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Firm Overview

Collins & Collins, P.C. represents clients in the areas of personal injury, criminal defense, and divorce and family law.

Parrish Collins focuses his practice on criminal defense and personal injury. Alysan Boothe Collins focuses almost exclusively on personal injury. Courtney Weaks focuses on criminal & DWI defense, and divorce & family law.

The firm was established in 2001 as Parrish Collins, Attorney at Law. In 2003, Alysan Boothe Collins joined Collins & Collins, P.C. after practicing in insurance defense for 10 years. Courtney began working with the firm as Of Counsel in 2010 and joined the firm as an associate attorney in 2012.

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Free Initial Consultation?
We offer free initial consultations for the purposes of determining the rights and obligations of the client and their particular circumstances. The length of the consultation varies according to the circumstances but generally takes no more than 20 minutes unless the case is particularly complex.
Services Offered For Fixed Fees?
Our personal injury cases are strictly on contingency fee basis. Family law and divorce are on an hourly basis. Collins & Collins, P.C. does have flat fee services in criminal matters. The flat fee depends on the seriousness of the crime and the complexity of the defense. For example, a simple DWI first offense would typically costs around $2,500. Our flat fees for felony offenses begin at $4,000. Collins & Collins, P.C. will often structure the fee with flat fees for different stages of the defense from pre-indictment, to plea, and finally to trial. Collins & Collins, P.C. believes that this is the fairest approach for our clients since cases often are resolved pre-prosecution or through a plea.

Naturally, the flat fees increase as trial is anticipated. Collins & Collins, P.C. provides a fee agreement prior to commencement of any representation that outlines specifically our fees and charges, along with the scope of our representation. Our clients fully understand these fees prior to entering the attorney-client relationship, so that there are no billing surprises during the representation.
Hourly Rates
$175 to $250, depending upon the attorney and the subject matter of case.

Office Information

Office Hours
Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Office Manager
Kelly Vincioni
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Mailing Address
P.O. Box 506
Albuquerque,  NM  87103
Personal Injury
Collins & Collins, P.C. handles personal injury cases throughout the state of New Mexico. We handle cases involving serious injury or wrongful death representing injured victims and their families.
Our cases include auto accidents, medical malpractice, work accidents, slip & fall accidents, slip and fall (premises liability claims), and other areas involving serious injury or wrongful death resulting from the negligence or wrongdoing of others.

Is your firm willing to help a client with one discrete part of a case, without taking on the whole case?

Collins & Collins, P.C. concentrates its practice on criminal, civil and family law litigation. In civil and criminal litigation, limited representation is often limited by the court. When it is allowed by the court and Collins & Collins, P.C. believes it can ethically and competently represent a client on limited entry of appearance, then we will consider doing so on a case by case basis.

In family law cases, limited scope representation is not so constrained by the court as there may be many different distinct and independent aspects to the case such as divorce, child custody, child support and domestic violence. As a rule, the divorce and custody issues are handled by the district court judge. The child support and domestic relations matters are each handled separately by hearing officers so that it possible to make a limited entry of appearance for purposes of handling these distinct aspects of the family law case.

What are your policies about dividing work within the firm to make the process most cost-effective for the client?

Collins & Collins, P.C. strives to keep the attorney fees and costs down for our clients. The work is generally divided between the firm's attorneys for efficiency and productivity to insure that the client is represented at the highest level possible for the least cost to the client.

How frequently does your firm use mediation, arbitration, or collaborative law to resolve cases?

We at Collins & Collins, P.C. believe strongly in mediation and settlement facilitation. It is a plain fact that settlement of cases keeps the costs down to the client. This includes not only the financial costs but also the emotional costs associated with long and stressful litigation. In our personal injury and family law cases, we strive to get the cases to settlement as quickly as possible while also seeking the optimal outcome for our clients. In criminal cases, plea negotiations are a natural part of the criminal defense process. However, we also understand that every case requires thorough trial preparation with the expectation that the case may end in trial. We treat every case as if it is going to trial from the beginning placing us and our clients in much stronger bargaining position in the settlement or plea negotiation process.

Does your firm provide pro bono legal services or otherwise participate in your community?

Parrish is Co-Chair Conflict Literacy Education in the Schools Sub-Committee of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee of the State Bar of New Mexico. He serves as a volunteer arbitrator when called upon to do so by the court through the Second Judicial District Court's Court Alternatives program. In addition, Parrish volunteers as a youth football coach with Young American Football League and has done so for years. He considers this his most valuable volunteer time for both himself and the many boys and young men with whom he has been honored to work.

Alysan Boothe Collins accepts volunteer mediations through New Mexico's Second Judicial District Court Settlement Week program. Alysan also accepts volunteer arbitrations through the Second Judicial District Court's Court Alternatives program. In addition to these legal related volunteer programs, Alysan is very active in her children's school activities, including serving as a team mom for the high school football team.

Sarah Armstrong is a board member of Law Access New Mexico, a non-profit dedicated to providing legal services to low income individuals. Sarah also volunteers in New Mexico's Second Judicial District Volunteer Attorney Pool, which offers free advice and forms for individuals wishing to represent themselves. The organization also provides a list of other organizations and resources to assist those representing themselves in legal actions. Sarah will be teaching a continuing legal education course on subsidized housing. Finally, as a young lawyer, Sarah is very active in the New Mexico Young Lawyers Division including Wills for Heroes, Junior Judges and a number of other activities in the Young Lawyers Division.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

Collins & Collins, P.C. is a small firm dedicated to providing the highest level of legal services in a small firm atmosphere. Collins & Collins, P.C. strives to maintain the highest levels of client representation and professionalism. We promptly return client phone calls and keep our clients fully informed on the status of their cases. This insures that our clients stay involved and have a voice in their cases. At Collins & Collins, P.C., we know that your case is important to you, so it is equally important to us.

What is your firm's point of view regarding clients educating themselves on legal issues?

Collins & Collins, P.C. believe it is critical that clients educate themselves on their legal matters. We maintain open lines of communication with our clients so that they may contact us anytime with questions on their cases. We provide our clients with copies of everything coming in or leaving our office that relates to their case so they also know the status of their case. In addition, should our clients wish to learn more about the area of the law on their own, we gladly direct them to other sources of information Nolo, Justia, the Cornell Legal Information Institute, the State Bar of New Mexico, the State of New Mexico District Court Website, Wikipedia and others. This empowers our clients to learn as much about their cases as they desire. A knowledgeable client is good for at Collins & Collins, P.C. and more importantly, it is good for our clients.

Is your firm willing to review documents prepared by clients?

Collins & Collins, P.C. does not generally review documents prepared by clients. This issue would rarely arise in the area of personal injury or criminal defense. In limited circumstances, Collins & Collins, P.C. will review documents prepared by clients in family law and divorce matters.

Is your firm willing to coach clients who want to represent themselves?

Collins & Collins, P.C. will not coach clients on how to represent themselves in legal matters. The law is far too complicated, and requires years of training and experience to competently pursue any legal matters. The consequences of missteps can be very serious. Having said that, should clients decide to proceed on their own, there are a number of very helpful sites where they can educate themselves on their legal matters including Nolo, Justia, the Cornell Legal Information Institute, the State Bar of New Mexico, the State of New Mexico District Court Website and Wikipedia.

Parrish Collins

I have had my own law practice since 2001. The firm began as Parrish Collins, Attorney at Law. In 2003, my wife joined me as a partner and the firm became and remains Collins & Collins, P.C.. Prior to this time, I worked with New Mexico Public Defenders Office. Before that, I worked with a general practice law firm in Albuquerque. I began my career out of law school as an oil and gas attorney with Exxon in Houston, Texas. Throughout this, I owned a nightclub, promoted concerts, and taught college at the University of New Mexico.

I have had wide range of experience that helps me in my law practice. I have worked on farms and in construction. I have worked as a grocery bagger and a UPS dock worker. I have taught college courses. I have run a nightclub and promoted concerts. I have coached youth football for years. I have worked with troubled kids and families. I have seen the hardships of a criminal case or an accident affect not only the client, but the family. I recognize and respect that even the smallest case is not small for the client. I do my best to make sure that my clients know that they are not alone in their struggles, and that there is at least one person that is committed and loyal to them, and them alone.

My legal secretary has 28 years of experience and is great. There are many times where she seems to know more than me. She is great with clients and always seems to be happy. She is a pleasure to work with and my clients appreciate not only her experience, but her thoughtfulness and genuine concern for their cases as well.

Personal interests:

Tennis, swimming, jogging, rock climbing, reading, coaching youth football, and most of all, hanging out with my wife and kids.

  • Bar Number: 6736
    New Mexico
  • Duke University School of Law
    J.D. , 1989
    Durham, NC
  • Duke University
    M.A. , 1989
    Durham, NC
  • University of Texas
    B.B.A. , 1985
    Austin, TX

Alysan Booth Collins

Throughout high school, I worked in the usual fields for teens: retail and childcare. During college I taught aerobics and worked in restaurants. After graduating college and prior to going to law school, I worked in an administrative role at a law firm and also worked in a restaurant/bar. While at law school, I continued to work in retail and teaching aerobics during the school year, and with a professor one summer and as an intern for a non-profit another. After graduating law school, I worked as an attorney with several law firms in the Albuquerque area and also as general counsel for a local title company. After many years working with insurance defense firms, I joined my husband's practice in 2003. My practice is now concentrated in personal injury. Due to my substantial past experience in general civil litigation, probate, adoption, and an occasional real estate matter, I still handle these cases on a limited basis.

I have had a wide range of experience that helps me in my law practice. My prior work experience as an insurance defense attorney probably provides the greatest benefit to my practice and clients. Because I worked in insurance defense for many years, I am able to recognize the tactics used by insurance companies when negotiating claims. I can determine if the insurance company is making reasonable requests and reasonable offers and by that, assess the possibility of resolving the case or decide if litigation is necessary. I also know what insurance adjusters or defense attorneys look for when evaluating claims, so I know what is truly important to provide to them to obtain a good settlement offer.

Due to my experience, I am often appointed Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) in personal injury cases involving children. My role is to protect the child, to insure that the child is getting a fair and legal settlement, and more importantly to insure that the child's financial recovery is protected and maintained until the child becomes an adult.

I am a calm person and don't get upset very easily. I get along with most people I meet and work with, including defense attorneys, and genuinely like most everyone. My style would probably be described as relaxed, reasonable and professional. My ability to get along with opposing counsel is a great benefit because it often leads to early resolution of a case.

Personal interests:

Gardening, swimming, tennis, golf, snowboarding, walking my dog, reading, spending time with my family and friends.

  • Bar Number: 7432
    New Mexico , 1993
  • Duke University School of Law
    J.D. , 1990
    Durham, NC
  • University of Texas
    B.A. , 1986
    Austin, TX
    Major: Philosophy; Minor: English.

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