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Firm Overview

Our law office focuses on Criminal Defense Litigation. From aggravated felonies such as robbery, rape, and murder to moving violations such as speeding, we defend people accused of criminal activity in Ohio.

Our law office also accepts cases in Domestic Litigation. We prosecute and defend divorces, custody disputes and all other issues raised in the Family and Juvenile Courts.

Our firm was established in 2007 when a Portage County Municipal Court Judge threw Attorney Brian Jones in jail for refusing to violate his client's Constitutional Rights. Mr. Jones left his public defender position and opened his own law practice in order to ensure each and every one of his clients would have the most vigorous advocacy possible.

Example cases

Attorney Jones has had great success in defending clients accused of sex offenses. Client A was charged with Unlawful Sexual Conduct with a Minor. Through thorough investigation and trial preparation, Attorney Jones's client was acquitted of all charges after a mere 45 minutes of deliberations.

Client B was charged with Gross Sexual Imposition. After Attorney Jones tried the case to a hung jury once, the State dismissed all sex offenses and Client B pled to a simple misdemeanor Assault, a result Client B was pleased with because it avoided the 20 year prison term he originally faced and requires no sex offender registration.

Likewise, Attorney Siegrist is successful in the courtroom. She successfully defended Client C from charges of shoplifting and vandalism by her in-depth study of the scene of the crime. Her diligent work enabled her to cross examine witnesses and show, by their own admissions, they could not have possibly seen what they claimed on direct examination.

Attorney Siegrist has also served as second chair counsel on many of Attorney Jones's jury trials resulting in acquittals. By employing the team approach, Attorney Siegrist and Attorney Jones were able to effectively represent Client D and obtain Not Guilty Verdicts on Four Aggravated Menacing Charges and dismissal of nine other charges pending against Client D.

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52 North Sandusky Street
Delaware  OH  43015
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Free Initial Consultation?
We offer a free one hour consultation with one of our attorneys.
Services Offered For Fixed Fees?
For all criminal cases, our fees vary depending on the severity of the offense and complexity of the legal and factual issues involved in the defense.

For Domestic/Family cases we offer a retainer billed hourly.
Hourly Rates
$250/$150 - varies depending on the complexity of your legal issue

Office Information

Office Hours
Monday through Friday
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Emergency After Hours

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

Attorneys Jones and Siegrist chose criminal defense because they believe in the inherent goodness of their clients. People find themselves needing a criminal defense lawyer for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they have a drug addiction. Sometimes they did something without thinking about the consequences. Sometimes they are accused because of a lying police officer or witness. Rarely, if ever, does the State's attorney have any compassion for a defendant. Attorneys Jones and Siegrist feel it is their calling to make sure the State's attorney listens to them and has some compassion. If the State's attorney won't, they'll find twelve nice citizens from the county who will (also known as a jury).

What is your firm's point of view regarding clients educating themselves on legal issues?

We believe an educated client is a client who can better assist their own defense and we encourage clients to become educated about the legal issues in their cases. Obtaining "legal knowledge" from the internet is risky. We hope clients obtain their education from local law libraries available free of charge to all persons throughout Ohio.

Is your firm willing to review documents prepared by clients?

Attorney Brian Jones is happy to review documents prepared by clients and he would strongly discourage clients from filing documents in a court without having an attorney review them first. Statements made in legal filings can be used against the client in future legal proceedings.

Is your firm willing to coach clients who want to represent themselves?

Attorney Brian Jones' free legal advice to everyone is Do Not Talk to Cops - that includes prosecutors. The man who represents himself has a fool for a client. Attorney Jones would strongly discourage anyone from representing themselves in any court.

Brian Jones

Both counselors held a variety of positions during law school working for businesses as in-house counsel, public defender offices, and small law firms, just to name a few of their positions. After law school, Attorney Jones worked for a short period as a public defender in Portage County, Ohio prior to "hanging his own shingle." He and Attorney Siegrist were sweethearts in Law School. When Attorney Siegrist passed the bar, she joined Attorney Jones as his partner in life and law.

Using his poor mother to develop his cross examination skills notwithstanding, Attorney Jones has focused his education on becoming the most effective trial lawyer possible. In undergrad, he took logic, philosophy, and psychology classes to develop his knowledge of people (jurors) and how they think. Attorney Jones spent his extra-curricular time on mock trial team. In law school, he took every criminal law related class available and supplemented those classes with trial tactics and evidence classes. Attorney Jones also spent his law school extra-curricular time on Akron's Nationally Ranked trial team. These experiences make him a better lawyer because he didn't take the "buffet" approach to his studies; he knew he wanted to be a trial lawyer and he focused all his efforts on that goal.

Attorney Siegrist works on a lot of cases in juvenile court. She finds that being a mother has helped her to connect better with both the parents and the juveniles who have become involved in the system. Working with Brian from the very beginning of her legal career has been a huge advantage for many reasons. Attorney Siegrist has been forced to jump in and get her hands dirty on cases that in other firms she would have only been able to do research on. More importantly, Attorney Siegrist has never had the disadvantage of working with a jaded attorney. Brian has always gone over and beyond the call of duty with every client and he has taught her to work that way as well.

Attorney Jones' biggest strength is his confidence. He believes in his abilities to persuade juries and other attorneys. Another strength is his dedication to his client's cause. He thoroughly investigate claims, both legally and factually. When he goes into Court for a client, he is confident he knows the case better than the opposing counsel, the witnesses and the judge. The extensive preparation elevates him to the position of trust among his colleagues and intimidates witnesses into honesty for fear of being caught in a lie.

Personal interests:

Attorney Jones plays in-line hockey every Tuesday for the Innocent Criminals. He also cheers for the Pittsburgh Penguins. He is a big Dave Matthews Band fan, attending at least four shows per year. He is a rabid football fan, rooting for the Buckeyes on Saturdays and the Steelers on Sundays. He stays active in the Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers attending Board meetings and participating in committees regularly. Finally, while he wouldn't say he is a political junkie, he stays abreast of the issues and becomes involved when his schedule allows.

Attorney Siegrist is a mother of an 18 month old and a 5 month old so they keep her pretty busy. She enjoys watching Brian play hockey and going to Dave Matthews Band Concerts. She loves summer and all the activities that come with it (especially boating, skiing, swimming, etc.).

  • Bar Number: 0081724
    Ohio , 2007
  • University of Akron School of Law
    Juris Doctor , 2006
    Akron, OH
    Moot Court Honor Society and Criminal Trial Team.
  • Ohio Wesleyan University
    Bachelor of Arts , 2003
    Delaware, OH
    Major in Politics and Government. OWU Moot Court Team (2000 to 2001) and Mock Trial Team (2001 to 2003).

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