Daniel J. Tripathi

Daniel J. Tripathi

Assertive and cost effective are the firms two basic principles. First and foremost, we are committed to providing our clients with legal services of the highest quality. Daniel Tripathi has always sought the most challenging work.

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Mr. Tripathi has a wide knowledge of rules of criminal & civil procedure and the California Evidence code. His ability to defend criminal actions and the underlining civil matters from filing to a jury verdict is unsurpassed. Remarkable proficiency in legal research and writing has resulted in outstanding results for his clients.

Daniel Tripathi is a versatile trial attorney offering a solid track record of litigation success and experience in various facets of the law. He is a motivated and articulate professional who thrives in courtroom settings, excels at client rapport, discovery and deposition. Mr. Tripathi has exceptional skill in drafting, reviewing, and analyzing pleadings, motions, responses to summary judgments, opinions, briefs and other legal documents. Recognized as leading defense attorney in the Inland Empire, particularly skilled at connecting with and building rapport with jurors, resulting in positive verdicts in vast majority of nearly 20 jury trials, and hundreds of misdemeanor cases. His reputation is as a
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In addition to his JD, Mr. Tripathi has a bachelors degree in Systems Engineering from USC. His ability to understand the complexities involved in a DUI case has been extremely beneficial to his clients.

Breath or Blood Alchohol Testing:

The most common evidence in DUI cases are the breath alcohol test results. Several DUI breath test machines are used by the various Southern California counties. Mr. Tripathi can challenge the reliability of any of these alcohol breath testing devices.

A blood test is often considered to be the most accurate type of chemical test that can be performed. If this evidence is presented, many times a retest of the blood can be very persuasive.

Calculating BAC - Blood alcohol content, or BAC, is the detectable amount of alcohol in a person's blood stream. It is measured in milligrams percent. A driver in California, who is over the age of 21, is over the legal limit if the BAC is 0.08% or higher. A driver with a BAC lower than 0.08% may still be considered under the influence if they show signs of intoxication .

Field Sobriety Tests / Symptoms of Intoxication -

The Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Test (follow the stimulus with your eyes)
The Walk and Turn Test (9 steps each direction, on the line)
The One Leg Stand Test (raise one foot for 30 seconds)
The Rhomberg test (close eyes, tilt back head and count to 30)
The Finger to Nose Test (close eyes, extend arms and touch nose with fingers)
The Finger Count test (thumb to finger, 1-2-3-4 and 4-3-2-1)
The Hand Pat Test (clapping palm and then backhand)

Mr Tripathi specializes in expungements and is retained by other lawyers to perform their client's expungements. He has argued for expungements in almost every court in Southern California.
Expungement is a method for obtaining a dismissal in a criminal case where a conviction occured. It requires that your case is re-opened, and if granted the case will be dismissed. Although you will no longer be a convicted person, the case record itself will still exist,
and the expungement will appear on your record.

Not all convictions can be dismissed. Expungement is limited to cases where the defendant did not go to prison. Additionally, you must complete probation, and pay all fines, fees, and restitution in full.

Under California Labor Code §432.7, employers cannot ask about arrests that did not end in conviction.

Sex Crimes
Mr. Tripathi has represented clients in a variety of charges ranging from child pornography to rape to child molestation. He has successfully argued to administrative law judges to allow clients to keep their state issued professional licenses.
If you are charged with any type of sex crime it is imperative you obtain the top defense attorney available. The vast majority of sex crimes require lifetime registration. CA Penal Code § 290, states those mandated and required to register as a sex offender shall do so annually, on your birthday. Failure to do so may result in a felony charge against the violator. Daniel Tripathi understands the seriousness of these charges and uses every weapon in his arsenal including trained investigators and proven expert witnesses. This arsenal, combined with his honed trial skills, allows Daniel Tripathi to obtain the best possible result.

Daniel Tripathi

  • Bar Number: 245317
    California , 2006
  • University of Southern California
    Bachelor of Science in Systems Engineering , 1998
  • Southwestern University School of Law
    Juris Doctor , 2005
    SCALE program: 24 month accelerated ABA accredited JD program; Cali Award: Academic award in Labor Law
  • National Criminal Defense College
    Graduate of the Trial Practice Institute , 2008

Daniel Tripathi

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