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Cummins & Cummins, LLP

Providing superior services in labor, employment, civil rights, and consumer protection cases.

Firm Overview

The firm's attorneys have represented a broad spectrum of clients, from individuals and class claimants to labor and community organizations. Regardless of who our attorneys represent, we dedicate ourselves to ensuring that our clients are treated with respect and have the best opportunity to pursue their objectives. The firm's core values, vision, and mission reflect and shape how we work with our clients.

Core Values:
Excellence, tenacity, and practicality.

Every person in the workplace, in the marketplace, and in the larger community is treated fairly and with dignity.

Provide insightful analysis, clear advice, and cogent advocacy for our clients.

Consistent with the firm's core values, vision, and mission, our attorneys handle the full array of labor, employment, civil rights, and consumer matters, including cases involving contract, retaliation, wage, medical leave, non-compete, harassment, WARN Act, unfair business practice, and discrimination claims, among others. Our attorneys also work to develop the law in favor of employees and other community members and organizations by serving as amicus curiae in high-profile cases.

In addition, our attorneys regularly speak at nationally renowned conferences and trainings for other attorneys on labor, employment, and civil rights law. The firm's attorneys have further taught these topics at various institutions, including Northwestern University School of Law and the University of Minnesota Law School. Our attorneys also have authored book chapters and articles in national law journals on labor, employment, and civil rights law.

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Our attorneys handle the full array of employment law matters under Federal and State law. We represent our clients by litigating claims in the courtroom and before government agencies, such as the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commissi

Given their expertise in employment law, our partners are designated as Board Certified Labor & Employment Law Specialists by the Minnesota State Bar Association. In order to obtain such rigorous certification, our partners have shown superior skill and understanding in the area of labor and employment law. They have also passed a detailed written examination and have been evaluated by their peers as attorneys with expertise and integrity.

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

The firm focuses on labor, employment, civil rights, and consumer protection cases because working in those areas is most consistent with the firm's core values, best advances the firm's vision, and most clearly manifests the firm's mission.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

The firm's attorneys have obtained landmark rulings and record-setting judgments that have positively advanced the law in labor, employment, and civil rights cases. The firm also features MSBA Board Certified Labor & Employment Law Specialists as well as attorneys with decades of collective experience handling important legal and policy issues for clients.

Robert Alfton

Bob served as the Minneapolis City Attorney for nearly two decades, advising all elected and appointed officers, department heads, and employees. As City Attorney, he also litigated numerous cases and served as labor relations and licensing counsel. In addition, Bob has served as President of the International Municipal Lawyers Association and the Minnesota Municipal Lawyers Association as well as an Administrative Law Judge for the State of Minnesota. In private practice, Bob has focused on both public sector and private sector labor and employment matters.

Adam Case

Adam's work focuses on representation of labor organizations in Federal and State court, in administrative proceedings before the National Labor Relations Board, and in arbitrations of labor disputes. He also provides strategic advice to labor organizations in various non-litigation matters. In addition, Adam handles employment discrimination and wage issues. Before coming to the firm, Adam interned at the Regional Office of the National Labor Relations Board.

Brendan Cummins

Brendan leads the firm's labor law practice. He has handled numerous judicial, administative, and arbitration proceedings, including many high-profile appellate cases. Brendan also has drafted legislation and policies adopted by State and Local governments, and he routinely develops cutting-edge organizing strategies for the firm's union clients.

Brendan has served on the Governing Council of the Minnesota State Bar Association's Labor & Employment Law Section. He also has taught at Northwestern University School of Law, the University of Minnesota Law School, and William Mitchell College of Law. In addition, Brendan has published articles in the American Bar Association Journal of Labor & Employment Law and in the Yale Law Journal. He is fluent in Spanish.

Justin Cummins

Justin prosecutes cases of retaliation, harassment, and discrimination in employment, housing, and other areas. He also litigates labor law, wage, non-compete, consumer, and constitutional claims. In addition, Justin provides strategic advice to individuals and labor organizations in non-litigation as well as contractual matters.

Justin has taught courses on employment law and civil rights litigation at the University of Minnesota Law School and William Mitchell College of Law, and he spearheaded the development of the Workers' Rights Clinic at the University of Minnesota. He is also past Chair of the Minnesota State Bar Association's Labor & Employment Law Section and a past Officer of the National Employment Lawyers Association's Eighth Circuit and Minnesota Boards. Justin is fluent in Spanish.