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Many Oklahomans mistakenly think that bankruptcy in Oklahoma is no longer available. This is not the case. Filing Bankruptcy in Tulsa Oklahoma is still a feasible alternative for many consumers and businesses with financial difficulties, regardless of the recent changes to the bankruptcy code. The attorneys at EZ Oklahoma bankruptcy provide experienced, cost-effective legal representation to businesses and individuals suffering financial problems.

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Since 2005 our Green County bankruptcy attorneys have filed nearly 500 bankruptcy cases throughout Oklahoma. Whether its a fresh start Chapter 7, Chapter 11 business bankruptcy, or a Chapter 13 consumer reorganization our local bankruptcy attorneys are here to make this troubling process as EZ as possible.

We help our clients in Oklahoma eliminate their debt, keep their exempt assets and obtain a fresh start. We also take the time to explain complicated bankruptcy laws and the effect they have on credit. Our OK bankruptcy attorneys are dedicated to providing clients with experienced bankruptcy representation, individual attention and affordable legal fees. Our bankruptcy consultations are free, easy and we offer convenient payment plans to our clients. EZ Oklahoma Bankruptcy is a customer service oriented law firm with a reputation for providing personalized attention. We spend time getting to know each of our clients and respond quickly to questions and concerns.

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