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Arizona Is A Community Property State
and the law of community property guides the courts when dividing marital assets.


All property acquired during marriage is presumed to be community property. The courts thus consider all property acquired during marriage to be community in nature and subject to 50/50 division. However, certain property is considered to be separate property, not subject to division, meaning it belongs solely to one spouse.

Examples of separate property include:

  • property owned prior to the marriage, or
  • property one spouse received as a gift or
  • through a will or inheritance

The decision to file for a divorce is often one of the most difficult and important choices a person will make in their lifetime. It is a decision that will affect virtually every aspect of your life, your personal relationships, your financial security, your job, as well as your future. We at Daniel J. Siegel, P.C. hope that our website offers you some basic facts about the divorce process. We believe that the more information you have about the divorce process, the better prepared you will be to deal with the experience and to achieve the results you desire.

About Daniel J. Siegel, P.C.

Daniel J. Siegel is a Certified Specialist in Family Law and a sole practitioner in Phoenix, Arizona. His main areas of practice include family law, divorce law, post-divorce matters, child custody, child support issues, and paternity law. He received his B.S. in finance from Indiana University and his J.D. from Valparaiso University School of Law.

He is a member of the:

  • Arizona State Bar,
  • Maricopa County Bar,
  • American Bar Association, and
  • the American Trial Lawyers Association.


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