Carrucoli & Associates, Attorneys at Law

Carrucoli & Associates, Attorneys at Law

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Criminal Defense & DUI / Drunk Driving / DWI

If you have been accused of a criminal offense, an attorney can understand what is at stake -and you can trust that we will aggressively and effectively protect your rights and vital interests. We are skilled Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Lawyers protecting those accused of all misdemeanor and felony offenses. These include: DUI - Drunk Driving - DWI & ARD, License Suspension / Revocation, Traffic Violations, PennDOT Hearings, White Collar Crime, Drug Crimes, Sex Crimes, Domestic Violence / PFA Violations, Probation / Parole Violations, Juvenile Crime, Summary Offenses, and the option of Accelerated Rehabilitation Dispositions - ARD. **Check out our DUI Defense page. A Pennsylvania DUI lawyer can help if you were arrested for driving under the influence**

Michael Carrucoli Bio

Michael Carrucoli is the founding member and partner of the law firm Carrucoli & Associates. His primary areas of practice are Criminal Defense, Family law, and Real Estate law.

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