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Auto Accident
If you've been hurt in a car, truck or motorcycle wreck, you should work with an experienced car wreck attorney to help obtain compensation for your injuries or damage to your car. Carr & Carr has been helping injured people since 1973.
There is no charge to you for a consultation or evaluation of your case. Give us a call so we can learn about your problem and see if we can help. The last thing you should have to worry about after an auto accident is how you are going to pay for your medical care, lost wages and your car.

You need to focus on recovering, while we focus on getting you the financial compensation you deserve.

Since we work on a contingency fee basis, you pay for our services only if we settle or win your case. We get paid only if we are successful in obtaining compensation for you.

Based on the circumstances of your accident, you may be able to recover financial compensation for:
- your current and future medical bills
- lost wages
- vehicle repairs
- pain and suffering
- other damages.

Nursing Home
If your elderly loved one has suffered abuse or neglect, contact Carr & Carr Personal Injury Lawyers to see if we can help you. Types of abuse include physical, sexual, financial, emotional, abandonment, neglect and abuse by another resident.
In nursing homes, abuse and neglect can happen to any resident. However, it typically occurs to residents who do not have the physical or mental ability to tell family, friends or nursing care staff. Nursing home abuse in Arkansas is an intentional or negligent infliction of injury, confinement, intimidation that results in physical or mental harm.

Signs of physical abuse include unexplained bruising, skin tears or damage, fractures and other similar types of unexplained or unusual injuries.

Nursing home neglect occurs when the nursing home staff fails to provide care necessary to keep the resident safe from physical harm. Neglect can cause bedsores, dehydration, malnutrition, injuries from the use of restraints, as well as injuries as a result of the resident wandering away from the facility due to improper supervision. Additionally, residents who have been neglected in terms of having their conditions adequately assessed by nursing staff can often result in falls and fractures and can ultimately lead to death.

Assisted living facilities Arkansas are prohibited by regulation from accepting or keeping residents who need more care and supervision than an assisted living environment can provide. If assisted living facilities violate those regulations and the resident becomes injured, the facility may be responsible.

The lawyers at Carr and Carr Personal Injury Attorneys understand how heartbreaking it is for families when a loved one is hurt in a nursing home or assisted living facility. Neglect or abuse can cause a decline in health due to injury or even cause an early death.
Aviation Accidents
If you have suffered the emotional and physical pain of a plane or helicopter crash, you need more than medical help. You must talk with a personal injury attorney to learn what your legal options are and how best to proceed to help your family.
A personal injury lawyer who has experience in dealing with the complex field of aviation crashes can help you and your family. Whether assisting your family with injuries or a death caused by a plane or helicopter wreck, the personal injury attorneys at Carr & Carr can guide you through the legal issues that you need to deal with. We have obtained substantial settlements for victims of aviation accidents -” money that can be used to help put families back together and make sure these tragedies occur less frequently.

The cause of a helicopter or airplane crash can be related to:
-- the pilot or other airline personnel not performing their duties properly
-- equipment failure from improperly maintained engines, computers, wiring - the list is endless and dangerous
-- unforeseen weather problems -” especially in areas where wind shears, thunderstorms, ice and snow are common.

Parties that may be at fault for a crash could include:
-- commercial airlines and pilots or other employees responsible for ensuring passenger safety
-- private aviation companies such as sight seeing firms or airplane leasing companies used by small businesses
parts manufacturers
-- maintenance and repair companies which take care of servicing the plane before flights.

If you or a family member has been hurt in a plane or helicopter wreck, contact the aviation accident lawyers at Carr & Carr Attorneys. With offices in Springdale, as well at Tulsa and Oklahoma City, Carr & Carr can help. Your initial meeting with an attorney costs you nothing, and will assist you in deciding what steps you need to take next to take care of your family.
Wrongful Death
A wrongful death claim is filed when someone’s negligence results in the death of another. The wrongful death could be the result of a car wreck, nursing home abuse or other negligent or intentional misconduct. Contact Carr & Carr to learn more.
Who can file a wrongful death claim?
The spouse of the person who died, a domestic partner, children, siblings, parents, or other relatives who can show monetary or emotional injury.

A wrongful death plaintiff may recover:
- funeral and burial expenses paid
- medical expenses prior to the untimely death
- loss of income from the person who died
- loss of household support
- loss of medical benefits
- loss of retirement benefits
- loss of child-rearing support
- other economic losses sustained by the death of a loved one as well as non-economic damages such as mental anguish and suffering.

Wrongful death statutes provide compensation for spouses, children, parents, and potentially other relatives of the deceased. Such damages include:

- loss of financial support that would have been provided by deceased
- grief suffered by the family
- loss of companionship suffered by the family
- any physical and mental pain suffered by the deceased prior to death
- medical and burial expenses incurred.

In the death of a minor child, only the parents are entitled to damages. The damages include:

- medical and burial expenses
- loss of anticipated services and support
- loss of love and companionship of the child
- destruction of the parent/child relationship
- monies expended in the support, maintenance, and education of the child may also be recoverable

If someone close to you has recently passed away and you believe the cause of death included the negligent or intentional conduct of another, you should contact an experienced wrongful death attorney.

The attorneys at Carr & Carr have extensive experience handling wrongful death lawsuits Arkansas. Please contact us today and we will help get you the compensation you deserve. We have law offices in Northwest Arkansas, as well as Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

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