Ellsworth Law Group

Ellsworth Law Group

We are a Wisconsin Law Firm with 40 Years of Experience Defending Taxpayers from the I.R.S.

Firm Overview

Established in 1972 as an expansion of the existing legal practice of John Ellsworth, the Ellsworth Law Group represents a new and unique way of approaching the practice of law. Ellsworth Law Group is a full service tax law firm which is divided into several distinct and independent divisions, each of which specializes in a different branch of tax law. Instead of one or two attorneys with a broad specialization in tax law, Ellsworth Law Group gathers together a team of top attorneys, each of whom specializes in a different facet of tax law. It is this approach of gathering a diverse group of elite lawyers that sets Ellsworth Law Group apart from other firms.

Ellsworth Law Group currently maintains divisions specializing in Business and Corporate Litigation, Tax Law Litigation, Tax Audit Defense, and Tax Debt Settlement, Compromise, Installment, and Innocent Spouse treatment, as well as preparation of individual and business tax returns. Each of these divisions is managed by John Ellsworth, who himself has 40 with years of experience in handling the firm's specialties. This insures that Ellsworth Law Group can not only handle almost every client issue, but that each of those issues will be handled by an attorney that is an expert in their field.
Main Office
Main Office
230 W. Wells Street
Suite 706
Milwaukee  WI  53203
  • (800) 946-8122
Immediate relief from past due tax collections, defense of IRS and DOR audits, sales tax audits, innocent spouse relief and IRS and DOR wage garnishments and bank levies.
John Ellsworth has been a tax lawyer since 1972 and has handled thousands upon thousands of tax cases. Our practice covers the entire State of Wisconsin and our main office is in Milwaukee.

Our typical client owes money to the IRS or is being audited by the IRS. We help people compromise tax debts, avoid wage garnishments, and get money back from bank levies. We help innocent spouses get relief from tax debt created by their spouses, usually before or during divorce.

We are a small law firm and our clients enjoy one-on-one contact with senior tax lawyer John Ellsworth. John has received numerous client compliments and recommendations and his firm's achievements can be seen on the firm's website where dozens of client outcomes are listed for your review.

Please call and talk to John today.

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

John began the practice of tax law when he was brand new out of law school and an aging CPA went out of business, leaving behind his tax files for John to distribute to his clients. Instead of the clients picking up their files, most went on to keep John as their tax lawyer and a tax law practice naturally flowed from that. Today John is an accomplished practitioner and is engaged in a sophisticated tax law practice where no case is too small and most cases can be helped.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

We offer one-on-one communication and help from our senior tax lawyer, John Ellsworth. You will not get pushed off on paralegals and junior attorneys here; instead, you will deal with John Ellsworth, the owner-operator of this tax law practice.

John Ellsworth

I was educated in the public schools through high school, then attended a four year Christian college at Greenville College and then attended a three year Jesuit law school at Saint Louis University School of Law. I like to say that my educational background is ecumenical and I am extremely well versed in common law and canonical law, from which most of today's law flows.
  • Bar Number: 1074506
    Wisconsin , 2009

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