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Firm Overview

The Finn Law Group is a dedicated law firm with offices in Florida and Michigan. Our staff has a thorough understanding of complex real estate and timeshare matters. We routinely deal with credit and bankruptcy resolutions that include foreclosure defense and legal alternatives associated with these issues.

Our practice has centered around protecting the rights of our clients through aggressive representation. The Finn Law Group has regularly achieved practical results in a timely manner against companies who use unfair and deceptive trade practices against consumers.

We are often retained to advise clients who may need assistance in the areas of real estate and timeshare law. This may include issues including but not limited to: adhesive lifetime resort purchase contracts, real estate brokers, mortgage companies, homeowners associations, and financial institutions that are associated with these consumer related transactions.

Our initial consultation is free, and we can help you determine the right legal solution for your individual needs.

Trust the experience of more than 40 years of concentrated practice. Michael D. Finn and our experienced legal team can provide you the highly skilled legal representation you require and we strive to deliver, excellent value and satisfaction to all of our clients.
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Timeshare Foreclosure & Resort Release Attorneys
If you are facing an involuntary foreclosure or considering a strategic walk away from your home or condo, don't make this important decision without competent legal assistance! Foreclosure will affect you. The Finn Law Group wants you to know your rights. What makes the most sense, fight or flight? Homeowners regularly consult us about appropriate foreclosure decisions that will impact their future. Stay in place and try to come to terms with your bank or mortgage company? What government programs may be available? Is there any logic in defending a foreclosure with the intent being to remain in possession of your home as long as possible, even in the absence of an ultimate legal defense? Is there a possibility of winning a foreclosure case even if you are delinquent in your payments?

The legal system, while not perfect, can provide certain relief for homeowners facing foreclosure. There are specific defenses and counterclaims that may be properly used to fight your bank/lender. The courts have sided with foreclosure defendants as a result of banks and lenders failing to keep proper records and/or for violating Federal statutes like the Truth In Lending Act. In addition, the Florida Bar recently provided an ethics opinion in late 2011 regarding foreclosure practices, stating that banks may have to set aside foreclosures based on robo-signing affidavits.

Have you been served with a foreclosure complaint? Our attorneys will respond timely, as you may only have 20 days or less to respond to this complaint. If you are beyond the twenty days, there are still legal defenses that may be raised to protect your interests, but you must act quickly. We can help you create the best legal strategy that fits your needs today!

Over the past several years, Finn Law Group has developed a significant focus on clients who have entered a legally binding purchase agreement with a timeshare resort and now seek to "get rid of" or in some manner, cancel their timeshare contract.

Recognizing that the nearly non-existent timeshare re-sale market makes timeshare transfer extremely difficult, Finn Law Group has enjoyed significant success in obtaining timeshare cancellation, utilizing a combination of direct resort negotiation, state and regulatory filings, and litigation. It's important to recognize that the client is contractually obligated via legally enforceable timeshare purchase contract and, from that vantage point, it is necessary to make a legal determination as to whether statutory and/or contractual defenses may be employed, at minimum, as leverage in seeking timeshare cancellation or timeshare transfer back to the resort via negotiation. Indeed, it's fair to state that we have developed direct resort contacts who respond positively to our request for negotiation, knowing that we do not hesitate to accelerate the cancellation process by enlisting third party involvement when necessary.

Once you retain our firm, our legal staff will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your case as well as construct an appropriate engagement letter based on the specific information you provide to us. In all cases, details are extremely important. We ask that you locate and assemble all pertinent information you have obtained from your resort for potential case submission and review, including contracts and other governing documents related to your purchase. Our firm then communicates directly with the developer, property owners association, third party collection agencies and credit reporting bureaus where necessary and appropriate.

We commonly review Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices, RESPA, HUD and other potential statutory violations under federal and state laws that govern timeshare developers. If you are facing increased maintenance fees, special assessment fees, or other charges, our services may be of direct benefit to you.

Timeshare purchase contracts are designed to be enforced over purchasers lifetime, and possibly beyond. A timeshare interest is never fully paid for as maintenance and other required fees must be paid to the POA by all owners to support and keep the property maintained. Correspondingly, your financial obligations are literally lifetime commitments in the absence of a structured resale market.

Our law firm is occasionally retained to negotiate matters that involve timeshare owners who have experienced medical and/or financial hardship. In cases where no legal issue exists, we will communicate the issues to the property owners association with documentation that supports aggressive negotiations for relinquishment and timeshare transfer back to the developer or direct transfer to the property owners association.

Regardless of the type of assistance you may require, the attorneys and professional staff at Finn Law Group will make every effort to achieve your individual objectives.
Consumer Protection
Pinellas Consumer Protection Attorney
Consumer laws regulate businesses that sell goods and services to promote fair competition while protecting individual consumers.

Consumer protection laws were created to help consumers avoid being victimized by fraudulent, abusive and predatory business practices.

Consumer protection covers such topics as predatory lending practices, financial regulatory reform, foreclosure prevention, debt collection abuse, and fair credit reporting.
Your Chapter 7 & 11 Bankruptcy Attorney. Call us for a FREE no obligation consultation!
If you're not able to manage your credit card debts, repossessions, or your wages are about to be or are being garnished then bankruptcy may be the answer for you. Bankruptcy is a method to eliminate many and sometimes all of your debt obligations. The Finn Law Group will provide personalized representation in a Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy. It is our goal to make the experience as stress free as possible while meeting your goals. You will be guided by an experienced lawyer through the bankruptcy process with the aim of eliminating your debts and getting a fresh start on your financial future.

By filing bankruptcy you will stop the creditor harassment and move toward a more stable financial condition. In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case you are permitted to retain certain "exempt" property, while other assets may be turned over to the Trustee and paid over to your creditors. The Finn Law Group will conduct a detailed analysis of your assets so that you will have a solid understanding of the status of your assets. If your assets are exempt then you will receive a discharge of your debts even though no money will be paid to your creditors.

Give us a call for a free no obligation consultation to review your bankruptcy options.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

Here's what our clients say:

"I was truly surprised that they were able to resolve my time share problem I didn't think it could be done. I heard stories about others not being able to get any resolution. They were very good at taking care of me. I am very happy I found them to help me."

"Great company. Pleased with the outcome. No more threatening phone calls or letters from unscrupulous Time Sharing company. What a relief. I am truly grateful to this company for the effort and dedication. Thank you."

"I am happy to report Finn Law Group provided excellent service and handled my case with persistence and success. When the Time Share trolls see a FINN in the water, they better head for the hills or feel the bite."

"We had 2 timeshares with different companies that we no longer wanted, and couldn't sell or give away. FLG gave us an honest assessment and their charges were less that the annual fees from the time shares. One went very fast, only a couple of months, but the other dragged on because the time share company had been sold and it took time for them to consolidate. They, the time share folks tried to continually contest and protest, but FLG kept at it until we were free again."

"I was suspicious of hiring this law firm since I had been scammed a couple of times by Timeshare re-sale companies, but they are legitimate, and they got us out of our Timeshare contract even though we still owed money. It did take time, but it was accomplished, and was worth the fee. The staff were friendly and competent and successful."

"In a sea of scams in the Timeshare world, everything begins to look to good to be true. We've wasted money countless times with no resolution. Be assured, Finn Law group is the real deal. They will get a resolution. With years of experience in negotiating with Timeshare giants, Finn Law is professional, accurate, courteous. We wish we found them 4 years ago, we would have been money ahead."

"If you have any doubts about law firms you can ease you mind with Finn law group. They are professional, courteous, and most of all put you first. They listen and they care that you! are completely satisfied. They change my view of law firm 100% If you have a problem, they can and will get it solved to your satisfaction."

"Contacted Finn Law group about six months ago trying to get rid of a timeshare. Mike got me out of it in a timely manner. He forced the timeshare company to negotiate and release me from this nightmare. My family is very pleased with his service and his professional staff. They were always there to answer questions. I would recommend Finn Law Group to anyone who is going thru the same situation. Thank you."

"We contacted the Finn Law Group for help ridding my husband and I of a timeshare whose maintenance fees we could no longer afford. In a matter of 6 months they took care of transferring two of the three timeshares back to the resort without us doing anything but fill out our original paper. The fee was reasonable and the Finn Law Group even paid the transfer fees out of our retainer. We have total confidence in the Finn Law Group that they will have our final timeshare transferred soon as well."

"They did exactly what they said they would. If you have any concerns about if they will be the 'stereotypical' lawyers, put those concerns to rest. Mike and his team are heroes. They totally saved our family from the truly bad guys (un-named evil timeshare corporation). No words can ever express the gratitude I feel for what they did. Awesome...absolutely awesome."

"I had tried many avenues to get rid of my timeshare but just didn't feel confident that it could work plus it was very expensive. When I spoke with Michael I felt as thought his plan could work. I was very pleased with the service. Whenever I had a question or concern someone always contacted me in a timely fashion and now i am FREE from the albatross. No more forever rising maintenance fees with disappointing resorts that they provided always off season. Finn Law Group delivers."

"I owned a timeshare week which I no longer wanted, but could not sell or give away. I stopped paying annual maintenance fees although under state law I was still obligated. The fees, interest, and collection agency add-ons kept multiplying. I found Michael Finn, an attorney specializing in timeshare issues. Mr. Finn and his group negotiated the resort's acceptance of a deed of the week back to them. I was relieved of past assessments and future obligations. My legal fee was very reasonable."

"I contacted them with a very stressful situation. They were able to counsel me regarding my options and let me know exactly if and how they could help me. Not only did they resolve the technical aspects of my issue, they provided us reassurance, as well. I will absolutely recommend them to anyone I know who might need their services."

Michael D. Finn

Michael D. Finn is the founder of Finn Law Group and has been a practicing attorney for over 40 years, working on behalf of consumers with real estate, timeshare and fractional ownership issues. In addition, the Finn Law Group's focus includes assisting clients with Mortgage modifications, foreclosure defense and bankruptcy alternatives.
  • Bar Number: 89029
    Florida , 2011

Stephen Whalen

Stephen Whalen is a Martindale Hubbell "AV" Rated Attorney who heads up the Bankruptcy department at Finn Law Group. He formally served in the United States Navy Judge Advocate General's Corps and the Florida Bar Lawyer Regulation Division. Mr. Whalen prides himself in providing dedicated personal and professional service to his clients.
  • Bar Number: 651941
    Florida , 1987

Patrick Kennedy

Patrick is an associate attorney with the Finn Law Group, having passed the Florida Bar after graduating from Stetson University in 2012 while earning both a law degree and a Master's in Business Administration degree. He is admitted to practice law in Florida, as well as the United States District Courts for the Middle and Southern Districts of Florida. He is a member of the National Association of Consumer Advocates (NACA) and works in all Consumer Protection matters for the firm.

Patrick grew up in Ft. Lauderdale, FL where he excelled at baseball, which earned him a college scholarship to play at Brevard Community College. While in college, he left baseball to serve a two-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Nicaragua.

Upon returning from his mission, Patrick resumed his education at Brigham Young University where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Sociology. After graduation, he returned to Tampa, FL where he accepted a position at Dickson Construction Consulting, Inc. to head up the marketing & advertising division. He later joined Verizon Wireless as a Business Operations Analyst where he worked with management and other analysts to organize and implement incentive programs for 140 sales representatives.

Patrick is married and has four children. He enjoys spending time with his family, competing in various sports and serving in his church. Additionally, he is involved in several committees at the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce.
  • Bar Number: 97973
    Florida , 2012

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