gleam Law" instead of a traditional law firm title, such as "Juneja, Lee, Terpin, & Associates?"

Because a gleam is a flash of light. Gleam is also the look of emotion or excitement in someone's eye.

To us, Gleam represents the beginning of an idea - a flash of brilliance or a spark of inspiration that can grow and flourish with the right support and encouragement. Your gleam might come in the form of art, inventions, business ideas, or other passions. We here at Gleam Law want to be there to help that gleam in your eyes grow and blossom into successful ventures.

We refer to this area of our practice as "Dream Law" because we like to help people realize their dreams. If your dream is still just a gleam in your eye and you need some legal fuel to ignite it into reality, or if you need help along the path to growth and success, give us a call. We'll look forward to helping you achieve greatness - with a gleam in our eyes.

Neil Juneja

"I see myself as a 'Dream Lawyer' because I work with people's dreams and help turn those dreams, whether innovation, art, or business, into reality. It's great helping passionate people reach and exceed their goals!"

Neil Juneja founded Gleam Law with a vision to offer something not found in the field of legal services. He dreamed of a law firm unlike any other before it: a place where people could call anytime and not be billed by the minute; a firm where lawyers know the industries because they've been there; an environment where the pretentiousness normally found in law is replaced with general caring and humanity.

Neil Juneja is a member of the Washington Bar, the Federal Bar of Western Washington, and the United States Patent Bar.

Neil has worked in theatrical lighting and the entertainment industry for nineteen years. In addition, he has worked closely in technology throughout the rise and fall of the dot com bubble and ever since. Neil claims no responsibility for the bubble bursting.

Neil Juneja earned a degree in Information Systems from Cleveland State University and a Juris Doctorate from Seattle University School of Law. He has also taken many courses in electrical engineering, physics, and programming in seven other universities including two years at the University of Washington and two years at the Honors College at Ohio State University.
  • Bar Number: 41440
    Washington , 2009

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