Divorce Resource Centre of Colorado, LLC

Divorce Resource Centre of Colorado, LLC

Firm Overview

Divorce Resource Centre of Colorado, LLP was founded in response to the need to change the way in which our society divorces. We envision divorce to be a process that does not end with a divorce decree, but one that is a catalyst for change that leads to new beginnings. Our goal is to provide resources that will empower clients in each and every step of their journey through the difficult life transition of divorce and beyond.

We offer invaluable divorce financial planning services for our clients. The financial ramifications of divorce can be devastating, but with proper planning and expert help from a divorce financial professional, you can create a financially equitable divorce settlement and make sure you have the tools necessary to rebuild financially after the divorce is final.

We understand the financial issues of divorce and provide financial expertise to divorcing clients before, during, and post-divorce. We offer the necessary tools for our clients to make informed decisions. We advise as to financial and tax consequences of property settlements, spousal maintenance, and child support. We also evaluate pensions, explain retirement benefits and their implications, and calculate tax ramifications of stock and home sales.

We also provide high-quality divorce mediation services. Divorce mediation has emerged as an increasingly popular way for couples to avoid the high emotional and financial costs of divorce. Mediation is more cost-effective, is convenient, and allows the parties to maintain control by reaching their own settlement. It also assists the parties in maintaining a healthier post-divorce relationship for themselves and their children. We assist the couple in reaching an informed and voluntary settlement that is in the best interests of all involved, while honoring confidentiality. Through mediation, the Divorce Resource Centre enables its clients to move forward with integrity and financial security.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation. We want to help you make informed decisions at this emotionally difficult time.

Our Founders

Our founders, Deb, Denisa, and Jane have all individually experienced the life transition of divorce which has sparked a personal passion to educate and empower others as they embark upon their committed futures.

Deb Johnson has been a financial advisor for over 20 years and is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and Mediator. She has earned the following designations:

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