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David Allen - Home Inspection Company Argues It Does Not Need to Discover Defects

David Allen - Legality of a GPS Device Obtained without a Search Warrant

David Allen - University Punishes Student for Facebook Postings

David Allen - Can a Lawyer Use Two Different Names?

David Allen - Defamation on the Internet and Actual Harm

David Allen - Enforceability of the Prenuptial Agreement Obtained Five Days before Marriage

David Allen - Defendant Argues Right to Public Trial Exists During Sentencing

David Allen - Man Fired for Taking Time off from Work Argues the Family Medical Leave Act Applies

David Allen - Enforceability of Non-Compete Agreements

David Allen - Wife Protests When Judge Orders Her to File a Joint Tax Return with Ex-Husband

David Allen - Injured Driver Argues Employer of Sleepy Driver at Fault for Car Crash

David Allen - Man Sues For Return of Child Support When He Discovers He Is Not Father

David Allen - Widow Attempts to Sue Decedent Husband's Employer Twice

David Allen - Cigarette Companies Argue Government Cannot Impose Requirements On Cigarette Packages

David Allen - 16-year-old Argues a 110 Year Prison Sentence Is Cruel and Unusual Punishment

David Allen - Court Upholds $225,000 Verdict in Music Piracy Case against a Young Woman

David Allen - Can a Judge Exclude A Party to a Lawsuit From the Courtroom?

David Allen - Responsibility for Underage Drinking when Parents Leave Town

David Allen - DNA Evidence Obtained without Search Warrant

David Allen - Trial Judge Considers Whether the Number of Facebook "likes" Is Important

David Allen - Walmart Fires Michigan Employee for Using Medical Marijuana

David Allen - Meaning of the Word "Person" Determines Whether The Federal Government Gets Paid

David Allen - Suing Royal Caribbean Cruises

David Allen - Are Eyewitnesses Believable?

David Allen - Failure to Provide Miranda Warnings

David Allen - Court Considers Whether Ex-Wife Can Share in Military Disability Benefits

David Allen - Man Sues Ex-Wife for Misrepresentation of Paternity

David Allen - Mom Suffers Broken Arm in Bumper Car and Sues

David Allen - Does the Fifth Amendment Apply to Tax Preparation Records?

David Allen - Purchasers Attempt to Sue Bank for Defects in Motorhome

David Allen - When is a Hazard Open and Obvious?

David Allen - Remote Use of a Computer and Court Jurisdiction

4th Amendment and the Ability of Police to Examine Cell Records

David Allen - Parents Sue ABILIFY When Son Commits Suicide after Taking Drug for Six Months

Strict Rules Governing Bar Examination

David Allen - Can an Agreement Supersede State Law

David Allen - Police Officer Stops a Man Who Was Engaged in Harmless Activity

David Allen - $48 Million Verdict Is Appealed

David Allen - Woman Repeatedly Stabs Her Caregiver

David Allen - Man Crashes His Car into Another and Claims He Is without Fault

David Allen - California Motorist Argues He Can Use A Smart Phone to Get a Map

David Allen - UPS Driver Argues She Was Discriminated Against Because She Was Pregnant

David Allen - School Searches Cell Phone

David Allen - Boss Says Employee is Bipolar

David Allen - Prenuptial Agreement Obtained by Alleged Fraud

David Allen - Driverless Cars and Liability

David Allen - Headhunting Company Causes Client to Lose Job

David Allen - Embezzlement of Legal Fees

David Allen - Truck Maker Claims Not Liable for Rock Thrown by Criminal

David Allen - Man Sues Employer Contending He Can Arrive at Work Whenever He Wants

David Allen - A Ticking Clock Challenges Ex-Wife's Rights

David Allen - Prescription Drugs and Driving Under the Influence Charges

David Allen - What Really Happens to Large Jury Awards

David Allen - International Child Custody Case Heard by the US Supreme Court

David Allen - Early Retirement and Unemployment Compensation

David Allen - Person Cut Out of Will Sues Claiming Relationship Poisoned

David Allen - Nursing Home Contends Adult Son Is Bound by an Agreement He Never Signed

David Allen - Constitutional Right to Confront an Accuser

David Allen - Lawyer Sued for Sending 8,430 Unsolicited Faxes

David Allen - Witness Refuses to Testify in Murder Trial

David Allen - Taxes and Social Security Disability Payments

David Allen - Is Posting a "Like" on Facebook Politically Protected Free Speech

David Allen - Same Sex Couple Attempt to Arrange for Joint Parenting Through a Contract

David Allen - Insurance Company Denies Coverage Contending Intentional Act Not Covered

David Allen - E-mails cost UNIUM insured $1 million

David Allen - Defendant Argues Facebook Communication Required New Trial

David Allen - Natural Gas Exploration Company Sued for Damage to Land

David Allen - Observations by McDonald's Employee Produce DUI Stop

David Allen - Mother Attempts to Revoke Paternity of Boyfriend

David Allen - Missing Password Means Prison

David Allen - Identity Theft Victim Mistakenly Jailed

David Allen - Court Theatrics

David Allen - Jury Ignores Evidence in Drunk Driving Case

David Allen - Representing Yourself in a Criminal Case

David Allen - Appellate Court Considers Unemployment Compensation Claim

David Allen - Travelers Sue Airline for Adult Toy Prank

David Allen - Driver Charged with Child Pornography Following Routine Traffic Stop

David Allen - $606 Million Jury Verdict Resolved for $1 Million

David Allen - Postnuptial Agreement Not Recognized


David Allen - Man Applies Taser to Wife When She Loses Bet

David Allen Legal Tuesday: Suicide, First Amendment Free-Speech

David Allen: Legal Cat Fight - Malicious Prosecution in South Carolina

David Allen: Gays, Lesbians, and the Right to Jury Service

David Allen: Craigslist, Sperm Donation, Child Support

David Allen Legal Tuesday: Man Sues Clinic for Disclosing Confidential Sexual Information

David Allen legal Tuesdays: Illegality of Recording Private Conversations

David Allen Legal Tuesday: Woman Sues Sprint For Release of Sex Photos

David Allen Legal Tuesday: Flashing Automobile Lights and the First Amendment

David Allen Legal Tuesday: Legal Ethics and Sex

David Allen Legal Tuesday: Pig Tattoo Results in Terrorist Charge

David Allen legal Tuesday: "Sacred Rain Arrow" Causes Lawsuit

David Allen Legal Tuesday: Recognition of Out Of State Same Sex Marriages

David Allen Legal Tuesday: Lawyer Behavior

David Allen Legal Tuesday: "Stop! The Islamization of America" Seeks Trademark

David Allen Legal Tuesday: US Supreme Court Requires Warrant to Search Cell Phones

David Allen Legal Tuesday: Potential Juror and Boyfriend Found in Contempt Of Court

David Allen Legal Tuesday: Daughter's Facebook Post Cost Dad Big Dollars

David Allen Legal Tuesday: Expectant Father Seeks Right to Be Present in the Delivery Room

David Allen Legal Tuesday: Violent Discussion Produces Assault Suit

David Allen Legal Tuesday: Wisconsin Supreme Court Upholds Domestic Partner Registry

David Allen Legal Tuesday: Illinois Lawyer Pretends He Is Sick in Order to Avoid Oral Argument

David Allen Legal Tuesday: Online, What Constitutes a Real Threat

David Allen Legal Tuesday: Sheriff's Deputy Stops a Vehicle Because of its Color

David Allen Legal Tuesday: 'COPSLIE' License Plate Requested

David Allen Legal Tuesday: Fourteen Year Old Girl Ordered to Wear a Sign " I Am a Juvenile Criminal"

David Allen Legal Tuesday: Legal Marijuana Is Not Entirely Legal

David Allen Legal Tuesday: Prosecution Seek Photos of Erection

David Allen Legal Tuesday: Treasurer and Taxes

David Allen Legal Tuesday: Best Buy Finds Child Pornography on Customer's Computer

David Allen Legal Tuesday: Constitutionality of Same Sex Marriage Bans

David Allen Legal Tuesday: FedEx: Are There Employees?

David Allen Legal Tuesday: Are household chores a form of slavery?

David Allen Legal Tuesday: California's Effort to Stop Workplace Bullying

David Allen Legal Tuesday: Head Scarves: Is She or It Isn't She?

David Allen Legal Tuesday: Alabama Bars Foreign Law and Inadvertently Invites Litigation


David Allen Legal Tuesday: Renewable Marriage Contract

David Allen Legal Tuesday: Same Sex Divorce Can Be Difficult

David Allen Legal Tuesday: Custody of Pets in Divorce

David Allen Legal Tuesday: Felony vs. Misdemeanor DUI

David Allen Legal Tuesday: Airlines and Alcohol - What You Can Take

David Allen Legal Tuesday: A Fight - When to Stand Your Ground or Leave

David Allen Legal Tuesday: Finding a Lawyer for a $100 Case

David Allen Legal Tuesday: Revealing Murders, Suicides and Ghosts When Selling a House

David Allen Legal Tuesday: Consent in Civil and Criminal Cases

David Allen Legal Tuesday: Employer's Liability for Drunk Employee

David Allen Legal Tuesday: Emotional Blackmail and Facebook

David Allen Legal Tuesday: Personal Injury Claims in Small Claims Court

David Allen Legal Tuesday: Parent Banned from School Board Meetings

David Allen Legal Tuesday: Can You Wear Anything on Your Head When Taking a Photo ID?

David Allen Legal Tuesday: Does School Matter When Deciding Child Custody

David Allen Legal Tuesday: Wall Piercing Radar Raises Fourth Amendment Protection Issues

David Allen Legal Tuesday: Man Sues Dating Website for Misrepresentation

David Allen Legal Tuesday: Losing Party Faces Big Bill From Winning Party

David Allen Legal Tuesday: Man Sues American Legion for Bar Fight Injuries

David Allen Legal Tuesday: Wife Argues Prenuptial Agreement Unenforceable

David Allen Legal Tuesday: The Ability to Smoke in Your Own Home

David Allen Legal Tuesday: Barking Dog Produces Lawsuit

David Allen Legal Tuesday: Routine Traffic Stop Results in Drug Charges

David Allen Legal Tuesday: Court Considers Whether Homosexuality Can Be "Cured"

David Allen Legal Tuesday: Getting a Adult Child out of the House

David Allen Legal Tuesday: Painter Brings Work Comp Claim Against Homeowners