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A Colorado Springs Based Law Firm with focuses on Immigration and Criminal Law, that helps people all over Southern Colorado.

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Attorney Alexander Berry of the Damascus Road Law group understands the difficulties of maneuvering the intricacies of American Citizenship and Immigration Services, USCIS, since he himself is an Immigrant from Canada. He will knowledgeably deal with any Immigration issue that you may have, especially that dream of getting a Greencard and eventually American citizenship.

Having been a former Public Defender, Alexander Berry has dealt with Criminal Cases his entire legal career. He understands how a DUI or Domestic Violence Conviction can ruin your life. He knows how to get the best possible plea deal, while not being afraid of trial and can take a case all the way to the "Not Guilty" verdict.
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Attorney Alexander Berry has handled DUI cases his whole legal career and understands the full impact that a conviction can have on you and your family.
There are two parts to a DUI, the criminal aspect in court, and the civil aspect at a DMV Hearing. Navigating the hoops associated with both can be difficult and getting the best result without the help of an experienced is extremely difficult.

The District Attorneys are not your friends, they are concerned with convictions and lengthy jail sentences.

Attorney Alexander Berry knows how to fight all aspects of a DUI Case. He knows how to file the correct motions to contest the police stopping your vehicle, how to contest blood and breath results and how to use that to your advantage to get the best possible plea bargain.

If the case is more appropriate to take all the way to trial, he knows how to pick the right jury for your case, how to effectively cross-examine witness and the right arguments to make before the judge and jury.
We will work with you to fight for cancellation of removal.
An Immigrant can fight a deportation proceeding by obtaining a cancellation of removal, there are many different ways of obtaining this.

There is Cancellation of Removal for those who are Legal Permanent Residents. Cancellation of Removal for undocumented individuals and Cancellation of removal for those who are victims of domestic violence.

Finally you can fight a deportation by applying for asylum.

Will fight hard for you to remain in the country.

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

Immigration and Criminal Law are the two main focuses of the Firm and the reason we practice them is because of the personal experience that we have encountered with them.

As an Immigrant to the country, Alexander Berry understands the hurdles associated with navigating the obtuse Immigration laws and the anxiety in associated with waiting for a Green Card. He wants to help others fulfill the dream of becoming American.

As for Criminal Law, Alexander Berry knows the terror of being stopped by the police and accused of a crime he didn't do, when he matched the description of a fugitive. Mr. Berry knows that the Police get it wrong all the time and is dedicated to helping people fight for their innocence.

Alex Berry

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