Cutler Law Office, P.A.

Cutler Law Office, P.A.

Your constitutional rights , DUI defense and Criminal Defense never take a backseat with us.

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Driving Under The
Influence, Driving While Intoxicated, Drunk Driving and Operating a Motor
Vehicle While Intoxicated are all terms to describe a common traffic offense,
DUI. While this offense may be common, its consequences are anything but common.
Serious consequences including loss of driving privileges, probation and jail
time affect everything from insurance rates to your ability to make a living.
Finding an attorney who understands how to defend a DUI and will aggressively
fight for you is critical. Others Attorneys can take your money and plead you
guilty, but having an Attorney with experience and who is willing to take the
time to understand your case and find the defense strategy that works for your
situation, is vital. At the Cutler Law Office, we know how to defend DUI cases
and will aggressively defend our clients. We search through the evidence to find
those details that will help in your case.

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