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E. Noreen Banks-Ware, P.C.

An Experienced DeKalb County Family Law Attorney

Firm Overview

Providing families with exceptional representation for 24 years:
When your family's future is involved, you expect knowledgeable, dedicated representation. E. Noreen Banks-Ware provides 24 years' experience and unrelenting determination to protect you and your family's interests. Attorney Banks-Ware can help you with all family law issues, including:
-Divorce mediation
-Child support
-Child custody
-Child visitation
-Division of property
-Modification of alimony
-Support orders
-Name change
-Collaborative divorces

Experience that Achieves Results:
Attorney Banks-Ware has the experience and persistence to tackle the most demanding cases. Her high level of professionalism, ethics and knowledge was recognized in the April 2011 publication of Crossroads News, which named her as "Best Divorce Attorney in DeKalb County." Attorney Banks-Ware continually works to the superior standards she has established for herself - to provide her clients with the personal attention and results-oriented legal assistance they deserve from their lawyer.

Mediation and Collaborative Divorce-Alternatives to Litigation:
Mediation and collaborative methods offer effective means of reaching equitable agreements in a less hostile environment than litigation. These options are often less expensive, quicker and less stressful than fighting your case at trial. As an active member of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP), Attorney Banks-Ware is dedicated to providing her clients with these important options. Attorney Banks-Ware employs her skills at guiding negotiations toward the best possible outcomes. When litigation becomes necessary, Attorney Banks-Ware is a powerful advocate for her clients in the courtroom.

Full-service Law Firm that Can Handle All of Your Concerns:
Legal issues are often intricately intertwined, with one legal problem sometimes triggering another. Attorney Banks-Ware's vast knowledge and skills span a wide spectrum of legal areas. She is able to fully analyze your situation and develop complete solutions to your problems. Attorney Banks-Ware can assist you with cases involving:
-Business law
-Corporations, LLCs
-Contract review
-Business defense litigation
-Living wills
-Durable power of attorney-healthcare & financial affairs
-Regular power of attorney-financial affairs
-Special powers of attorney
-Administration of estates
-Executor duties
-12 months support
-Probate documents
-Personal injury
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Child Custody
South Metro Atlanta Child Custody Attorney
Protecting the Rights of Parents and Their Children:
Child custody is often the most important issue a parent faces during divorce. You should not have to endure the devastating prospect of losing precious time with your children or forfeiting essential parental rights because of an unjust custody or visitation decision. You need an attorney who is prepared to protect your right to raise your children in a healthy, thriving environment and who cares about what is in their best interest. For 22 years, E. Noreen Banks-Ware has been guiding Georgia families through crucial child custody issues, including:
-Decisions related to religion, education and upbringing of your children
-Primary custody
-Joint custody arrangements
-Child visitation rights
-Fathers' rights
-Grandparent visitation
-Enforcement of visitation orders
-Modification of custody and visitation orders
-DHS investigations

Primary Custody or Joint Custody Arrangements:
Attorney Banks-Ware explains to you how the type of child custody you choose can affect child-rearing decisions - such as those involving religion, education and medical care - and child support agreements. She helps you coordinate the arrangement best suited for you and your children.

Child Visitation Rights:
If you are the noncustodial parent, divorce should not force you to miss the important milestones in your children's lives. Attorney Banks-Ware ensures you are given the opportunity to spend the quality time with your children required to encourage their strong growth and development.

Grandparents' Rights:
You have formed a unique bond with your grandchildren. Attorney Banks-Ware can assist you in asserting your legal rights to maintain that deep relationship after a divorce.

Georgia Department of Human Services (DHS) Investigations:
When Georgia authorities interfere with your parental rights, you need a zealous advocate who understands the bureaucracy. Attorney Banks-Ware is skilled at maneuvering through the complex laws of Georgia to protect your parental rights and your children's future.
Child Support
South Metro Atlanta Child Support Attorney
Protecting the Rights of Parents and Their Children to Fair Financial Support:
Both parents share in the responsibility of raising your children. Armed with 22 years of experience, E. Noreen Banks-Ware upholds your children's right to receive the financial support required for a healthy, happy upbringing, while ensuring that the financial burden is divided fairly between both parents. Attorney Banks-Ware can protect your children and their financial future as you divide your family into two households, by helping you:
-Understand child support guidelines
-Negotiate child support through mediation
-Litigate child support issues
-Enforce child support orders
-Modify child support orders

Child Support Guidelines:
Georgia law has established general child support guidelines. Attorney Banks-Ware clearly explains your rights and helps you establish the best possible financial arrangement within the framework of these guidelines. She can help you structure the receipt or payment of support so you can best secure your and your child's financial future.

Child Support Settlements Through Mediation:
Through the structured process of mediation, you and your spouse put aside your differences and focus on the one point about which you likely agree - that you want the best life for your children. Attorney Banks-Ware is a skilled negotiator who can help you devise a child support plan that equitably divides the financial obligations of raising your children.

Enforcement of Child Support:
If your former spouse fails to abide by legal obligations for your child's financial support, we lead you through the legal channels to induce the enforcement of your child support order.

Modification of Child Support:
Sometimes the unexpected happens - a lost job or a sudden injury - yet you remain obligated to pay child support despite your changed financial circumstances. In other cases, your former spouse receives a huge financial windfall or promotion, which should contribute toward your children's upbringing. Attorney Banks-Ware can successfully obtain a modification of your child support order so your children's financial support is more fairly shared between you and your former spouse.
Metro Atlanta Divorce Attorney
Advocating For Your Family:
When experiencing the heartbreak of divorce, you want a competent, assertive attorney by your side to advocate for your rights and protect your family. With 22 years of experience, E. Noreen Banks-Ware has helped families understand their legal options and guided them toward solid solutions. Attorney Banks-Ware can help you with all aspects of your divorce, including:
-Divorce strategies
-Equitable distribution of property
-Child custody
-Child visitation
-Child support
-Spousal support
-Prenuptial agreements
-Divorce mediation
-Divorce litigation

Obtaining the Best Results in Divorce:
Through litigation or mediation, Attorney Banks-Ware seeks to obtain the best possible settlement or judgment for her clients, including fair distribution of assets, division of the marital home, child support payments, child custody arrangements and parenting rights.

Protecting Your Children:
Often, the most pressing issue facing divorcing parents is the welfare of their children. During divorce, your concern for your children's well-being can increase the anxiety of an already painful experience. Attorney Banks-Ware ensures that your children's interests are carefully considered in all court decisions and settlement negotiations.

Spousal Maintenance:
Divorce is difficult, but it should not lead to a financial crisis. Attorney Banks-Ware helps establish fair and equitable spousal maintenance, allowing you to continue to live as comfortably as before your marriage ended.

Prenuptial Agreements:
When you marry your beloved, you may not foresee potential problems that can lead to divorce. Attorney Banks-Ware expects the unexpected and drafts premarital agreements that protect both spouses' interests and alleviates some of the stress should you ever divorce. She can also draw up a postnuptial agreement to address changes in your family or financial situation.

Attorney Banks-Ware understands the unique role science plays in child custody, child visitation and child support cases. A positive result provides evidence needed to prove your paternity so you can reunite with your biological children and affirm your claim to custody and visitation. A paternity test can conclusively prove you are not the father of a child so you can avoid a lifetime of unfairly paying child support. If you are a mother seeking child support, the firm guides you through the complex court proceedings to get a court order to make an unwilling father pay support.

E. Noreen Banks-Ware

Attorney E. Noreen Banks-Ware is the principal of E. Noreen Banks-Ware, P.C.

She began the firm in 1991, and has effectively provided more than 20 years of service to the public and legal community in the metropolitan area of Atlanta and Lithonia, GA. The BV rated (Martindale-Hubbell rated) law firm offers service in family law, business law, probate and personal injury law.

Attorney Banks-Ware has a joint venture with Thomas, Means, Gillis & Seay, P.C.

Practice Areas:
-Child custody-initial or modification
-Child Support
-Business Law
-Personal Injury

-1989, Georgia
-U.S. District Court, Northern District of Georgia
-U.S. Court of Appeals, Eleventh Circuit

-University of Georgia, J.D., 1989
-1986: Bachelors of Business Administration, University of Georgia Athens, GA

-Atlanta Bar Association
-DeKalb County Bar Association
-State Bar of Georgia
-DeKalb Lawyers Association
-Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys
-Georgia Trial Lawyers Association

-Certified in Collaborative Law, 2006
-Appointed Special Assistant Administrative Law Judge, Office
of State Administrative Hearings, 1996-2002 County Attorney,
Lamar County, 1997-1999
-Inducted into Charles Weltner Family Inn of Courts 2005
-Honored as "Best Divorce Attorney in DeKalb County," Crossroads News, April 2011

Professional Organizations:
-1989 State Bar of Georgia, Sections: Family Law, Young
Lawyers and Business Law
-U.S. District Court, Northern District of Georgia
-U.S. Court of Appeals, Eleventh Circuit
-1988: Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys
-1990: Atlanta Bar Association recipient of Scholarship for
NTA Training
-1995: Dekalb Bar Association
-1995: Dekalb Lawyers Association

-1997-2002: Office of State Administrative Hearings, Special
Assistant Administrative Law Judge
-1998-2000: Lamar County Commissioner, County Attorney for
Lamar County

Pro Bono:
-Dekalb Bar Association and Dekalb Volunteer Lawyers
-Recipient of Pro Bono award for family law cases

Barnesville, Georgia, April 9, 1964

Page v. Page, 281 Ga. 155; 635 SE 2d 762, 2006. Ms. E.
  • University of Georgia
    Juris Doctorate , 1989