Burke Harvey, LLC

Burke Harvey, LLC

Burke Harvey, LLC is a skilled long term disability law firm serving clients across the United States who need legal assistance in filing claims and appeals.

Firm Overview

Burke Harvey, LLC specializes in helping clients across the United States obtain the long term disability benefits that they are entitled to, file claims and appeals and enforce the policies outlined in their insurance contracts. If you are living with a physical disability such as spinal cord injury, back problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, or a mental health disability such as ataxia, bipolar disorder, or PTSD, our long term disability attorneys can help you sucessfully apply for disability benefits.
Our long term disability attorneys understand the financial, physical and emotional challenges an injury or sickness can present to one's career. Applying for long term disability benefits is a task that requires strict attention to detail and extensive experience dealing with insurance companies.
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Main Office
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Burke, Harvey & Frankowski, LLC is a long term disability law firm committed to successfully winning the disability benefits their clients deserve.
Clients who have become sick or injured and are now unable to work, have difficult paying for bills, leading them to file for long term disability benefits. Unfortunately, forcing policyholders to file appeals and endure unexplained delays and bad faith tactics. Burke, Harvey & Frankowski, LLC are familiar with the unethical practices insurance companies employ and aggressively enforce the policies in their clients contracts.

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