The Law Office of Christy M. DeMelfi, PC

The Law Office of Christy M. DeMelfi, PC

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Firm Overview

My firm is relatively young, having only been formed in 2007. My firm's youth enables me to develop and maintain close client relationships and ensure each person is given the respect and dignity he or she deserves.

My firm focuses on areas of law that interact with the business world and financial matters. I focus my practice on bankruptcy, corporate and commercial law and other transactional matters.

Example cases

The first case that comes to mind involved the bankruptcy of a young woman from Queens. Although she was employed full time by the City of New York, she was struggling to make ends meet. She would put the needs of others, like her disabled mother, ahead of her own. Her good heart was unfortunately taken advantage of by an ex-boyfriend who convinced her to co-sign with him on an automobile loan.

The boyfriend disappeared and she was left with a deficiency judgment due to the bank following the repossession of the car. The bankruptcy was a straight forward Chapter 7 as her income was below the standard set by the government. What makes this case memorable though is the "thank you" card that I received from this young woman after her case was closed. She was so grateful for my assistance and I will always remember her gratitude.

Another fine example case involves debt settlement for a family in a wealthy neighborhood in Nassau County. The family consists of a stay-at-home mother, two teenage boys and a self-employed father. The father's once successful businesses suffered greatly when the economy began to weaken. This man, in one year, went from owning three successful businesses to having one struggling clothing store.

The husband and wife met with me and we discussed their options for dealing with their mounting debt. Because the parties owned a home with a large amount of equity, I determined that a joint bankruptcy was not the answer and we decided to work out settlements with creditors on an individual basis. The parties had at least ten creditors, some of which were owed large amounts of money. I reached out to all creditors and was successful in obtaining settlements from half and clearing the wife of all debt.

The final example case involves a young couple with three children from a middle class neighborhood in Nassau County. The couple owns a home and two automobiles. Here, the couple themselves did not over-extend their credit, rather a family member incurred debt in the wife's name. Prior to discussing bankruptcy, the couple tried to use a "debt settlement" company but were extremely dissatisfied when, after few months, no creditors were contacted and they had sent several thousand dollars to this company.

Although struggling with their bills, the couple managed to keep their mortgage and cars current. This allowed me to consider them for a Chapter 7 discharge. Because the house and the cars had no equity, and the debtors were current with payments, I was able to successfully file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and obtain a discharge for the debtors.

I will never forget the day of this couple's 341 hearing. I met the clients early and tried to settle their nerves. The meeting went well and I will always remember the look on the wife's face when I explained to her that the meeting had been closed and their debts would be discharged. The tears of joy in her eyes made me feel so good inside, knowing that I had helped these innocent people.

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Free Initial Consultation?
Yes, half-hour consultations are free.
Services Offered For Fixed Fees?
Yes, some services are provided at a flat rate, particularly bankruptcies. Each case, however, presents unique issues and as such, the exact fee depends on the complexity of the matter. However, the average fees are: Personal Chapter 7 Bankruptcy - $1,500 to $2,500; Business Chapter 7 - $2,000 to $3,000; Chapter 13 - $2,500 to $3,500. The estimated fees do not include any adversary proceedings which creditors may start against the debtors.
Hourly Rates
The standard rate is $250 per hour.

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Other hours available by appointment.
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Weatherly,  PA  18255
My firm handles Chapter 7 individual and business cases as well as Chapter 13 personal bankruptcies for clients in New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.
When people are in financial trouble, the last thing they need is their attorney making them feel bad. Many people do not like dealing with attorneys because they are talked down to. I strive to make sure that I am understanding of all clients and their individual problems. There is no judgment from me as I know that many good people struggle with debt.

It is my opinion that during this difficult time, clients want to be able to talk to their attorney and not just a paralegal. I pride myself on not being just a "bankruptcy mill". Rather every client is given my personal time and attention throughout their case.

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

My primary area of practice is business law and those areas related to business and finance, such as bankruptcy. Given my educational background, it was natural for me to choose these areas. I wanted to practice in areas that interest me, yet allow me to utilize both my law and business background. By focusing my practice in corporate and financial related law, I am able to achieve my goal.

What is your firm's point of view regarding clients educating themselves on legal issues?

A well-educated client is a unique treasure; however, a willingness to listen to advice is all that clients need provided they have the right attorney.

Is your firm willing to review documents prepared by clients?

I would be willing to review documents prepared by clients; however, given the complexity of many legal issues, including bankruptcy law, it is advisable to have a well-qualified attorney prepare your papers.

Is your firm willing to coach clients who want to represent themselves?

Facing a bankruptcy is a tough period in a person's life, and trustees and courts may be intimidating. Therefore, I strongly suggest everyone be accompanied by an attorney. However, under some limited circumstances, I might be willing to coach a client through the process.

Christy M. DeMelfi

During law school, until just prior to my admission to the bar, I worked for a small general practice firm in Nassau County. It was at this firm that I got my introduction to bankruptcy law.

After taking the bar exam, I worked for a short period of time at a Plaintiff's personal injury firm in Queens County. I soon realized that I preferred more client interaction and took a position with a twenty-five year veteran attorney in Suffolk County.

At this firm, I handled all bankruptcy matters because of my understanding of the calculations involved in several of the forms. Although it was a small firm, I felt the clients were treated too impersonally, so I decided to start my own practice.

After I started my firm, I began to serve as of counsel to Anthony P. Marchesi, a well respected general practitioner in Nassau County. I also began to act as counsel to Greenberg & Merola, LLP, and have served as the firm's bankruptcy specialist for nearly three years.

A person is not shaped by only one type of experience. I know that I have become a good lawyer because of a combination of my life, work and educational experiences.

I was born and raised in a small town in an economically depressed area of Northeast Pennsylvania. Throughout my youth, I witnessed many people being taken advantage of in business and experiencing financial setbacks. This environment helped me sympathize with the financial struggles my clients may be experiencing.

Since I was young, I have always had the entrepreneurial spirit, yet I knew I wanted to become an attorney. After taking some classes in political science, I soon learned that law, business and politics are interrelated. I then began to focus my studies on learning more about this interaction. Through careful class selection I was able to focus my studies on my interests and learn about politics, law and business. Upon graduating from law school, I knew I wanted to choose areas of law that were interesting and allowed me to utilize both of my degrees. This unique educational background allows me to have a greater understanding of the needs of my business clients. It also assists me in being able to help people facing financial difficulties.

My prior work experience assisted me in honing my legal skills, but the greatest lesson I learned, is what not to do. By carefully observing the firms where I have worked, I learned which internal procedures were effective, which ones I wanted to avoid, and most importantly, how I wanted to deal with clients. I have learned that sometimes the best way to learn is to observe others and see what they do wrong so that you know what mistakes not to make. I take this philosophy to heart and I strive not to make the same mistakes and operate in the same manner as other firms.

I am the most down to earth attorney you will ever meet. I believe in treating all people with respect, courtesy and empathy. My ability to sympathize with my clients, yet fight hard for their rights is my greatest strength. A close second is my love of a good argument and my inability to be intimidated.

Personal interests:

I enjoy sports, particularly baseball, basketball and swimming. I also enjoy reading, a good dramatic television show or a comedic movie. I am a "techie" at heart and enjoy keeping up with the latest "gadgets."

  • Bar Number: 4458642
    New York , 2007
  • Bar Number: 020032007
    New Jersey , 2008
  • Bar Number: 207212
    Pennsylvania , 2007
  • Bar Number: 426641
    Connecticut , 2007
  • Hofstra University
    Juris Doctorate/Masters in Business Administration , 2006
    Hempstead, NY
    Dual concentrations in law school in corporate and commercial law and intellectual property; focused Masters in business management.
  • The Pennsylvania State University
    B.A. in Economics/Minor in Business-Liberal Art , 2003
    University Park, PA
    Concentration in international economics, focusing on the interaction between law, politics and business.

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