Don't Pay That Ticket

Don't Pay That Ticket

We are a full service law office specializing in traffic ticket defense. We have the experts and the resources to fully support your needs no matter how varied or complex.

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Getting convicted or pleading guilty to a traffic offense in Louisiana goes beyond the fine and inconvenience. Traffic tickets on your license can mean associated points that could cause a suspension by the DMV. Many traffic offenses carry a license suspension that can or must be imposed by the Court. Other offenses can include jail time.

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Traffic Tickets
We are a full service law office serving the
needs of Louisiana in Bankruptcy,
Criminal & DWI Defense, Family Law, and Personal Injury.
We have the experts and the resources to fully support
your needs no matter how varied or complex.
There are several defenses that an attorney can assert which may be difficult for you to prove on your own such as whether the radar machine was properly calibrated and the whether the officer issuing the citation was properly qualified to operate the device.

Nearly all people who get a traffic ticket plead guilty. This is a mistake. Pleading guilty to a traffic charge can mean higher insurance rates and points against your driver's licence.

Just sending in a payment may be a mistake that will cost thousands in increased insurance premiums.

In some jurisdictions, it is not uncommon to automatically dismiss or reduce traffic charges if an attorney gets involved.

There are dozens of potential ways to beat a speeding charge. The machine must be properly calibrated. The angle of the officer's unit to your car can make a tremendous difference: stationary objects such as trees and buildings can register speed readings if the machine is misused.

The best way to beat a speeding charge is to call my office.

We handle charges state wide and can help you keep your driving record clean.

Greg Gouner

An attorney for more than 20 years, Greg Gouner practices law in the Baton Rouge area and statewide. He is licensed both in Louisiana and Texas. A graduate of LSU Law Center, he is a member of the Louisiana Bar Association, Baton Rouge Bar, Louisiana Trial Lawyers, National Association of Criminal Defense Attorney, National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, and American Bar Association, with multiple published Bar Review articles.

Greg Gouner

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